Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anand warns Arjun to tell police that Preeti forcefully married him and if he speaks against family, he will have to face him. He says family is important than this new girl. Arjun nods okay and walks out. Inspector asks him if Preeti married him forcefully. Preeti sheds crocodile tears and hopes Arjun speaks in her favor, else she cannot succeed in her plan. Tejaswini hopes Arjun will speak in family’s favor. Arjun tells inspector that he married Preeti with his wish. Family is shocked hearing that. He further says that his family is not accepting Preeti, but he wants to stay in his family house with Preti, he loves Preeti a lot. Hitesh mama gets happy hearing that. Prem angrily slaps Arjun and asks if he does not love his family and slaps again. He continues that

Arjun got whatever he asked and continues beating. Preeti acts and requests inspector that Prem is beating her husband without fear inspector, what he will do behind inspector. Tejaswini stops Prem and says this is not a way to solve problem. Prem pushes Tejaswini. Anand warns Prem to stop, else he will punish him.

Hitesh asks inspector to arrest whole Rathod family for depriving Preeti of her rights and arrest their head Dharam Singh first. Anand warns to shut his mouth. Prem warns Hitesh not to take his pappa’s name, else he will kill him and tells inspector that he hit Arjun, so he should be arrested. Inspector asks to let new couple live in peace. Arjun says he will never let them in Rathod house. Inspector says then he has to arrest him. Prem shows hands to arrest. Sarla pleads not to arrest her son. Anand says he will bail out Prem in 1 hour. Inspector drags Prem into van. Tejaswini pleads Prem to not go. Prem says she will succeed in her plan with her sister, but he will fail her plan. Police takes him away.

Mamaji asks Sarla and others to let Preeti and Arjun in, it is good for them all. Arjun and Preeti touch his feet and walk inside house. Sunaina yells at Tejaswini that she can file complaint against them, they gave her so much love, but she betrayed them, now she and her sister are owners of this house and they are guests here. She curses Tejaswini and walks in with Priyal and others. Tejaswini prays Ambemaa to help her solve this problem.

Inspector takes Prem to police station and sends him in lockup. Mandira bua calls inspector and asks if work is done. Inspector says yes, with her blessings, he could arrest Dharam’s son, else it was impossible. She orders to torture Prem. Inspector says Prem is sitting silently, how will he torture Prem. Bua asks to badmouth about Dharam, Prem will confront him, then he with his team can torture Prem. Prem’s injuries will give pain to Dharam and Dahram’s tears will give her peace.

Arjun gets juice for Preeti. Preeti says he takes care of her so much. He holds her hand. She feels angry, gets Bua’s call and goes aside. Bua says she fulfilled her promise, now it is her turn. Preeti thinks when she steps in, everything destroys. Arjun says let us go to room. Preeti thinks he is so eager for romance, acts emotional and says family has not accepted their relationship yet, so they should wait until they accept them. Arjun thinks he is so lucky to get Preeti as wife.

Inspector starts provoking Prem and badmouths about Dharam. Preeti walks to Tejaswini and says her husband loves her so much, but jijaji is in jail and police must be torturing him. Tejaswini worriedly rushes towards police station. At police station, Prem reacts to inspector’s provoking and inspector tortures Prem. Tejaswini reaches police station and is shocked to see Prem on floor subconscious and injured. Anand and Deep reach with commissioner and seeing Prem injured warn inspector. Inspector says Prem misbehaved with them, so he had to beat Prem. Anand says Prem is Dharam’s son and he made many inspector like him. Commissioner asks Anand to relax, Prem should not have hit policeman and orders inspector to free Prem. Anand and Deep get Prem into jeep and bring him home. Tejaswini also comes along. Sarla gets worried seeing Prem’s condition. Anand asks her to speak slowly, else Dharam will hear her.

Tejaswini prays Ambemaa to protect her family and blames herself for their condition. Preeti comes and yells that Tejaswini snatched her love and did a big mistake, Dharam’s family insulted her papa in front of everyone, so she will punish them and destroy their dignity in front of whole world. Tejaswini angrily looks at her. Preeti laughs that she is still proud of herself even in this condition. Tejaswini gives her a tight slap.

Precap: Tejaswii confronts Preeti she will destory whoever tries to harm her family. She tells Prem and family that she is leaving their house forever.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Can we move on from the “everyone hates Tejaswinni” and get on with things please.

  2. Positive spoiler alerts of Prem realising Teja’s genuiity this time and repenting for hurting her. Prem Teja joining hands against Preeti :)))

    Hope the alert is true.

  3. Cathy

    Oh Aditi…i hope that’s true.

  4. Hello Naz ,Yesterday I didn’t even feel like commenting , the scenario was so depressive that words simply failed me.Why the writers have to be so unkind to this young couple , particularly to Prem ,who ,just a few days back ,had a thousand lovely dreams in his eyes when he got married to the one and only love of his life ,Tejaswani.All those dreams are dashed and now there is a hopeless look in his eyes which is really heart wrenching.This couple once again reminds me of Raja and Rani,Ofcourse Rani was nearly perfect in everything except for that one and only blunder during Iqbal’s track.But unlike Teja’s parents Rani’s parents were very pious .And I wonder where is Sharda now,she ,who is solely responsible for this turmoil in her daughter’s life ,seems to be conspicuous by her absence.Ofcourse ,She ,along his brother’s family , must be relaxing in that beautiful house bought and gifted by Prem …..what a shameless family this is! Nowadays ,we see Mamaji always fuming about his lost self respect but doesn’t mind staying in the house gifted by Prem.And the way he talked about Dharamsingh today ,I felt like slapping him straightaway ,And Preeti…….Nothing new to add ….like father like daughter.
    I am happy that Teja is coming back to her original Teja the Don form I really enjoyed that tight slap to Preeti ,the witch but disappointed that she stopped with only one,should have given a flurry of sharp slaps.I am certain now that Teja’s crying phase is over and done with and Preeti’s days are numbered.Naz ,,really waiting for Prem and Teja coming together to teach their distractors a lesson and Ofcourse for some dewangi between them .The precap shows Teja offering to leave the house ,why ,any ideas?

  5. me too and i hope they do not die before consumating their marriage saw what happen in WAS?


    This show is now less of deewangi and more about revenge.. and I now doubt that may be prem is bua’s son instead of dharam ??????..
    Teju’s character used to be so strong but now she is the most weekest person..

    1. Hey… That’s something to think about. You know writers always bring in lost family members and wayward relatives? So you never know…Prem could turn out to be Bua’s son… I hope not though but good thought..??

  7. I agree with u Laxmi about shameless mamaji & his family.Preeti is claiming that she loves Prem what kind of love is this where she try to hurt Prem .She even told Teju to save Prem or else inspector’ll kill Prem….thank god cv’s have realised Preeti’s track is getting irritating …& now according to new track Prem realises Teju is genuinly loves her so he felt guilty & accept her …now they both will fight against Preeti & bua…

  8. Nimisha,as long as Prem and Teja are together ,we need n’t worry about Preeti and Mandira bua and even Preeti’s crooked father.So far,Preeti has taken advantage of Prem’s anger towards Tejaswani to become a strong negative character.The moment Prem realises that Teja’s repentance is genuine ,Preeti’s evil games will be over and according to the spoilers ,that day is n’t far away.Ofcourse ,after the exit of Preeti and Mandira bua,we will definitely see the much awaited Dewangi between this couple before some new antagonist (may be Mamaji or even Sharda herself) with a new plan makes an entry and creates another turbulence.As the serial is only in its 102 nd episode ,it is but natural that the writers create many such negative characters to prolong the serial to maximum no.of episodes possible.So it is obvious that this young couple will face many ups and downs before the curtains finally fall on their story.It will be of interest to see whether the writers will allow their marriage to be consummated and give this couple a blissful married life or follow the footsteps of the writers of ETRETR and drag it to the very end.Whatever it is ,like Jayashree ,I sincerely hope that Prem and Teja’s love story does not end on the same sad note as Raaj and Rani’s.

  9. Lakshmi, what kind of wife is Teja when she could stand so calmly when her sister tells her she loves her husband ?? Teja supposed to give her a slap so hard, her head goes either clockwise or anticlockwise or 360 degree turn… Listen… I don’t mind DSR being a partial Don, you know! He always is fair in his judgements, that’s what I like about him. Mamaji surprises me, he looks like a mouse, used to act like a mouse but he’s playing cat now?? What a shameless uncle he turned out to be. Lakshmi, in real life, it’s really the ones closest to us who hurts us the most and in this case mandira bua. How treacherous our own family members turn out at times. I so hopefully waiting for some masala and spice from our couple here. Have you noticed how incredibly handsome Prem is looking these days?? ????..gosh, he’s maturing so grandly. Anyway…as usual, I feel like shooting Preeti, I absolutely hate that smug look on her face and I noticed that no one else sees it but us and Teja, where are the other eyes in the room??… Now, if you weren’t up to date with WAS…you are in for a shock!! Check it out!! That serial is bringing out the worst from me but I’m going to use the serial from now on, as a stress reliever. I’m going to look at it now from another perspective and laugh till I could cry!!! ????


  11. OMG, Its been a terrible week, am now getting a chance to play catch up. I was thinking that a while back when the possibility of Arjun and Preeti might get together was being discussed no one anticipated it would be under these circumstances. Preeti is so disgusting. I can’t wait til Arjun sees her true face and deals with her accordingly. I truly hope the spoiler are true and Prem and Teja do get back together and unlike most serial consummate their marriage and are blissfully happy so that Preeti will know what its like to die everyday watching them. I am also looking forward to Darham shedding a little of his goodness and reminding everyone why he was a successful Don by dealing with his sister. Without subtitles I really cant tell but does anyone know if the spoilers indicate what brought on Prem’s change of heart?

  12. Love DSR, please don’t spoil his character, as Arjun. I am still heartbroken for Arjun’s fall from grace, how pathetic. He had a mischievous and mysterious character which I used to find quite interesting, now just look at him, unrepairable damage done to his character. For those who are questioning Dharam Singh’s reputation as Don, by now I am sure he is Robinhood kind of Don and that’s why wrongdoers are scared of him, he supports and bring justice to oppressed people, I wish his character remains this way, dignified, respectable, scrupulous and no nonsense. In many ways Prem is his father’s replica, only difference is his anger management issue and too much simplicity, but then that’s his charm, let him retain that. Eagerly looking forward to this week’s episodes because it will bring the togetherness and end of misunderstanding of my beloved Prejaswini

  13. My god ,Naz,what is going on in WAS,,I think the writers have really gone mad .We thought that the writers of ETRETR were the only ones who could think of these perversions but I can see that these guys are no way less,.Instead of killing Nisha,they have done away with Aadi and Jhanvi…… I think nowadays,the writers of small screen serials seem to be adopting either of the two options to prolong the serial ……with every new track ,bringing in new villains and causing fresh problems to the leads or eliminating the leads themselves and to start everything from the scratch again.Ofcourse,in doing so ,the makers completely neglect the viewers’ emotions who find it impossible to get over the previous storyline and its characters and come to terms with the reincarnation drama which ,as we saw in ETRETR ,can never recreate the old magic. Naz,we know that these guys can not be changed overnight ,so it is better to tret it as a comedy and have a hearty laugh…..

    1. Thank goodness you saw what’s happened there. The comments speak for themselves. So from now on we all will be taking laughter pills, no more stress taking.. So correct you are, no matter if original characters are used in rebirth plots, it’s the essence of a jodis who grew into our hearts, which seems irreplaceable….the magic becomes lost. Raja and Rani will always live in my heart I’m sure…

      1. In my heart also .I Can’t forget Raja Rani & their magic.Badly missing them

  14. prem and teja looks so beatiful…..hope prem wil know reality and make teja happy

  15. Naz, l am just trying to analyse Teja’s feelings for Prem.As you said her reaction was n’t as expected when Preeti was yapping like a gone case.Any normal wife who loves her husband would n’t have tolerated Preeti’s possessiveness about Prem.Do you think that Teja is just guilty for what she has done to Prem and his family and still not sure of her feelings for him?Ofcourse in the previous episode ,when Teja sees Prem trying to give some excuse to avoid food ,she says to herself that how can Prem expect her to not love such a husband who prefers to go hungry till she breake her fast.In the next scene itself all the hell breaks loose when Preeti comes home as Arjun’s wife and starts taunting Teja.Certainly ,Teja gives a slap but not in response to Preeti eyeing her husband but to her challenge that she will ruin the complete family.I think Prem is frustrated and angry with Teja because of this fact that even after realising her fault she has never admitted to Prem that she loves him,Ofcourse Prem himself has never spoken to her decently after the marriage but I feel that her guilt is stronger than her love for him,the reason why her real emotions are n’t coming out.Hope in the upcoming episodes ,atleast this misunderstanding between them gets cleared.
    Naz ,even I noticed that the brattish Prem is gone and nowadays we see a mature and a more handsome Prem who is really taking our breath away,Still for me Raja and Rani come first ,no one ,not even Prem and Teja can take their place.As you said ,they will live in our hearts for ever.It has been three month since the show was concluded ,still their sweet memories bring tears to our eyes,What a perfect love story!
    Even I don’t mind Dharamsingh donning his don’s colors to sort out the evil characters Preeti and Mandira and to some extent a mouse turned cat ,Mamaji because some people are so shameless they don’t understand decent language .Otherwise also,Dharamramsingh won’t keep quiet if anyone harms Prem,The moment he comes to know that Mandira ,Preeti and Mamaji were instrumental in Prem’s arrest and his subsequent torture in custody…… Well ,I still remember the way he brandished swords in full public eye and I would love to see him doing the same with Preeti and Mandira.

  16. Sorry for ty.po errors

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