Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sarla Permits Prem to Perform Dharam’s Last Rights

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem is shocked when Anand alleges him. Priyal and Sunina start their turn yelling at Prem. Preeti starts acting. Tejaswini angrily says Prem is innocent and Preeti with Mandira killed Dharam. Arjun warns to be in her limits. Preeti acts and cries till when Arjun will save her, she cannot bear being alleged all the time. Argument continues. Anand asks why did Prem go to Mandira’s house instead of coming home when Sarla needed him most, he went to celebrate Dharam’s murder. Tejaswini says it is wrong. Ananda says he himself heard Mandira speaking and tell Prem will takeover Dharam’s business and after murdering him will bail out his real father Bhairav Singh. Tejaswini says it is Mandira’s trick. Anand says he heard it from his ears. Tejaswini says he heard it

wrong and it is Mandira’s plan. Prem says he went to Mandira’s house to kill her. Anand asks then why did not he kill her, as Mandira is his real mother and one who died is nothing for him. Tejaswini says she stopped Prem as Papa does not want Prem to become a criminal, he would not tolerated it at all.

Argument continues. Sharda and Mama enter. Sharda consoles Sarla. Tejaswini thinks Hiten mamaji will tell Preeti’s truth and asks him to tell if he did not find Preeti fixing microphone in my mobile Hiten as usual supports his daughter and asks what is she telling, when did she come to him. Sharda asks him not to life, if Tejaswini is not his daughter and Prem is not his SIL. Hiten say they are, but nothing of that sort happened. Tejaswini thinks she does not know why mamaji is lying, but his truth was most needed to her.

Anand continues alleging Prem and asks Inspector to arrest him and Tejaswini and take him away. Tejaswini asks what if he wants to rule over Dharam’s seat and killed Dharam. Priyal shouts what rubbish, how can she allege her husband without proof. Tejaswini sasy she is also trying to explain them same, everything happening here is wrong and they cannot allege Prem without proof. She asks inspector according to Indian culture a son as right to perform his father’s last rights. Anand says Prem will not perform mota bhai’s last rights. Priyal backs him. Tejaswini asks Prem to perform last right, she will see who will stop him. Argument continues again. Sarla asks them to stop and says she Sarla Dharam Singh Rathod gives rights to her son to perform her husband’s last rights. Anand reacts. Sarla says Dharam loved Prem so much and he would want his last right by his son, if anyone wants to oppose, they should not attend last rights. Prem thinks he knew Maa would support him. Drama continues.

Precap: Prem performs Dharam’s last ight. Anand asks inspector to arrest Prem. Preeti smirks that Tejaswini’s 24 hours are over. Tejawini gets proof from Mandira’s house and escaping goons runs on road.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Naz,what an episode,no limits to human meanness,I felt like going into the Tv screen and slapping Anand .And Preeti is as unscrupulous as ever and Mamaji as shameless as Preeti’s father should be.Infact we should be surprised if he were otherwise.Kudos to Tejaswani,while defending her husband.,she became so aggressive that she resembled a fierce tigress defending her cubs.And I applaud the way she answered back Anand in the same coin.
    Naz,today’s scenario was so heart wrenching that it was absolutely essential for one of them to take the lead and hit back and I am happy that Teja had done that .We can n’t expect Prem to react quickly as he looked dazed and disappointed at his family’s meanness. But the final blow was dealt by Sarla who made Anand shut his mouth.Naz,I really feel bad to see her in that dismal widow’s attire ,do you think that Dharamsingh would have gone to the extent of giving this much heart ache to his wife just to teach a lesson to two cheap cheats like Preeti and Mandira?Somehow the emotions of all these characters ,I mean Prem ,Teja ,Anand ,Sarla and other family members (with the exception of Preeti ) don’t look fake to me.Does that mean Dharamsingh is doing this all alone OR is he really dead.The only encouraging thing is,the dead man’s face is still not shown.That gives us some hopes that Dharamsingh is alive.
    You are right Naz,Prem should come back to his original fiery and hot tempered form ,actually he looks his best as an angry young man and these mean and rotten antagonists need him to sort them out.

    1. Lakshmi, I was extremely happy to see Sarla stop Anand in his tracks, concerning Prem doing final rights for DSR…..even though it’s now known who’s his biological parents, Prem grew up as DSR son and that will remain so till the end. So we haven’t seen DSR face so that’s hope for us…and I do think that DSR could go to this extent to expose the pathetic duo…even more his shock of knowing that Preeti is a master manipulator but don’t have the evidence to prove it to the family. I was shocked out of my wits seeing mamaji deny his daughter’s evil deeds and it could be that she threatened her parents about something, that’s not too far fetched to think of, after all we know anything is possible in soapland!! Lakshmi, the emotions expressed by the actors especially Sarla, was so real, I saw the real stuff there.. I believe this actress is an emotional soft hearted woman in real because in the Zee rishtey awards, when Teja accepted her best female debut award, the camera zoomed in on her and she was crying and I know it was in happiness, so today she also cried real tears and I love the stand she took for her son…what a mother!!! ??…, if DSR was leaving the serial, we would have read it in tellybuzz or elsewhere so my money is on him being still alive….till I see concrete evidence!!

    2. BTW Lakshmi, I also felt like slapping Anand, I can’t believe his stupidity. You would think he’s mature enough to listen to both sides of a story before forming a judgement. I have to congratulate Teja for her support to her husband and at least trying to explain his innocence for what we know is the truth.


    Hello everyone… I am back after a long break as I was busy…

    1. Preeti is biggest dumb in thinking that she is wining and taking revenge and she is making arjun and everyone more dumb..

    2. I hope prem is proved innocent and preeti goes to jail..

    3. Teju is really brave but i hope she do not become other tv serial type bichari bahu..

  3. I think why tejaswini voice should be changed if she is in emotion voice could not suit her clearly

  4. Tejaswini emotional speech is not good makers should keep this in mind and make it

  5. Dharamsingh can go to any level to protect his family.Everyone knows .Mandira is their enemy but nobody knows Preeti also helping her.He can deal with d damage materialize by Mandira but it is very difficult for him to deal with d damage crop up by Preeti.She wants to destroy his family how can he let her do that he might have to take dis difficult drama of his own death to reveal her evil face to Arjun & rest of d family .I think there must be some situation created by Mandira due to which Mamaji has to shut his mouth like kidnapping mamiji or sending goons at his place.I like d precap where Teju escape with proof

  6. Skipped this episode as well, 2nd one in a row. I am better off this way. Will come back to the show when PR Iis shown her rightful place and reality as well as justice are restored. Till that time its better to keep ADDNK off my radar, can’t handle and digest such negativity any more

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