Ajab Sanskar ki gazab kahani chap-10

Hii guyzz as promised i am back with another one n thank u so much for ur wonderful n encourageous comments..Silent readers thank u so much for ur reading..Now i didn’t take ur much time n stop my bak bak..

Chap -10

In the morning sanskar with dai ma is sitting on the chair doing breakfast.Swara is serving the food..She had a crack bandage on her left hand..

Dai ma confusedly – Swara..How u got injured..??

Swara saw the bandage n gets nervous she stammers n says Woah dai ma I a..m do..ing t..he kitc..hen cho..res then only i got injured..There is no need to wo..rry its ju..st a s..ma..ll.. sprain..

Sanskar gets to know that swara is hurt becoz of him only he feels guilty..Sanskar is staring swara n swara also saw towards his eyes n they have a emotional eyelock..

Then only dai ma’s phone bell rings..She saw the caller id n gets shocked her face color fades away..She gets sweat on her forehead..Sanskar listen the phone bell rings buzzing..

San – Dai ma..Why u r not picking up the call..?? See what if some imp person is calling u..??

Dai ma stammers – N..o…be..t..a..it..s…a…wr..wr..wrong no..

She cuts the call hurriedly..On dai ma’s face the fear is easily visible..

Dai ma- Ok u both talk i will come in a min..

Swa confusedly (in her mind) – What happen to maa..?? I never seen her so much worried before..


Some body says something from other side..

Dai ma scaredly – woah sanskar baba is there thats why it take time to pick the call..

Again the person says something n dai ma fearly said..

Dai ma – yess don’t worry..Everything is fine here..

The call gets cut n dai ma cleans her sweat n take a breath of relief..She saw here n there n with a smiles plastered over her face goes outside..

San – Why didn’t u tell the truth to dai ma..??

Swa turns her face towards him – Becoz I don’t want her to bother about anything..

Sanskar looks on to swara n she goes from there..Then only a employee of sanskar’s ofc had come to the bungalow..Sanskar is talking with him..Actually not talking he is getting angry on him..

San angrily – What the hell..?? How she can leave the job..??

Employee stuttering – Sir…I..do.n’t..know..

San angrily – U don’t know..For god sake raj if u don’t know then who will know..Our best costume designer had left the work n u don’t know..hufff..

Raj – Si..r..Actually today only her resingnation letter had come..

San questioningly – She herself given the letter..!!!

Raj – No sir..It came by post n we go to her apartment also but she left the city very earliest..

San worriedly – Omg…Tommorow we have to sign the deal n we have not the design of costume’s also..She angrily stamps his foot on the sofa..He sits on the sofa with a thud..He thinks for a while..

San – See Raj i don’t know anything but we have to complete this project..I want new costume designer by tommorow..

Raj – But sir..

San in dangerous tone – See i don’t want any lame excuses..Just go n find out by hook or by crook..

Raj lefts the place..

Raj – ok sir..

Sanskar is doing work on his laptop angrily sitting in the hall..He is trying to draw the dress on a paper at his level best but the drawing is not up to mark..He sleeps there only engrossed in his work..

At late night swara comes there to get a glass of water he saw sanskar there..

Swara (in his mind) – What he is doing there at late night..?? Should i go there n check..No..no..what if he gets up n again scolds me..Noo..Noo..swara just drink the water n left to ur room..But what he is actually doing there..??

Her mind is fighting between her curiosity n fear..At last her curiosity overcome her fear n goes to saw sanskar..Sanskar is sleeping n her laptop is still opened n on a table an incomplete picture is drawn..

Swara – It seems like that doing much work he gets tired n sleeps here itself..See na this picture is also incomplete..Wait a min Is this the same project of which he is talking in the morning..

She saw towards the laptop she picks it n started seeing the presentation..She gets some idea of the project..

Swara – Woww…What a grt presentation..!!Ek baat toh manani hogi Mr.khadus is very talented..She saw towards sanskar who is sleeping peacefully..Presentation is good n i can help him in this..Let me complete this dress first..

She picks the pencil n is going to draw the design but she remembers sanskar’s talk..


San – Never ever try to touch my things again..

Fb ends..

Swara monologue – No..no..Swara what r u doing..?? If again he gets to know that u touched his things..He will again scold u..No..No..

She stood up but again stops by remembering her baba’s word..


Shek – Swara beta..We should never get back off in helping someone..What if he/she is ur biggest enemy..?? We should help everyone..Becoz if we help someone with our true heart then god will give us good blessing..So never leave anyone in worse situation always help them out..Hamesha sabki khushiyon ka karan bano dukhon ka nhi..(Always become the reason of everyone’s happiness not sadness..) Ok..

Fb ends..

Swara – Today he is also in the same situation n i can help him out..If i didn’t help him then he will suffer a loss n become sad..N if i help him then he will get happiness..N i don’t want to become the reason of his sadness..

She picks the pencil n started to draw..She take help of his laptop..As the night passes she feels sleepy n started to yawn..But at last she completed the work..

Swa tiredly – husshh..completed..

She saw towards the sleeping face of sanskar.. She goes near him n sits down near his head..

Swara – Mr.khadus u should thank me for this..But i know ur ego will not let this happen thats why i call u khadus..

A cold breeze comes from the window..Sanskar shivers down…Swara saw him n goes to take blanket..She comes with the blanket n covers him with it.. The song played..

Do Lafz Ki Hain, Baatein Kaheen Hai..
Kyoon Darmiyaan Phir, Ruki Ruki..
Keh Bhi Na Paaye, Reh Bhi Na Paaye..

(Swara – By the way he looks more cute without his spects..

A abrupt smile came on her face.. She covers her with the blanket..)

Kyoon Bevajah Hai, Yeh Bebasi..
Tum Mein Hum Hain, Hum Mein Tum Ho..
Tumse Hum Hain, Humse Tum Ho..
Kismaton Se Milte Hain Do Dil Yahaan..

(Swara starts to go from there but someone holds her duapatta..Swara gets shocked..She thinks that sanskar is awake..She gulps down the saliva n turns..The song gets stopped n a sudden cold breeze came towards her face n some of hair strands blew in the air..Her dupatta is struck in the wrist watch of sanskar..) The song played..

Her Kisi Ko Nahi Milta
Yahaan Pyar Zindagi Mein..
Her Kisi Ko Nahi Milta
Yahaan Pyar Zindagi Mein..

(Swara comes near to him n carefully tries to release her duapatta..In the process sanskar hold swara’s hand and sleeps..

San murmurs – Don’t go…

Swara tries to free her hand but as more she tries sanskar tighten his grip at last she manages to free her hand..)

Khush-Naseeb Hain Hum..
Jinko Hai Mili
Yeh Bahar Zindagi Mein..
Her Kisi Ko Nahi Milta
Yahaan Pyar Zindagi Mein..

She took a last glance of sanskar n leaves to her room ..

@nxt mrng..

Sanskar wake up rubbing his eyes n yawning..He saw towards his open laptop..

San – oh sitt..I don’t know when i fall asleep..Omg the project is still not ready..

Suddenly he saw the file n gets shocked..

San – Woww..What a wonderful design..?? But who made it..?? Dai ma..No..no..Then swara…

Suddenly swara passes from there..Sanskar stops her..

San – Hey listen..!!! (He comes to swara n showing the designs) Did u draw all these designs..??

Swa without seeing to his eyes says stuttering – M..m..e…ee..No..No..My drawing is very poor..

San – Really..!! Are u saying the truth..??

Swa – yess..

San – ok..U can go…

San suspiciously – If she didn’t made this..Then who make these Awesome designs..

Then only his phone rings..

San – yaa..yaa..I am coming..

Sanskar leaves to ofc..


Dealer – Wow..Mr.sanskar these designs are awesome..I am sure if these designs looks this much pretty on papers then when it will be crafted on the clothes it will give an amazing effect..

Sanskar – yess u r right..

Dealer – Mr.Sanskar i want to meet with this briliant designer..

San – woah..actually..She didn’t came today..I will make u meet her someother day..

Dealer – ok..ok..not a problem..Mr.sanskar On the basis of this design i am signing this deal with u n i am sure ur craftsmen will give me the same design which is on these papers..

San – yaa..u don’t worry..I’ll take care of that..

Dealer – ok..It’s nice to meet u..

San – same here..

Dealer leaves the place..

A handsome man in near about his 20’s enters in the cabin of sanskar..He gets happy by seeing him n hurriedly hugs him..

San – Laksh..Laksh…I am very happy..Omg it’s like dream come true..

Laksh – Sanskar are u gone mad..?? Here we r not getting any costume designer n u r happy..I am sure that dealer had rejected our project..

San happily – No..no..He selected our project n he goes from here after signing this deal..

Laksh shocked – What..?? But without seeing any designs..how..??

Sanskar showing him the designs – Here are the designs my bro..Here are the designs..

Laksh goes through the designs n he also gets shocked..

Lak amusedly – Omg..In this much less time such an Aoutstanding designs..Who made it..??

San sadly – I don’t know but whoever is he..?? The person is angel for me..Who came in right time n drag me out from this tough situation..Now by getting this project My “SR FASHION” will get world recognition..

Laksh – yess sanskar..But think for a while if that person can make such brilliant design in so much less time then if the person will be in our company..Then just imagine It will be a big profit for us..

San – I know that laksh..N I am very thankful to him/her for this help..But who made it..??

Lak – yesterday u r at home only na..Then ask ur all servants..

San – I asked from all of them but everyone denies for it..

Lak – What if they were lieing..??

Sanskar looks on to laksh n goes in deep thinking..

Sanskar comea back to his house..As he enters a girl jump on him n hugs him..

Preacp – Not yet decided..

I hope its up to the mark n i know u all have the question in ur minds that what dai ma is up to..??N who is the girl who hugs sanskar..?? So to clear all ur dilemma stay tuned n keep reading n showering ur love to my ff..Bye bye..

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