Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Party continues at Dharam’s house. Tejawini comes down wearing beautiful dress. Priyal notices her and signals Sarla. Sarla calls her and says her daughter is looking very pretty. Tejaswini thanks her for dress and jewelry. Priyal says Tejaswini is beauty with brains. Deep says she is right. Dharam asks Tejaswini to enjoy as it is her party. She dances with Dharam’s family on Dhindhadanka…dhol baje…song.. Anand drags Prem for a dance. Tejaswini drags Dharam for dance. Everyone enjoy dance. Tejaswini’s dupatta gets stuck in Prem’s cuff. She turns angrily, but realizes it is not his mistake. Party continues. Tejaswini asks waiter to serve Prem snacks and juice often.

Tejaswini’s mother Sharda reaches Rajpipla holding sweet box and goes to hostel to

meet Tejaswini. She sees room closed and asks warden where is Tejaswini. Warden gives Dharam’s address. Sharda reaches Dharam’s home and is shocked to see Tejaswini chatting with Dharam. She reminisces Dharam killing her husband and thinks how can Tejaswini stay with her father’s murderer. Tejaswini sees maa and is shocked. Sharda runs from there. Tejaswini runs behind her.

Tejaswini stops her maa and tries to explain. Mom says someone called her and told about her distinction marks, so she came here to celebrate with her, but s is shocked to see she is not staying at hostel. Tejaswini tries to explain, but Sharda pushes her and leaves. Prem comes and says at least aunty came to know about her truth, it would have come out somehow. Tejaswini confronts him and shouts she did not think e would steep so low to win. He shouts he did not and stop her nonsense. She continue sand says he lied and won his father’s heart and told truth and broke her mother’s heart. She runs behind her mother and stops her, but mother scolds her again and leaves. Prem turns and is shocked to see Dharam listening to their whole conversation.

Precap: Shardha scolds Tejaswini that she is staying in her papa’s murderer’s house. Dharam tells Prem that he made him lose in his own eyes. Prem reaches Tejaswini’s house. Sharda says Dharam singh is a goon. Prem angrily breaks things. Mamaji calls Tejaswini to come here son as Prem came here. Tejaswini rushes home and sees Prem breaking things.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. It had to happen this way,….. Prem seeing Teja, all beautiful and dressed up, I bet he’ll go to sleep thinking of her, soon enough….but Teja’s mom had to find out what her daughter was up to all these days, after Teja has cemented herself in the Rathore family home and life. This is by design, relationships have been born here and now the real story starts… Let’s see what drama unfolds……

  2. Lakshmi, I did make my last contribution on etretr forum yesterday… Worst ending ever in a serial….. Sphere Origins should take a dubious bow…..what a sadistic set of writers….. I’m glad Raja and Rani /Chipkali will unite in heaven….but sad that they have left orphaned daughters behind.. Now I’ll be commenting here, Woh Apna Sa and Naamkaran….

    1. Hi Naz i used to watch naamkaran and Woh apna sa, but WAS is dragging dear day by day.

  3. Why is update always do short??? Thanks MA, but it’s way too short every day. Thank goodness we see actual episodes on same wavelength as written updates otherwise we who don’t understand Hindi fluently, will be left behind.. That’s why I prefer to comment after seeing episodes, because a lot of details get left out in written updates,but when Zeetv spitefully withhold current episodes, we are forced to comment in slow motion way..

  4. Thank god it’s running fast. Very excited about tomorrow.

  5. Not understood why Tejaswani is still staying in Dharamsingh Rathore’s house and how he is keeping someone else’s daughter in his house without the permission of her mother,,knowing fully well that she is doing this without her mother’s knowledge.Mr Rathore talks about values,rules and regulations, I don’t understand how this act of his is justifiable,for an emergency it is O.K but a young girl leaving hostel without telling her mother and staying in a stranger’shouse,however good the family is ,never heard of.
    Coming back to tonight’s episode ,I haven’t liked the way Tejaswani behaved with Prem without knowing the truth .She could have checked with her mother before talking to him so roughly.I feel that sometimes she talks too sharp for any man to tolerate particularly for no mistake of his.I was expecting some romantic moments between the two in this episode but
    nothing of that sort happened and there seems to be no end to their animosity.The precap
    shows that Tejaswani will come to know that Dharamsingh Rathore murdered her father,as it is she does n’t have any good opinion about Prem,after knowing the truth about Dharamsingh Rathore ,whom she respects like a father figure,what will be her state of mind?Where is the story heading to?Under these circumstances,,we can not expect Prem and Teja to be a lovey covey couple.Very disappointing.

    1. Dear Lakshmi As u said in previous comment page yes i agreed u it ADDN is dragging yaar than ETETR.

  6. Last sentence lovey-dovey….sorry for ty.po error

  7. ughh…kinda boring… now how’ll they fall in love
    soo entangled
    i was damn excited for the show but it’s turning boring day by day

  8. Yes Naz,what was that the writers of ETRETR wanted to prove by giving such a sad ending to this love story?One thing we should be thankful to them this time is that they haven’t seperated Raja and Rani.Atleast they are united in death.There are beautiful tributes to Sartaj on his Facebook ,really going to miss him.As of now I will be commenting here only .Archana was mentioning some new show on Star plus ,Let me see if that be of any interest.
    Friend ,I don’t know whether I should feel happy or sad , from today onwards my younger son will be considered as an Australian citizen,the oath taking ceremony was over this evening.Ofcourse that’s what he wants and I am very happy for him but as an Indian I feel sad also..But certain things we can not help..Have a good day friend

    1. Oh dear!! Lakshmi, now your younger son is further away from you and I’m sure that hurts. You know something, when you have a son, they leave the roost one day and you don’t often see him but when you marry your daughter off, you do gain a son. In my country,sons in law gravitate towards their wife’s family….. I understand how you are feeling Lakshmi, I’ve put myself in your shoes for a moment and I believe I know your pain. While you are happy for his citizenship, it does bring a sense of loss. Hope you are able to cope with this turn of events……thank goodness and count your blessings, that you have your husband’s shoulder to cry on.. He will be your support in times such as this.. Stay blessed ,my dear friend..

  9. Yaar koi mujhe yeh batayega ki tejaswini maa itni nautanki kis right se kar rahi hai. Matlab yeh kya pagalpan hai bhai pehle apni beti ko kabhi pura sach na batao aur phir apni galti ke liye usse pe chilao.

    Guys tum hi batao agar tejaswini i ko pata hota ki dharam singh ne hi uske papa ko mara hai toh vo usse kabhi baat bhi karti let alone uske ghar par rehna

    Tejaswini ke liye toh dharam singh acha admi hai na jisne usse utna motivate kiya hai

    Logically tejawini ko uski maa se gussa hona chahiye

  10. yaa right…..boring h yll ye serial or should I say ab ho gya h???……whatever bakwaas serial….writer bhi bs khani kheecha hi ja rha h……..boring…..boring….boring….boring. …..boring

  11. Sam Khan thoda wait kro pyr hoga teja prem m mahaepisode m dekhna tm log

  12. oh no this is really pathetic episode, how can’t be people matured while they are studying MBA, i don’t understand of prem behaviour i felt bad of precap.

    1. Prem isn’t a teenager, he a grown up young man and I dislike how he’s being portrayed as a petulant immature guy. I’m my book, he being so is a definite turnoff….I also can’t tolerate Arjun, he comes across as a loser. Have you noticed that besides Prem, Arjun and the two other musketeers, are together all the time, as if they have nothing better to do…..they need to get a life!!!?

  13. You are right Naz,they seem to have no aim in life ,don’t you think the patriarch of the family,Dharamsingh Rathore,who is the custodian of family values and discipline and for whom everyone has utmost respect ,should have taken care of this young lot who terrify not only the students but even the principal of the college also?We could see that the Principal was more scared of Prem and his brothers rather than the Don.Anyway ,I am disappointed that Prem who looked somewhat subdued in the party,is going to behave like a real goon in tonight’s episode.

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