Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Preeti Brainwashes Arjun and Anand To Believe Prem Killed Dharam

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 8th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem with Tejaswini angrily rushes to Mandira’s farm house and holding gun angrily shouts at Mandira to open door. Tejaswini tries to stop him. Goons attack him. He beats goons and picks guns back. Tejaswini thinks he should not kill goons. Prem then angrily kicks door open and walks in calling Mandira. Mandira comes down saying Dharam told he gave good sanskars to his son, but Prem is so mannerless to call his mother by name. Prem angrily says he will kill her today and complete his pappa’s incomplete task. He points gun at her. She says she is already dead when Dharam sent her husband to jail and took away her son Prem. He is about to shoot her when Tejaswini stops him and says Dharam wanted him to become a good man and keep him far away from crime. Prem reminisces

Dharam’s words, but again fumes an d strangulates her neck. Tejawini stops him again and says he can kill Mandira and become criminal and shatter his pappa’s dreams and hard work. Prem leaves Mandira and says he will fail her plan and will not enter crime.

Preeti brainwashes Arjun and Anand that Prem and Tejaswini are in Mandira’s house and directly went there to celebrate after blasting Dharam’s car. Anand fumes and says how dare he is to go there instead of being here, he will directly go and check. Preeti says she will also accompany them. They all 3 leave in car towards Mandira’s farm house. They reach farm house and see Prem coming out Anand fumes seeing them. Preeti continues her brainwashing. Tejaswini consoles Prem to calm down and return home as family, especially maa needs him. They both leave in car. Preeti messages Mandira. Mandira comes out and acts as waving them good bye. Anand walks in angrily. Preeti messages her again that Anand is coming. Mandira acts as speaking to Prem over phone and telling she is very happy with him and he took revenge from Dharam well by killing him, soon she wants him to take over Dharam’s business and family and free his real father Bhairav Singh. She also says Tejaswini is a perfect match for him and is helping him in his every plan. Anand angrily walks back.

Prem and Tejaswini reach home and sit around Dharam’s dead body with family. Arjun with Preeti and Anand return and fume that Prem is acting so well as if nothing happened. Sarla sits freezed followed by other. A sad song plays in the background. Constable says inspector that Rajpipla people want to see Dharam’s face last time, but we controlled them somehow. Inspector says it is better. Deep asks inspector to find out Dharam’s murderer within 24 hours. Prem says Preeti and Mandira killed Dharam and asks inspector to arrest Preeti. Arjun shouts to be in limits. Prem asks why he is believing lier Preeti and mistrusting his brother. Tejaswini asks to behave with his brother. Arjun shouts Prem is not his brother and says he killed Dharam. Anand backs him and shouts he made a mistake not identifying Prem before and asks inspector to arrest Prem. Drama continues.

Precap: Arjun asks Prem why did not he kill Mandira. Anand says because Mandira is Prem’s mother and one lying dead is not his father. He warns Prem that he will not let him perform Dharam’s last right. Tejaswini asks Prem to perform his duties, she will see who will stop him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Really getting on my nerves and sky rocketing my BP.I can understand about Arjun ,he is simply hopeless,But Anand ,what happened to his age and experience,how can he be fooled by Preeti ,the witch?For everything ,Preeti gives flimsy explanations ,Arjun supports and Anand believes.How could he believe Mandira’s fake conversation with Prem standing in the driveway as if there is no place inside her mansion.It was quite obvious that she was putting on a display for the viewers outside but Anand was so naive that he could n’t see through all this drama.All these frustrating events are justified and we will appreciate them if they turn out to be a part and Parcel of Dharamsingh ‘s strategy to expose the cunning duo Preeti and Mandira and it is quite possible that prem and Teja along with Anand know everything and playing their parts.
    Till now ,the dead man!s face is n’t shown,may be burnt beyond recognition.But the police normally don’t handover the body unless recognised by a family member.Let us not go into all these legal details and hope that Dharamsingh is alive and Preeti gets a kick on her ass that she won’t forget in her life.Again Mamaji proves that he doesn’t have the courage to tell the truth.When Anand and Arjun were accusing Prem of killing his papa ,why was he keeping quiet?He could have revealed his own daughter’s true colors .But then he won’t be the coward he is.

  2. I endorse all that you have said Lakshmi, like you I’m hoping it is all a plan, that would be the only outcome that I would accept after this asinine Preeti’s track which has gotten on my last nerve and sent up my BP.

  3. Arjun can be dumb but how can they show Anand as a dumb person….following Preeti blindly .He loves Prem as his own son suddenly hates him ,make him culprit of his father’s death .and on what basis …just becoz Preeti make them to do so…Lakshmi , Preeti really getting on my nervse too …feels like some kind of nepotism is going on.Mamaji should open his mouth & reveals d real face of his daughter. If he fights for his daughter should also standup agaist her misdeeds

  4. Lakshmi, you’ve mentioned that the police hands over a dead body only after relatives identifies it but you, Topaz and I having much exposure to writers lack of details since ETRETR, that we know these writers aren’t that smart to insert that into their logic so that’s why something like this happening here is so lame. Friends, I’m disappointed in Anand, don’t feel like commenting on his naievety, he’s too damn old and experienced to fall for a chameleon like Preeti even after seeing her work at display for Presjaswini’s wedding….and Lakshmi, I too want to know why Preeti’s parents and Sharda hasn’t come forward to confront their daughter, you’d think they don’t exist in this serial. Where are they huh!!! Today, I saw the Prem who I know, all fire and brimstone!! Friends, do you all remember since the beginning, we wondered what Prem will do with his life since he was such a troublemaker in school, well, now is the time for him to prove his worth, don’t you think?? I must mention that Sarla looks very beautiful and fresh faced without makeup, even the two other elder bahus looked beautiful with minimal makeup, I always think that a beautiful woman is the one who looks beautiful without makeup and this actress is an example. So…..not seeing DSR’s face is enough to convince me that he’s alive and kicking and will make his move in due time to kick the b*t*hy and psychotic Preeti out the damn door…i hope there’s no place in that household for her in days to come…we all know that the longest rope does have an end…right?? ???

  5. Hope I didn’t offend anyone…my apologies ??

  6. Friends I have skipped watching yesterday’s episode, finally. Too heartbroken to sit through the show at present. Just reading the comments to update myself on your views.

  7. Arushi i am also not watching this serial anymore…Once upon a time this was such fab serial of mine that I couldnt wait for the next episode to come…And now really heartbroken.nothing can be done with this serial hope

  8. Yes so right. I just don’t look forward to the serial anymore. Its sheer torture to sit through entire episode watching Preeti’s expressions and the funny faces she makes. Its lot easier on the nerves reading just the updates. I wonder if any one watches the repeat telecasts when original telecast is so difficult to sit through. Thats the big difference between other shows like Mekek or Kundalis and this show.

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