Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Preeti Brainwashes Arjun and Anand and Alleges Prem of Dharam’s Murder

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira informs Preeti that she has fixed bomb in Dharam’s car. Preeti asks that is why she informed Dharam everything so that he can die peacefully and go to heaven. She then asks what if Tejaswini saves sasurji/Dharam. Mandira laughs and starts counting. Tejaswini informs Preeti’s challenge to Prem and they both rush in car behind Dharam’s car. Tejaswini calls Dharam repeatedly, but he does not pick call. A big boulder falls on the way. Dharam stops car. Prem gets out of car and runs towards Dharam’s car. Dharam’s car blasts. Prem falls in shock. Tejaswini calls family’s landline. Anand picks call and sits in a shock dropping phone. Family asked what happened. He says Tejaswini called nad informed Dharam’s car blasted. Family also stands in shock.


stands freezed while police and ambulance reaches and carries Dharam’s dead body. Tejaswini shouts in fear seeing burnt dead body. Chitthi na koi sandesh jaane wo kaunsa desh…song…plays in the background. Sarla asks family if they spoke to Dharam as his phone is not reachable. They sand silently. She asks what happened, why they are silent. Deep informs that Dharam is no more. Sarla freezes in shock. Anand cries shouting mota bhai…

Mandira gets her goon’s call and laughs Dharam is dead, adharm won. Preeti also laughs with her. Mandira says now Prem wil sit on Dharam’s seat and will get out his father Bhairav Singh. Preeti says Prem loves Dharam so much, why will he free Bhairav Singh. Mandira asks to wait and watch. Prem angrily gets into car and drives rashly. Tejaswini pleads to drive home. He drives to Mandira’s house.

Deep informs Anand that Dharam’s body is taken for postmortem and will return home soon. Anand says police told Tejaswini and Prem were at the spot, why did not they reach home or hospital. Preeti enters acting and says once Arjun called her, she rushed home. She asks Arjun to come aside. He says not now. She says it is important. She brainwashes Arjun that Prem killed Dharam and says he met with Mandira and planned to destroy Dharam’sbusiness and family and rest of incidents. Arjun says prem loves Dharam more than his life, he will not believe this. Preeti says Mandira is out of jail, this is not coincidence. Anand enters and hears them. Preeti thinks her plan is working, if he is trapped in her words or not. Arjun says Preeti is worried about family. Preeti thinks if she told a lot and if Anand will beat her with slippers. Anand says if Preeti is wrong, then Prem should have been with family, where is he.

Prem reaches Mandira’s farm house. Tejaswini asks why did he come here. Prem picks gun and says eh cannot see pappa defeated, today 2 dead bodies will go from Rajpipla.

Precap: Prem tells family that Mandira and Preeti are behind pappa’s murder and asks inspector to arrest her. Arjun warns to be in his limits. Prem asks till when he will believe Preeti’s lies. Anand says they made a mistake believing Prem.

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  1. I have to see DSR’s body before I comment…

  2. My heart sinks when i saw DSR’s car’s blast though my gut feeling says he is alive.He can’t die …he is d pillar of d show…so strong character.Can feel d pain when we saw Prem’s eyes.Again they started their stupidity by showing Preeti influencing Anand too.

  3. I do not think he is dead seen Mehek? Yeah!!! all these series are heading in one direction we are getting tired of this crap day in an day out change this revenge and reincarnation stuff and give us something so sweet that some of us may get diabetes

  4. Anyone watching yeh un dino ki baat hai on sony…Really that’s an oxygen show.

  5. I think DSR is alive, of course they showed us he was in the car but was it THE same car?? They just gotta show us this to dramatize and hype up the story. He’s the only one who knows the whole truth and nothing but the truth so this means he isn’t dead but will come back to kick some ass…especially Preeti and then mandira, in that order…..but my dear friends, I have to admit that it looks pretty convincing that he’s really dead huh????…he’s so much like a teddy bear and so wonderful as a family man that I really hope this positive character isn’t killed off at all but will come back when the time is right. I’m wondering whether this actor wanted to leave the serial so then that is why this happened according to the script and maybe another actor might take his place…this is just thinking out loud OK…and conspiracy theory. So, if writers want to kill off this serial then keep DSR dead for good because without him, part of this serial’s charm is gone.. Today Preeti is her usual self, obnoxious, unbearable, barely tolerable, like a moron, asinine and ugly all in one….seriously, does anyone of you on this forum think that she deserves a chance to be still living in that family when she’s caught all because she married and marriage is holy?? As always, that’s the excuse to redeem the character, but if I was the writer, I would find a place to put Preeti in the end and I’m inclined to believe I’d still pardon mandira as she’s miffed about her husband in jail but Preeti married into the family through pretence, had her agenda, and instead of upholding the family prestige and honor, sought to create differences between all members of that close knit family and even is an accomplice to intentional murder of the head of the household, so she doesn’t need pardoning….even if DSR isn’t dead, I’d still put Preeti away, she’s bad to the bone…

  6. Lets hope that DSR planned his escape to catch Preeti and Mandira redhanded. Its very hard for Prem and Tejaswini to put up with the lies of Preeti and the rest of the family distrusting them. I would be very disappointed if DSR isn’t alive. We need him there to support and fight alongside Prem and Tejaswini to expose Preeti and Mandira

  7. Naz, Rasik Dave is a prominent actor, had he quit the show, it would have been in news, that’s my logical thinking. So I hope he is there and besides exposing Mandira PR he probably wants to test his own family’s integrity in his absence, which is on a rocky terrain off late. So Now it’s Anand’s turn of character assassination, can’t believe my eyes when he started believing Preeti’s bakwaas and mistrusting Prem, that too about Prem’s bond with his dad, I mean , seriously ???? Is the foundation of their family bond , love , trust so weak that someone like that OTT vamp can spoil it just like that ??? Let’s remember here ,that even Anand Prem”s relationship has been shown as rock solid since the beginning, so how come this sudden deterioration ? I think the writers have gone nuts, spoiling everything so fast that have been created carefully and lovingly over a period of time, such morons ! May be for them later on they will make the entire family apologize to Prem and DSR giving the excuse of misunderstanding and everything will be shown as hunky dory again, maybe the writers and makers are part of such hypocrite families, but I strongly reprimand this as most of us do not belong to or come from such kind of families, don’t you dare to project it as a ‘family’ after such derogatory soiree of selfishness, mistrust, greed and fake emotions ! Nothing more to comment on this show, everything is spoiled here, leaving only a bad taste in the mouth

    1. Thanks Arushi for the reassurance that DSR isn’t going anywhere and I totally agree with your comment that DSR is testing his family’s resilience, he knows that he won’t be there forever so you are right, this is the time for Prem to stand up like a man and protect this family’s honor and integrity. Since he knows Preeti’s true nature,I also don’t think he’s naive at his age to not put up precautionary measures to safeguard his life, after all he’s gotta come back to handle Preeti and Mandira. You know what’s going to be hard,if we were to really see DSR face lying under the white sheet, that’s going to be real hard. If they said his face is burnt beyond recognition,then we can breathe a sigh of relief because there’ll be room for his return. Like you, I was shocked as hell to see Anand falling for Preeti’s lies and tears, however..did you notice how hard he was watching Preeti?? I was also even more shocked to see the precap where Anand turn viciously on Prem to accuse him of plotting in order to help his biological parents. He’s known Prem since he was a child and they were pretty close, I admired that a lot, you remember since the beginning how much he’d hide Prem’s misdeeds and cover for him and now he distrust him so quickly because the witch says otherwise?? Na!!!! That’s really unbelievable and I hope also that Anand is behaving like this to get to the bottom of this horrid turn of events. Original writers built this family unit very strongly and I’d hate to think that a new crop of them would pull this family apart for the sake of one crummy villain… Sarla’s composure is spot on…she traumatized and looks that way. I hope that this family don’t disintegrate like Preeti and Mandira hopes to happen, and justice is upheld…

  8. I hope DSR makes a comeback and puts an end to Preeti’s diabolic intentions. Its irritating to watch Prem always in the dock and Teja running after evidence while Preeti gloats. There seems no end in sight for the love the writer and director of the show has for Preeti character. Who the hell is she for her to be given so much prominence? I wish there was some way to reach the creative team and convey how much damage she is causing to the show with her repulsive acting.

  9. Friends ,I have n’t understood why ,Preeti ‘s parents and Sharda,fully aware of Preeti’s true colors ,chose not to tell their daughter’s truth to Arjun and other family members.O.k ,Prem and Teja were in the office that time but surely they could have informed later on .They are the only ones who know Preeti and Mandira’s conspiracy to ruin Dharamsingh ‘s family beside Dharamsingh who is sadly no more now ,for the time being.if at this juncture Prem and Teja say anything against Preeti,no one will believe them ,But if Mamaji himself tells his daughter’s heinous acts and who is the mastermind behind all this,it is ver easy to make out who could have planned that car blast.But will Mamaji stand up to our expectations and have the courage and integrity to go against his daughter?
    Coming to Dharamsingh ‘s demise,there is no doubt that without him ,the serial is almost finished.There might be a chance of him being alive since there is no news that his contract with the production house is over.But the car blast happened and it was a moving car with someone inside.Dharamsingh being a very pious soul,could he have planned the death of some third person ,to sort out his family problems ?Or had he escaped but Prem and Teja were right behind his car only.And being right behind the car ,why didn’t they go when the police were removing the body,that looks very odd to me .Does it mean Prem and Teja are a part of Dharamsingh ‘s plan to expose Preeti and Mandira.Let us hope so.

  10. I think this is all a plan by Teja, Prem and Dharam to expose Preeti and Mandira and I think Anand is a part of it. I do not believe that Dharam is dead. I can stomach watching Mandira but Preeti, I don’t know why the writers are torturing me, I wish they would get rid of her fast.

  11. Dear friends, well in hindi soap land anything might happen so Daharam sing Rathod can be dead or alive even if his contract I mean the real actor ,is not over with the production company .they can bring him back as alive ,as a look alike ,as a spirit or as memories of him . I wish him to be alive and trying to expose the evil Mandira and pale preeti

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