Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mamaji Supports Preeti And Files Police Complaint Against Rathod Family

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mamaji with Mamiji enters Rathod house. Anand insults him that his daughter tricked and married Arjun an reminds how he was insulted and kicked out of this house. He says his one daughter married Arjun on his another daughter Tejaswini’s plan, Tejaswini is Preeti’s gurumaa. Mamaji says he has only one daughter Preeti and he will see who will kick his daughter out of this house. Anand says he cannot dare talk here. Arjun interferes and warns Anand to behave with his sasur. Sunaina scolds Arjun that he married Preeti against family’s wish and now daring to misbehave with his uncle. Prem comes down and says his daughters married by trick, so they cannot stay here. He drags Tejaswini and Preeti out of house. He warns Tejaswini that her drama will not work now and she should

get out with her sister. Dharam seeing all this gets an attack. Prem runs and holds him followed by others. Tejaswini tries to walk in, but Sunaina and Priyal stop her.

Tejaswini asks Preeti to tell truth to her parents. Preeti says she made a single mistake of trusting Tejaswini and marrying Arjun. Tejaswini tells mamaji that Preeti is lying and asks him to take Preeti from here, she will call him with Preeti once situation stabilizes. Maami yells that she is conspiring even in this situation and wants to play her dirty game against Preeti, she should stay away from Preeti. Mamaji says he will see who will kick Preeti from her house and walks away with maami. Preeti laughs on Tejaswini that her parents and husband are on her side, but Tejaswini has no one with her, if Tejaswini had died consuming poison, she would not have to die each day, now it is her fate to die each day. She leaves. Tejaswini knocks door and asks Prem to open door as she wants to see Dharam.

Prem makes Dharam sleep on bed and gives him medicine. Dharam asks Prem to behave well with Tejaswini as she is bahu of this house. Prem asks him to rest. Tejaswini cries standing outside door. Servant informs Prem that choti malkin is standing outside. Prem opens door. Song plays in the background. Their eyes lock.

Mamaji with Preeti brings police and complains that Prem and his family are not letting his daughter in her house. Prem warns Mamaji to be in his limits and says Preeti forcefully married Arjun. Mamaji says police will decide it after interrogating Arjun. Prem warns mamaji again. Anand comes out and asks what is happening and asks police how did they come in without permission. Mamaji challenges that he is not a constable now, but police will do its duty, their goondagiri will not work. Inspector asks to call Arjun. Prem warns inspector to be in limits and get out. Inspector warns he can arrest him. Anand asks Prem to calm down and says he will call Arjun out and let him speak truth, thinks mamaji did wrong.

Precap: Inspector tortures Prem. Preeti challenges Tejaswini that she will destroy Ratod family’s happiness. Tejaswini slaps Preeti.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Arjun is such a fool. he should atleast open his mouth when police totures Prem.

    Good Tesjaswini you slap Preeti. If Preeti would have loved Prem deep from her heart then she would have protect him.

  2. This whole show is becoming very unpleasent, Preeti is so off putting, kudos to her acting though she does a good job being a nasty character for sure but i do hope they get rid of her and not have the same old bad guys doing the same thing for the next year.

  3. Thanks for the the update but.plz do try it updating it a bit earlier well done zee keep it up

  4. .I was enjoying the show until they put the short cake Preeti in the middle of a good show and it is putting me off already with the whole family not liking tesjaswini for no reason and MiS Short Cake Preeti making up stories that are not true

  5. Mamaji was behaving informal mum suddenly from where did he get so much of strength to go against DHR.Like d way Teju slap Preeti but only one slap is not enough for her…Hate preeti..

  6. Wow , seen the spoiler in SBS …Perm and they patch up, passionately. Now they will fight together against the evil spirits …Very happy and eagerly waiting for the return of love in ADDNK

    1. Eagerly waiting for that twist …Arushi

    2. Thanks Arushi, I needed to hear this news. It’s high time that writers bring couples together to fight the evil within their plots. I’m sure Prem will know that Teja was speaking the truth so he may change his mind about her and help to battle the wicked witch…and yes, we are starved for some romance and blushes…

  7. Prem teju patch up

  8. Great news,thank you Arushi,.

  9. What an episode!! Only yesterday i was thinking differently about the Mehta family but in this episode, I totally disliked them. You see how poor this part of the story was written…?? No parents react this way to seeing their daughter married without their knowledge and input. Forgot Preeti’s mom, Mamaji was very low in his behavior and understanding of his daughter’s actions but then again, it takes a very impartial parent to find the root of his child’s deeds and accept that they could have erred in their actions. What did Mamaji do?? Grow a pair of testicles…and instead of feeling shame for this marriage which he never had a clue about much less any knowledge of Arjun courting his
    daughter, was so indignant that his daughter is being treated unfairly. Mamaji was supposed to drag Preeti’s by her hair, all the way to his home and give her a sound punishment for committing such a shameful act… Instead, he opened his dull mind and showed his true colors of how affluence could change a man like him in an instance. He had the nerve to stand in DDR mansion and call the shots!!! Top of that, he brought the cops there to force the family to accept his wayward daughter. Did he not remember just recently that Preeti had tried to prevent Teja from marrying Prem and was making rounds in the mandap in the most shocking manner? How quickly do writers forget what they have written, so that they have to present to us, such fickle minded characters… I can see now, that Arjun is paying back Teja for the time she busted his lying mouth by letting Prem hear his confession firsthand, Arjun knows how to lie in order to protect Prem and now he’s doing the same thing with his wife. I’m not disappointed that Prem don’t believe Teja, she committed a major mistake through ill-informed knowledge and now is paying the ultimate price for her place in the family. Because of this experience with Teja, his actions are justified,I would think just like him in such a situation…why should he believe her now?? Mamaji and his family has earned my disdain today… What a cheap father and husband…. Ohhhhh… BTW, he had the gall to open his mouth when he doesn’t know moot about his daughter’s evilness…

  10. Very true Naz. Prem will always have artist issue with Teju , it may last lifetime, because his scar is too deep rooted. But from his eyes we can clearly make out his heart wants to trust Teja but his mind is stopping him, maybe because the memory is too fresh too raw. Poor Prem , he is fighting his own battle inside himself, his heart has to win this battle over his mind. Today’s spoilers show that clearly how he confronts Teju and apologized on his knees for not trusting her. I find all his actions totally justified. Pranav is bringing it out beautifully, kudos to him for such cerebral fine performance. Don’t wish to waste words on Preeti maana and mami, I don’t connect to such all out evil spirits, all their actions seems unjustified and unrealistic to me, negativity and antagonism could have woven in the story in much better manner, this was completely un necessary. Anyways, now all I am looking forward to iz Prejaswini togetherness. Meanwhile bracing myself to withstand Prem’s bashing in police station tonight, it will take a lot from all of us to get over it. All the best to my lovely Prejaswini

  11. typo error, I meant trust issue between Prem and Teju

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