ajaab prem ki gajab kahani (swaragini) part 1


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Scenes start from a beautiful garden
A old man is jogging he’s very much tried a young girl is running ahead of him
“ stop I can’t run more know” he said he was breathing heavily
“come one handsome I know u can come on” the girl turned and said
“ areh u run I can’t I am tried very much” the old man said
“ nanu come on” the girl said
“ ragu u r young u can but I am old man I am tried u continue I’ll join u later” he said
“ fine I am going” she angrily left
She putted ear phone listening to songs she was jogging
Some boys were adoring her ragini saw them but she ignored them all they were passing some comments on her they started to jog with her ragini was getting angry nanu joined some of his old friends
“ what happened raj”his one of friend asked
“ttried yaar this girl makes me run so much” he was still huffing
All of them started laughing
“u are very lucky to have such a grand daughter” his old friend mr.sharma said
“ u shut up Sharma what u know how much she tortures us how will her husband handle her I am worried for him” nanu said
Shrama saw some boys following ragini
“but at present some are trying to misbehave with her we should help her” Sharma said
Nanu saw in that direction
“ hey bhagwan don’t these boys know that they are trying to misbehave with randhir singh shekwat’s sister” nanu said in worried tone
“ randhir is not here we should help her I know u are worried for her” Sharma said
“ what help I am worried for these boys they are dead today she’s randhir’s sister gets angry as much he gets u just wait and watch” nanu said relaxing
“what a grand father u” Sharma said in irritated tone
One old man joined them
“don’t worry Sharma just wait and watch” mr.kappor said
“kapoor u also” Sharma said showing his owrries
“ she’s my granddaughter I am not worried as much u are just relax” nanu said
All were watching towards ragini that what she’ll do
Ragini stopped near a juice stall she ordered a orange juice those boys stopped near her
She was about to pick the glass those boys snatched it sge got angry but was controlling her temper
“control ragini control” she said to herself and ordered another glass
They again snatched it
“abb toh yeh gaya” nanu said
She tried hard to control herself she ordered another glass the boy was about to pick it ragini got angry she helded that boys hand and twisted it hard the boy was screaming in pain
“don’t dare to mess with ragini I am trying to be clam that doesn’t mean u can do anything” she said leaving his hand she came in front of those boys and slapped them hard
“this is for trying to misbehave with those grils yesterday” she said pointing towards those girls whom this boys were misbehaving yesterday
She kicked on their week points they boys feel on their knees
“ and this is for thinking girls as week” saying she left
“ come on nanu we should leave mamu will be waiting for us” ragini said
“ what a great job ragu we all are proud of u” shrama said
“thank u shrama uncle” ragini said giving a pleasant broad smile
“ after all she’s my grand daughter” nanu said proudly
“ yeah shall we leave” she said
Both left to their house
They entered a big mansion
A man was sitting in hall drinking tea and reading newspaper
“good morning mamu” ragini said
“good morning kiddo” harshad said
“ where my bhai” she aksed
“ he sleeping yesterday he was late from office so let him sleep” renuka said coming out form kitchen
“umm ok I’ll get fresh and come” she was about to go up
“ don’t disturb his sleep” harsahd said
“ahh I was not thinking thank u for giving an idea mamu” she said giggling
She entered her room it was painted in white many photos of her and randhir wre hanging on wall many were funny pictures and big family pictures
She got fresh she wore a track pant and a shirt she left her hair open and free she was looking a lazy tom boy she entered randhir’s room he was peacefully sleeping on bed all pillow were here and their he was half covered with bedsheet
Ragini slowly came here him
“get up bhai” she said slowly
“ let me sleep sanyu” he said
Ragini was astonished to hear it she smirked
“plsz get up na janu” she said tickling him
“ plsz let me sleep an I wanna see sanyu in dreams” he said
“ acha u love me na jannu” she said
“ yes sanyu” he said
Ragini bought a black marker and drew some thing every funny on his face she made big moustaches and a big tilak on his forehead she wad giggling seeing it
“areh sanyukatta di u here” she screamed
Randhir listening to It stood up immediately
“sanyukta where’s she” he asked
“ in ur dreams bhai” ragini said letting a huge laugh
“ragini ki bachi I’ll not leave u” he started chasing her in his whole room ragini got escaped from their
She came down
Harshad saw her
“Disturbed his sleep what prank u played” he said playfully
“ u’ll get to know soon”she said sitting next to him on sofa
Soon they all heard randhir’s scream
Ragini closed her ears
“ what u did kidooo” harshad again asked
“wait and watch” she said
Randhir came down seeing him everyone busted into huge laugh
Randhir was getting every angry
“what happened to u randhir” harshad asked controlling his laugh
“ask u ladli daughter” he said in irritated tone
“what I did bhai” she asked innocently
“don’t be so innocent” he said
“wasie bhai u look so cute when u get angry”she said laughingly
“ I’ll not leave u today” he said chasing her he cahsed her in whole house
All were laughing seeing tom and jeery fight of these brother and sister
“bhai plsz leave me I am sorry” ragini said running
“ not today my dear sis” he said cashing her ragini hided behind renuka
“ mami plsz save me from bhai” she said
“ mom not today” randhir was trying to catch her
“leave me bhai otherwise I’ll tell everyone about ur big secret”
“ what ha I know u are kidding” randhir said trying to catch her
“ I’ll tell them about u r love strory” liesting to this randhir stopped
“ what” he was totally shocked
All family members were also shocked
“ ragu u tell me whose that girl” renuka asked
Randhir signalled no
“ shall I tell bhai” she asked teasingly
“what are u asking him tell us”renuka said
“no need to be scared by him I am their na plsz tell me” renuka asked
“umm…….. wo their is no one I was just kidding” she said
“ don’t lie” renuka asked
“ no I am just kidding if their something like that I’ll tell u first” ragini assured
All left
“thank u ragu”randhir said
“ don’t thank me bhai I need a treat for not telling about ur love”
“ In ur dreams” he said
“ok I’ll tell mami then she’ll give u treat mami……..” she about to say randhir closed her mouth with his hands
“ ok” he said
“waise bhai u look cute with this makeup that I did for u”she said
Randhir again chased her

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