Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem continues breaking things at Sharda’s room. Tejaswini reaches there and stops him. He requests Sharda to come along and tell his pappa that he did not call her or show her mobile. She shows number. He says it is not his number. She says it is landline number. He shouts he did not call her. She says he and his whole family are liers. HE angrily shouts they are not and tries breaks things again. Anand reaches there and tries to stop him. Prem continues panicking Anand drags him out. Tejaswini says he should be happy that she is leaving Rajpipila forever.

Anand scolds Prem that he failed mota bhai/Dharam today by misbehaving with Tejaswini’s mother and breaking things there. Prem shouts he did not call her. Anand says Dharam would have died seeing his misbehavior.

Prem shouts again. Anand says he is shouting at his uncle now and says if he does not spare Tejaswini and continue his misbehavior, whole family will disown him.

Sharda nurses Tejaswini’s injury without speaking to her. Tejaswini pleads to speak to her and says she did not do any mistake. Sharda says whatever it is she is going home with her. Tejaswini says studying MBA was her wish and she had promised papa that she will become something in life, she cannot leave studies in between like this Shardha says she will not fall for her emotional drama and asks to pack her bags. Tejaswini says truth is something else and she should reveal it. Sharda reminisces Dharam murdering her husband and thinks she should not tell Tejaswini though. Tejaswini inists. Sharda asks to pack her bags. Tejaswini says bags are in Dharam’s house and says she will bring bags, but will not come along until she tells truth. He leaves.

Prem reminisces Tejaswini’s mother’s words and Anand’s words and fumes angrily. He reminisces his whole family fond of Tejaswini and shouts Tejaswini… Tejaswini… Tejaswini…. He angrily starts his jeep and speeds it Tejaswini walks on road towards Dharam’s house. Prem applies brakes just an inch away from her. Tejaswini shouts only he can misbehave like this in whole Rajpipla. Prem angrily tries to crush her under his jeep. She escapes and runs. He continues following her. She falls down. He tries to run over her, but she gets up and escapes and stands again.

Precap: Tomorrow maha episode’s prmot is shown. Adhivasis capture Tejaswini and Prem and announce they will sacrifice them both. Prem asks to spare him and kill Tejaswini. Tejaswini pleads for help.

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  1. My God ,Naz,,,What an extraordinary episode,ofcourse,nothing positive,Infact everything negative , , Tejaswani’s mother,without revealing thetruth asking her daughter to leave Rajpipla,without considering the repercussions and Prem,absolutely hot headed and out of control,becoming violent with Tejaswani’s mother and she in turn saying all sorts of unkind things not only about his father but the entire family.But the strange thing is all the three,to certain extent are justified in doing so.Seeing her daughter touching the Don’s feet in reverence,Sarala must have got the shock of hier life .Coming to Prem,.no hot tempered male could have tolerated the insults to his father ,no doubt his behaviour was very rough but Teja’s mother should n’t have exceeded the limits,
    Needless to say ,everyone behaved very badly in this episode.,the top marks again go to
    Prem for trying to run over Tejaswani.At the same time I felt sorry for Prem,,..he looked so lonely and miserable.,nobody ready to believe him,Friend, I keep forgetting this actor’s name but flawless action.

  2. Lakshmi, this episode looks like chaos. I could understand Prem standing up for his father’s honor at all times but knowing that Dharam doesn’t believe him, it’s a bitter pill to swallow! The ball is rolling now and it’s out of control , I don’t know who to feel sorry for… So much misunderstanding amongst Prem, Dharam, Teja and her mother and with the absence of sensible dialogue, I don’t see how this issue is going to be resolved. No one would be thinking coherently now…. I also forgot the names of the actors, maybe because they are newbies on the block…. I still have to see episode tonight so I’ll give you my full impression later on….


    Finally some excitment is on way..
    Tejaswini should know truth and prem should control his anger and know truth too..

  4. Nice episode, May be this track will be succes to get an interest on ADDN, Waiting for maha episode.

  5. I agree with you Shraddha,it is time that the truth be known to both Prem and Tejaswani in whose eyes Dharamsingh Rathore is nothing less than a God.I would love to see their reaction when they come to know that Dharamsingh Rathore is no saint and he truly deserves his reputation as’Don’.Or it might be that Teja’s father was not as upright and sincere as his wife had been thinking of him and that the Don had a valid reason to shoot him like that publicly,Whatever be the reason,there is no doubt that there is a lot to be revealed about the Don and he is definitely not what he seems to be.But I am disappointied that so far there has been nothing to suggest any attraction between Prem and Teja leave alone ‘Dewangi’ ,in view of this constant conflict between the leads,I wonder if this storyline really deserves the title ,’ADDN’.

  6. Please do update 8 July’s ep

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