Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem turns after fighting with Tejaswini and is shocked to see Dharam. He says he did not inform Tejaswiini’s mother. Dharam says till when he will tell lies, he heard everything. Sarla comes. Dharam says he was expecting truth from Prem. He continues that his sins have returned as Prem. He was expecting too much from Prem. He asks Prem what did Tejaswini do, she just wants to study here and fulfill her mom’s dreams. Why Prem thinks she will take his place. He asks Prem to not come in front of him again and walks in with Sarla. Prem sadly sits on stairs. Arjun smirks seeing all this.

Tejaswini runs behind her mother and tries to stop her. Sharda says she always considered her happiness as Tejaswini’s happiness and sacrificed her life for her. She sent here to

study, but she is staying in Dharam Singh’s house. Tejaswini says Dharam and his wife are too good, their family is very cooperative. Sharda says she does not want to listen anything and asks her to pack her bags and come along, she will not let her study here. Mamaji also comes and Sharda scolds even him. Tejaswini says she has to get her certificates and belongings from Dharam’s house. Mamaji also backs her. Sharda lets her bring her belongings.

Tejaswini reaches Dharam’s house and sees Prem on stairs. She says he did is work perfectly and got her away from her mother. He says he did not call her mother. She says she knows he can do anything to win. She walks in. Dharam asks what did her mother say. She says she ants her to stop her studies and return home. Dharam says he studies was her mother’s dream, how can her mother stop her, he will speak to her. Tejaswini says it will be of no use, she knows her mother well and requests him not to meet her mother. She goes to pack her bags.

Sharda goes to her hotel room with Mamaji and scolds him that he pushed Tejaswini into her fahter’s murderer’s house, she would never forgive for that, how can he do that to her. He says he acted according to situation and asks what she would have done in that situation. She says she would have done what she will do now. Prem comes. Sharda asks who is this boy who is often coming in their lives. Mamaji nervously says he is Dharam Singh Rathod’s son Prem. Sharda asks him to get out. He requests her to come and tell his father that he did not call her. He says she got a call. He insists to show her phone. Mamaji asks to go at this time. Sharda days she will never meet Dharam, he is a goonda. Prem angrily breaks things and requests again to meet his papa once. She says goon’s son can only be goon. Prem angrily breaks things gain.

Tejaswini packs her bags reminiscing her mother’s words. Mamaji calls her and asks to come soon as Prem is breaking things here. She rushes out and stops autos unsuccessfully. She starts running.

Precap: Anand scolds Prem that Dharam was fearing for this day and Prem brought it on Dharam. Tejaswini says if she trusts her upbringing, then she will not take her along. Prem angrily drives jeep and applies brakes spontaneously seeing Tejaswini.

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  1. I felt bad for Prem in this episode.Agreed,he is a compulsive liar and it is difficult to believe if he decides to tell the truth once in a blue moon .Still Sarla and Dharamsingh Rathore are Prem s parents and parents can tell when their child is lying and when not.The irony is they believed him when he was openly lying and now when he is innocent and wants to explain ,they refuse to listen to him and it really hurts when it comes from your parents
    Arjun is gradually revealing his full colours and proving to be very dangerous which Prem is not yet aware of.He could have easily guessed that it was Arjun who was the culprit but by nature Prem is not crookish.The actor who is playing Tejaswani should improve her acting in emotional scenes particularly while crying.Her voice sounds very shrill at times.
    When Teja returns to Dharam’s home ,she finds a dejected Prem sitting on the steps and she says that she can not believe that Prem is Dharamsingh’s son..I think that she
    shouldn’t have indulged in this sort of indecent talk,by saying so she has insulted not only Prem but his parents also,.It is simply loose talk.

    1. I think the Heroine is suffering from cold, so she lost her voice and she is sounding a little husky

  2. Wonderful episode, I’ll comment later…..

  3. Lakshmi, I thought something was wrong with my ears. I knew Teja’s voice was sounding different than usual but I let it pass… As Shraddha has said, it could be that she had the cold, hence the reason for her husky voice… You know Lakshmi, there’s a saying that when a person lies constantly, the day they speak the truth, no one will believe and that’s exactly what is happening with Prem now. I feel sorry for Prem but he brought this upon himself and everytime Arjun instigates him, I see his smirk as the devil himself leading someone to do wrong things… I hope that Prem sees Arjun for what he really is, very soon. I think now that everything is out in the open, we should be seeing more interesting days ahead….. Now that Prem and Teja are officially hostile towards each other to the max, concerning this misunderstanding ,I can’t see how they are going to sort this thing out… Prem portrayed his emotions exceptional in this episode…..

  4. I love this serial

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