Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 8th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 8th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun shouts at Tejaswini that she wanted to run, now she can show how will she run. Tejaswini asks why is he behind her, why he hates her so much. Adhivasis throw hypnotic needls on them and they both collapse. Adhivasis take them to their jungle and tie them up. They both wake up and are shocked to see themselves in a strange placed tied. Tejaswini sees skeletons and gets afraid. Tejaswini asks if she did all this. Arjun says hope he could, if he had killed her, he would not have seen this day. He tries to free himself unsuccessfully. An adhivasi boy comes and Arjun thinks how did these people come to Rajpipla. He calls boy and asks him to free their rope. Boy shoots arrow. They both get more afraid. Other adhivasis come in. They get more afraid. Their leader orders

to remove ropes. Once freed, they try to run, but adhivassis catch them. Prem asks why they capatured them. Leader says they both will be sacrificied. Prem asks to sacrifice Tejaswii and spare him. They drag Tejaswini away.

Tejaswini is taken away and brought back wearing adhivasi dress. Their leader speaks in their language and then in hindi tells as per adhivasi ritual, they will sacrifice Tejaswini. Tejaswini cries. Prem laughs and says they can keep this girl and sacrifice her. Leader performs pooja and says this outsider girl’s sacrifice will be done by outsider and since they don’t have outsider, Prem will sacrifice Tejaswini and if he does not, they will kill him. If he succeeds, they will get him married to the most beautiful girl in their tribe. He gives sword to Prem. Prem takes sword and angrily looks at Tejaswini. Tejaswini acts as god coming on her body and dances in adhivasi style. Prem says her he knows nothing happened to her, just top herr drama and do as she says, eclipse will start in a few minutes. Tejaswini says she is not a fool to listen to him. Leader says Prem if he does not sacrifice girl, spears will pierce his body. Tejaswini falls down. Prem raises sword and hits it on ground and throws ash on adhivasis and says Tejaswini run. They run out. Tejaswini shouts he trapped her here and wants to escape. Tejaswini shouts to stop rubbish and run. Adhivasi leader gets angry and orders to catch them before eclipse finishes and kill them.

Prem and Tejaswini continue running in different directions. Tejaswini gets lost and thinks where to hide. Adhivasis continue searching them and shout they insulted their clan and should not be spared. Tejaswini continues running and falls on Prem. Their eyes meet. Prem angrily gets up after sometime and angrily looks at Tejaswini. He sees hut nearby and shows it to her. She finds clothes in hut and goes behind to change clothes. He turns and shies seeing her bare back She picks remaining clothes looking at him and comes out throwing adhivasi dress. She then angrily looks at him and asks if he really wanted to save him or was just a way to save himself. He twists her hand and mouth and grips her mouth tight and says if he wants to kill her, he can easily. She pushes him and warns even if he touches her, he will face dire consequences.

Adhivasiis continue searching them. Prem throws cloth in bushes. Tejaswini scolds they will find where we are. He says even we want to escape. Leader finds clothes and says they are somewhere around. Tejaswini and Prem’s argument continues. She picks wooden plank and hits him. He shouts enough. Adhivasis surround them and leader shouts to kill them. They both beat all adhivasis. One of them is about to pierce tejaswini when Prem saves her. Tejaswini thenges afraid seeing Prem holding spear on her and shuts eyes. Prem thros spear on adhivasi and runs with Tejaswini. Prem’s leg gets stuck in a pit. Tejaswini sees adhivasis coming towards them and helps Prem. They both run again and fall down and rool on ground. Again, they look into each other’s eyes. Prem overpowers Tejaswini then and says she is his prey now and he will kill her the way he wants. She resists and gets up and falls from cliff and hangs holding a stone. Prem smirks. She tries hard to hold stone. Prem pulls her up.

Precap: Tejaswini confronts Prem that cowards run away, not Tejaswini Mehta.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Seriously…..which brilliant writer came up with this unbelievable storyline???? I say that because Prem did not even know that these people exist in that area, & he has lived there all his life. I was really enjoying the ‘joust & parrie of Prem & Teju. But, this is ridiculous.

  2. No offense but this is coming across as a very juvenile story now.. This is a ridiculous set of events… This is so like some cheap 5th grade movie plot, if there ever was one!!! I don’t find it in the least bit interesting, I need a break….

  3. Waiting for preja romantic scene

  4. Same track as Raj and Rani in etretr

  5. You are right Naz ,this serial has turned out to be a damp squid,they are showing utter nonsense ,you can not blame the actors when the script is meaningless and the direction is immature and la ms class.Still I will watch for another two weeks for any improvement before quitting.Really missing ETRETR and Raja and Rani.But I am very happy with the historical drama on Star plus, atleast it is going in the right direction.And Saregamapa,my god ,Friend,I don’t know what to say about those kids,real geniuses in their field,Naz, I can sing O.k but I will be ashamed to open my mouth in front of them,they are born gifted.How good are you at singing Friend?
    As of this serial I don’t have much hope,Friend,can you suggest any on any channel which we can start with?

  6. Third line ,,,,,,,pl read as …lacks class.
    Sorry for the ty.po error

  7. Hello Ammu,how are you?Hope everything is fine there,.Don’t you think this serial is becoming a disappointment gradually,the problem is with the script and the direction as well. A competent Director can compensate for a weak screenplay,but unfortunately ADDN lacks both.I feel that this particular episode was a disaster,surely they could’ve avoided this tribal nonsense,there are other lovely ways of starting the attraction between Prem and Teja.I must say that the writers absolutely lack imagination.You know Ammu ,even Etretr’s storyline was not that good particularly in some tracks but the direction was so impressive that the viewers,inspite of all those unbelievable tracks,never felt like abandoning the ship.Hope the makers of ADDN understandthe viewers’ comments and improve the quality of this love story.i feel bad for the actors because they are very talented and doing their roles well.

    1. Hi Lakshmi, yeah fine, i hope u are fine as well, i completely agree with u dear.
      Literally ADDN is fallen down in dump, full one hour episode was scarp, seriously they fooled us that who has created story. i fed up with this show.

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