Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi Review: Leads shine out in the tried and tested tale

Zee’s Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi is a story set in Gujarat, about two very passionate opposites Prem and Tejaswini. Their love story starts through hatred. Tejaswini comes across Prem at her college. They have a bad initial meet by some misunderstandings. They can’t stand each other. Prem does not know Dharam’s past which is haunting him till date.

They then realize they are different, yet similar in nature. They eventually fall in love. They get willing to go to any extent for their love. Prem and Tejaswini also go against their parents to keep their love. Dharam’s past would be ruining Prem and Tejaswini’s love forever. The show stars Pranav Misshra and Jyoti Sharma in the lead roles.

Main Characters:


Prem is the eldest son of Dharam, who is a retired don. Prem has tons of attitude. He does not listen to anyone. He is non-violent mostly. He knows to get the things done verbally. He is fun loving and good soul. He worships his dad. He can’t hear a word against his dad. He is seen as a strict and rude person, but he is soft hearted and kind. His true nature is often concealed by his deeds. Prem respects women. He loves his family and is very protective about them. He is innocent and loving like a kid, when he is around his family.


Tejaswini is a cheerful, determined, goal oriented girl. She is self motivated person. She is very passionate about her life goals. She is raised in a small village. She comes to city to study in a good college and make her career. She has big dreams. She knows keeping her self respect. She is bold and daring. She is much helpful. Tejaswini hold good values. She believes in social service. She does not want anyone to get troubled because of her. She tries to lessen the burdens off her mother’s shoulders.


Pranav Misshra as Prem Singh Rathod
Jyoti Sharma as Tejaswini Mehta
Rasik Dave as Dharam Singh Rathod
Archi Pratik as Arjun Singh Rathod
Seema Bora as Tejaswini’s mother
Minoli Nandwana as Tejaswini’s sister

Story So Far:

Tejaswini prays in the temple. She sings a beautiful Aarti. Her mother wants Tejaswini to complete studies first and then think of marriage. Tejaswini is introduced. Some roadside men tease Aarti. They catch Aarti. One of the men clicks a picture with her, only to blackmail her to meet him. Things go out of hand of Aarti, as the guy constantly threatens her. She takes Tejaswini’s help in teaching a lesson to the eve-teasers. Tejaswini is daring and brave.

Tejaswini saves Aarti. Tejaswini’s mother is happy that Tejaswini has won, but she does not want Tejaswini to get busy in social service. Tejaswini is seen helping people. Her mother does not like Tejaswini getting into fights. Tejaswini gets admission in one of the best colleges of the city. Her mother gets terrified knowing Tejaswini is going to the city. She recalls the series of events happened with her in the past. Tejaswini’s father was killed by the bad men. Her mother wants to keep Tejaswini away from the city’s evil. She asks Tejaswini not to go. Her mother calculates her savings which she kept for Tejaswini’s marriage. She tries to accumulate the fees.

Tejaswini gets to know the struggles. Tejaswini has a new challenge along with convincing her mother. She has to arrange the money for her fees. She does not want to pursue her dreams if she has to pay for it. She gets a scholarship when taken admission in the city college. She thinks of joining a job and earning money, if she has to take admission in any other college. Seeing her determination and hard work, her mother permits her to join the city college.

Tejaswini lands in the college. She sees seniors bullying the freshers. She could not hold herself. She teaches a lesson to the seniors, who are Dharam’s relatives. Tejaswini gets informed about Dharam and his men. The men tell Prem whatever happened at the college. Prem does not support them, as he is against ragging. The men lie to him that Tejaswini has spoken ill about Dharam. Prem gets raged knowing this. He goes to college to meet Tejaswini. His wrath falls on her. Prem troubles Tejaswini and asks her to silently apologize if she wants forgiveness. The men ask her to understand the meaning of making fun of Rathod family.

Prem asks her to accept her mistake to say wrong about Dharam. She tries to clarify. He does not listen to her. He makes her apologize to him in front of everyone. He asks her to apologize thrice to him whenever she sees him. Tejaswini apologizes to him. She sees Prem with his family women in the market. She gets an idea of making a scene and goes to apologize to Prem in front of them. Prem’s mother asks her why is she apologizing. Tejaswini tells them that she does not want to take matter ahead, she has come to study in college. Prem’s mother pulls his ears to teach him a lesson. She does not want her son to get spoilt.

Prem tells his mum what wrong this Tejaswini did, by saying ill about Dharam. Prem’s mother sees sincerity in Tejaswini’s eyes. Prem clears that Tejaswini has accepted her mistake. Tejaswini apologizes and tells him that she did not say bad about Dharam. She does not have hope for justice from Prem. Prem asks Tejaswini to leave. Prem and Tejaswini argue. Dharam gets to know about someone’s presence in the market. He worriedly leaves for the market, praying that his family stays fine. Tejaswini sees some men hiding guns and proceeding to Prem’s family. She goes to save the women.

Our Take:

The show is the passionate romantic drama. It is full of attitude, passion, and intense love. The concept is old, but intriguing. Many times, hatred turned to love stories are seen on small screen. This story would resemble many old shows by the concept. Leads and the dialogues make a difference here. It’s dramatic and action packed.

Pranav Misshra fits in the role of Prem perfectly. Jyoti Sharma is superb as bold and beautiful Tejaswini. Action scenes are balanced between the leads. Fresh pairing with amazing chemistry works wonders for the show. Supporting actors are fairly cast. The first week of the show got much about the story. There is not much suspense regarding both the families’ enmity. It is still interesting to see how the leads fall in love and then get firm against all odds. There is no revenge and hidden intentions drama here. The show has much thrill, making it an entertaining one.


A good and clean entertaining family drama. One can give it a try. Leads’ chemistry and performances shine in every frame.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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  1. Rasika

    Ya I like the new story and the dialogues of this serial, the part which I liked the most is tejaa z boldness

  2. they are very good pairing and hope there pair will be popular as other pairs

  3. Mary christodoulou

    Is a very nice show! Especially pranav is amazing.. Waiting to see more action and exciting episode s..

  4. AngelHoneyBear

    Such an awesome show it is. The cast is amazing and the story line is really unique.

  5. i have only one thing to say “I’M LOVING IT”.and especially after seeing the music video i’m going all crazzy to see their love story!

  6. It’s a good one…the concept is surely old of opposites attraction..but the scenes and dialogues are much balanced..the lead pair is really amazing and is the best part of show…their characters have been very neatly placed..and in the end…altogether loving the show

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