ajaab prem ki gajab kahani (swaragini) Intro

Hello everyone this is a new ff
So lets start
Shekawat family
Ragini singh shekawat: a modern girl who loves to enjoy life to fullest she stays with her mamu mami and nana beloved of all she’s life of whole shekawat family always treated as princess a bit spoiled but not that much has some what ego know’s what are her limits a kind hearted girl who cares for everyone beloved of all she lost her parents when she was very young knows the value of relations loves her mama mami and nana a lot she loves her randhir bhai very much she never missed her parents because of her bhai and mami spoiled because of her mamu she loves everyone she respects all relations when ever she missed her parents she had her bhai she shares her each day activity with him each and every secret with him
Randhir singh shekawat: a rude handsome dashing hot boy loves his sister a lot always treats her like a child he knows her each secret he shares everything with her a kind hearted man but always seems rude to others soft nature and fun loving but only with close ones loves his parents and dadu a lot
Ragini is not randhir’s own sister she’s her bhua’s daughter
Janki and shekar gadodia are her parents but she’s totally unaware about the fact that who are her parents she has never seen her dad but has spent some what time with her mother her mother died in a car accident she knows about her mom but know nothing about her dad and she never asked also because he was never her priopty she never missed him because of the fatherly love that harshad gave her
Harshad and ragini are best friends of each other some issues that ragini don’t share with her bro she shares with her mamu he’s her guide when ever she has some problem she discuss that him and nanu

Ragini and randhir share a special bond some what more than a brother and sister they are best friend of each other guide inspiration even they behave some time as parents for each other ragini always wished to be like her bhai she spent most of the time with him so some what tomish
Both bro sis loves sports car racing bike racing a lot ragini don’t have much friends because of her tomish nature and because of the security present around her
Once some had attacked ragini after that shekawat faniky became very alert she always have security guards around her she hates that the most
Randhir and ragini are very protective and possessive about each other especially randhir for him his sister is most important than anyone else
Rajendra singh shekawat: head of shekawat family he’s a old man looks strict but is fun loving loves his grandchildren lots
Harshad singh shekwat: son of Rajendra MD of shekawat industries loves his children’s lot he’s bit strict he treats ragini as his own daughter very serious when it come to his children’s a well known business tycoon has many enemies loves his wife a lot a fun loving man
Renuka singh shekawat: wife a harshad and mother of randhir loves ragini and randhir equally very possessive about ragini she is always feared about her loves her a lot she helps harshad in his business a well known business women she’s the only person strict in family other’s all are prankster
Ragini is crime partner with all she plays pranks on everyone
They are staying in mumbai
Maheswari family
Sanskar maheswari: a hot dashing young man loves his family a lot has some ego problem a fun loving boy who enjoys his life to fullest loves sports love to do all adventures a flirt but he does just flirting had some GF’s but beloved of all a obedient boy who obeys his elders but also do what he wants to son of rp and sujitha loves his sis swadeentha and bro laksh a lot
Swadeentha maheswari: a beautiful girl loves her family a lot respect all knows to enjoy her life loves her brothers a lot daughter of dp and ap
Lakshya maheswari:a handsome young boy cool dude loves to enjoy his life a prankster same as his brother has a bit ego loves his family a lot especially his sanskar bhai he’s one year younger to him very popular among female franchise have many GF’s more than his bro son of ap and dp
Sujitha rp maheswari: wife of rp and mother of sanskar
Rp maheswari: brother of dp suijtha’s husband father of sanskar has modern thinking a fun loving man
Dp maheswari: head of maheswari family MD of maheswari industries a well known business men a strict man loves his family a lot father of laksh and swadeentha
Ap maheswari: wife of dp mother of laksh and swadeentha

Aggraval family
Sanyukta aggraval: a beautiful fun loving modern girl enjoys her life to fullest loves her family a lot especially her brother adarsh a lot daughter of meera and suresh aggraval love interest of randhir has a secret crush on him
Adarsh aggaraval: brother of sanyukta loves his sister a lot a handsome cool boy son of meera and suresh aggraval
Suresh aggrval: father of sanyukta and adarsh principle of college in Kolkata
He own’s some well known colleges of india has a huge educational network
Meera aggraval: mother of sanyu and adarsh wife of suresh and sister of dp and rp she died in a car accident
Aggavarl family is residing in Kolkata
Gadodia family
Swara gadodia: a beautiful chubby bubbly girl loves her family and friends a lot every bold girl not scared of anyone has no ego always treated as princess but never show off herself after being rich also knows what are her limits a kind hearted and soft natured girl respect everyone
Daughter of shekar and sharmistha gadodia their only daughter
Shekar gadodia: husband of sharmistha and father of swara loves his family a lot he has a large networks of hotels in india a well known business man
Sharmistha gadodida: wife of shekar and mother of swara
They stay in delhi

Coming to the stroy it revolves around life of these four families
Sanskar adarsh and ragini were best friends once know adarsh and sanskar are best friends and ragini and adarsh some thing happened btw ragsan that they hate each other to core always busy in fighting with ecahother once their friendship was adorable know always are busy in finding a ways to trouble eachother and insult each other
Sanskar adarsh ragini and randhir four of them studied in same school in Mumbai different classes
Rp and sujitha along with sanskar were in Mumbai for some years because of business rp and sujitha loves ragini a lot
They became friends when ragini was in class 1 and sanskar and adarsh were at that time in class 2 these three’s friendship was adorable especially ragsan’s some times even randhir used to get jealous because of their friendship both were true friends of each other
When ragini was in class 7 and sanskar and adarsh in class 8 something happened that changed every thing from that ragini and sanskar started fighting
What happened btw ragsan is secret to all no one knows why they started hating eachother they didn’t get much time to slove their problem because sanskar’s family shifted back to Kolkata and sanskar went London to study further in all these years they never cared for each other adarsh too shifted to Kolkata
Adarsh always gets in trouble because of their fight he suffers because of them
So lets see what happens what’s written in their destiny will they ever meet………………………..
What will happen

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