Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Mandira Fixes Bomb in Dharam’s Car

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 6th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem tells Tejaswini that he will deliver diamonds this time and Mandira and Preeti’s goons cannot steal diamonds then. Preeti hears on microphone. Prem then murmurs in Tejaswini’s ears once goons attack him, she can come with police and catch them red-handed. Preeti thinks why there is so much silence. She calls Mandira and informs about Prem going to deliver diamonds and asks to send her goons and steal diamonds again, then she can help Prem get back her son to her forever. Her mom hears that and informs Hiten mamaji and Sharda that Prem is Mandira’s son and Preeti wants to take revenge from him and his family. Mamaji apologizes Sharda and says they have to stop Preeti. They go to Tejaswini’s room. Preeti fixes microphone again. Mamaji tells Tejaswini that Preeti

with Mandira wants to steal diamonds again and destroy Prem and his family. Tejaswini says they are mistaken, let us go from here and talk. Mamaji says Preeti has fixed microphone in her phone and shows it. Preeti panics hearing their conversation and thinks papa will not spare her. She picks her purse and runs to Mandira’s home.

Dharam stops Prem midway and says he will deliver diamonds. Prem says he wants to prove his innocence with this delivery. Dharam asks to just do as he says and taking diamonds hugs him and says he will always be his son, asks him gather whole family and even his in-laws till he returns. He then leaves in car and asks lawyer if he made will. Lawyer gives will and ask why he is making will suddenly. Dharam says anything can happen during these times, so he wants to be extra careful.

Mandira returns home after getting bail from jail. Her puppets feed her sweets. Preeti enters panicking and tells what happened. Mandira asks her to relax and says she met Dharam before coming home and goes into flashback where she challenges Dharam that he took away her husband and now son, so she will destroy his family via her son. Dharam warns he will never let Prem do anything wrong and challenges that she provoked old Dharam and now he will see how she will harm his family. Mandira informs that Preeti is her puppet and she is the one who is harming his family on her behalf. Dharam challenges her again and leaves. Out of flashback, Preeti panics asking why did she reveal whole secret to Dharam. Mandira asks to wait and watch.

Prem returns home. Mamaji apologizes him and Tejaswini for spoiling their plan. Prem says that is okay as Dharam met him and himself went to deliver diamonds. Mandira asks Preeti to call Tejaswini and challenge her. Preeti calls Tejaswin and boasts that Mandira already met Dharam and challenged him, now let us see if truth or lie will win. Tejaswini stands confused. Mamaji says Preeti is again up to something.

Precap: Preeti challenges Tejaswini they will see if dharm or adharm will win. Tejaswin informs Prem and they both rush behind Dharam’s car. Dharam’s car blasts. Inspector arrest Prem on Dharam’s murder charges. Tejaswini challenges she will prove Prem innocent.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Challenges, challenges, challenges… Don’t these people have anything else to do

  2. This is too much…DSR ko kyu maar diya..

  3. Dd you guys noticed that pranav jyoti are behaving like strangers in off screen also.even they don’t likes instagram pics of each other these days and also in the recent sbs they are not there any problem going on between the leads?Even they never post a picture together.

  4. Tina ,everything seems to be going wrong with this serial.there is no positive ness anywhere.As if the existing problems are not enough ,the writers are eliminating Dharamsingh (the only strong character after Prem and Teja) and the blame comes on Prem. I really pity these writers for their negative mind sets.I feel that they are a bunch of cynics who,for the sake of some cheap twists ,can go to the extent of compromising with the happiness of not only the young leads but the viewers’ sentiments as well. Instead of adopting damage control measures to improve the fast deteriorating situation,they are
    taking the story further down the hill.What is wrong with their nuts ?Can’t they see why ,many of us even after deciding not to watch this serial ,still care to read the updates and comment on the forum? Because still we have expectations that our wise writers will use their mighty pens,write a miracle and give us back our lovely couple and put an end ,atleast for the time being ,to Preeti and Mandira.But all the hopes have faded away after watching the precap.They can never ever create favourable situations for good people and let them live in peace.
    Naz ,though it is foolish to expect anything positive from these guys,let us hope that our comments (and the low TRPS)will put some sense in their heads.

    1. Lakshmi,did you see the finale of Saregamapa…?? Did you agree with the results? I did!!! I had all my money on Shreyan from very early on, he’s going to reach far as a singer, I just know it!! Well, the episode before the finale made me cry into my paper towels. I haven’t seen an emotional episode like that ever, since I started watching this competition. I cried and cried and my nose was all stuffed up…I did imagine how they all would feel after it’s over and it’s going to be nostalgic because they all spent 10 mths together, that’s a helluva lot of time Lakshmi. I always say.. that if one moment of your life is spent with someone,it creates a memory so spending almost a year was more than enough to consider the whole cast as family. I haven’t see a more closer bonding on this platform as sarega… this year. I cried for everyone,they also became family to me as well….why do I feel sad too?? One more thing…in the zee rishtey awards show,did you notice that when Teja won best debut female with Pihu, her TV saas Sarla, was emotional and was crying with joy? I think this actress is a genuine person and it was there for all who noticed, she was genuinely happy for Jyoti ….how unusual. …but wonderful.

    2. Ohhhhh….. Anjali was equally impressive as well, she does difficult songs so her placement was justified as well, never mind she came on so late but she proved herself well…you might not agree but that’s ok…..

  5. I agree Tina, it’s quite conspicuous these days , especially in their off screen segments, particularly from Pranav’s side. He never looks directly towards Jyoti , not even a fleeting glance, I find that so very odd, he appears extremely self conscious , very ill at ease. A person who used to be so eloquent spontaneous and well spoken now is a pale shadow of himself, as if he is measuring every word before speaking, it appears tutored and fake.Though I won’t say the same about Jyoti, she appears more or less normal to me. Such a sorry state for Pranav, shadi ka barey meh jhooth bolke phaans gaya bechara , I pity him , hope he takes the lesson from this incident and moves forward in life with positivity. At whatever level we are in life, whatever we wish to achieve in life, we should never compromise on our basic virtues and values, nothing is worth that much. Hope he understands that fooling people who trust you and unconditionally love you , is not a mere game, it is a grave mistake and he may have to bear deep consequences for that. As I apprehended, his performance as well as Prejaswini chemistry has gone down because of the mess he has created. Let God give him better sense and he comes out of this crisis soon.

  6. I have noticed that too Tina.Their off screen matters affect their on screen chemistry.Good to see Preeti’s mother watch her daughter’s real face & reveals d same to her husband.Like d way mamaji deal with it ……like immediately informing Teju about it.I am a huge fan of Rasik dave…he is playing very strong father’s character..

  7. Lakshmi ,Arshi ,Nimisha i agree with you all.after prana’s marital status revelation the off screen and on-screen both chemistry has changed between the leads.but i dont understand how can it affect actors if he is married or not.even in other *kt*’s serial kundali bhagya and kumkum bhagya leads maintain awesome off screen chemistry …Male leads are married for those serials also.but it’s clear they are must having some personal problem.

  8. Lakshmi, Arushi, Nimisha and Tina….you all are so correct in your observation concerning Pranav’s performance these days, something is amiss with him and I’m sad that he may be going through some personal turmoil in his life which we aren’t privy to but it’s affecting his jovial and endearing performance on his job. I sincerely hope it’s not a wife’s insecurities causing this because Pranav is very talented. When he’s doing emotional scenes,he’s damn convincing and yesterday when he was speaking to DSR, I could see and feel that in real, something is bothering him, he wish he could tell this TV dad of his that he has a problem….I know my intuition is right. I teared up when he asked DSR if he doesn’t trust him…for me, that translates to a real life trust problem and it was so evident to me. I know you all may think I’m too analytical or going off my rockers but I stick by my thoughts. Jyoti on the other hand is doing her scenes as she ought to. Friends, do you all think that spousal jealousy is playing off here? I shudder to think this because Pranav is a promising actor and he can reach the sky if he works towards it. So I endorse all of your pointers….

  9. I have to say kudos to Preeti’s parents for accepting that their daughter is evil and Teja was right all along… usually we see parents sweeping their children’s misdeeds under the carpet and allowing crimes to perpetuate as in in WAS with Nisha’s parents and now in Mehak with Archie’s father, but Preeti’s mom after hearing her daughter’s conversation, informed the family what Preeti is up too….good job writers, for this positivity. As for Preeti, this episode shows that she’s certainly bonkers and a drama queen, maybe she’s impressing someone out of camera range, that’s why she so overly “show off” in her scenes. I know that body language and it’s real. Anyway…DSR is a dad anyone would want for themselves….I love him as a dad….but I certainly and seriously hope he doesn’t die in next episode. He’s the upholder of his family and society’s welfare and one of the positive characters in this serial. I was hoping that this biological matter was a pretence but hearing DSR talking to Mandira bua, it laid that wishful thinking to rest….sigh!! On another note, when this serial was advertised months ago, I had such high hopes for romance because all the bones in me are romantic and it was touted as a deewangee story so I didn’t mind being saturated with romance but now it’s turning out to be disappointing and to make matters worse, naseauting, lunatic, frivolous but yet devious Preeti is hogging the story for quite a while now. This wasn’t advertised as a thriller or revenge story so why is she being placed so high in it’s content? I hate what’s happening here….I feel like lambasting the writers. …..

  10. Agree the camaraderie between Pranav and Jyoti has undergone a sea change. If its due to a possessive spouse who does’nt like him getting too friendly with his female colleagues then he seriously needs to make up his mind whether he wants to be an actor or please his wife. Not fair to the viewers to watch an actor holding back awkwardly in romantic scenes fearing his partner.

  11. Naz, now you are getting into my zone , like before the show kills us , let’s kill the writers ☺☺☺☺ but on a sad note, I do feel extremely bad for Pranav, as you said he is such a talented performer, very organic, very devoted, even in a run of the mill kind of hindi tv soap he stood apart so distinctly on the strength of his performance, that’s extraordinary achievement. And he appears to be genuinely sweet.Now if he has to let all this slip away that would be so awful, for him and for his fans as well. I pray whatever problem he is currently facing that gets resolved and may peace restore in his life. I sincerely wish whoever his life partner is wholeheartedly supports him in restoring peace in his life, that’s what true partnerships are meant for. Don’t want to take the name of that OTT PR at all, Naz you are bang on in suggesting she is playing for someone beyond camera, that crossed my mind too. And the cast of show especially Jyoti gives too much importance to her off screen, as if its mandatory to please the OTT queen and be in her good book for sustaining in the show, completely hate it. Not worried about DSR, I am sure he won’t die, it’s just for creating drama they have created this track

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