Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Fight between Prem and Teja

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem confronts Mandira Bua that when Dharam did not agree to help her in her heinous act, she stooped low and trapped Arjun, he will fail her plan. He asks Arjun to come along as Rathod family will not accept Preeti as bahu. Arjun shouts he loves Preeti and she is his wife now. Prem says he is a kid and cannot understand Preeti’s trap. Bua’s goons point gun at Prem and Bua asks him to go home and prepare for Arjun and Preeti’s grahapravesh. Arjun angrily walks away with Tejaswini. Tejaswini asks Prem what will they say parents now. Prem fumes that if something happens to Arjun because of Preeti, he will not spare Preeti.

Dharam’s family is busy in pooja when Prem enters with Tejawini. Dharam says pooja is finished, where were they. Prem says Preeti and Arjun

eloped and married. Sunaina collapses hearing that. Bua enters with Preeti and Arjun and taunts Dharam that helping a couple marry is also a dharam, which Dharam could not follow. Dharam asks her to shut up. Bua says Arjun and Preeti trusted her and not family and sought her help, so she got them married and asks Arjun and Preeti to finish grahapravesh. Prem stops Arjun and says he will not let him in. Preeti says Tejawini asked them to take this step and told Arjun’s family will not accept her, so she has to take extreme step. Tejaswini says she is lying. Sunaina yells at Tejaswini. Prem asks Preeti if she has any proof. Arjun says Preeti is right, Tejaswini suggested them to marry. Tejaswini still wants to take her papa’s revenge and is playing with our family. He apologizes each family member and requests to forgive him. Sunaina confronts that her son betrayed her, forget outsider tejaswini. She asks Deep to speak. Deep says he is speechless. Dharam says he is elder and asks Arjun to walk into his room with Preeti.

Arjun takes Preeti to his room and tells her idea of blaming Tejaswini was good, but he is feeling guilty for alleging Tejaswini wrongly. Preeti says they had to do it to fail Tejaswini’s evil plans and protect their family. Arjun praises her that she is so caring, he loves her. He hugs and cuddles her. She thinks when will this sticky man go away from her. Her phone rings and she part ways.

Tejaswini walks behind Prem to their room and tells Preeti and Arjun are lying, she did not ask them to marry. Prem says he can understand Preeti lying, but Arjun does not. He shouts she and her sister trapped him and his brother, what they are up to. He will not spare them. He continues yelling and Tejaswini continues crying.

Precap: Prem drags Tejaswini and Preeti and throws them out o house. Dharam gets a heart attack and collapses. Prem runs towards him.

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  1. Very sad state of affairs after that evil woman entered Dharam house. Arjun and wife lied about Tejaswini. Prem is acting out on betrayal and Teja pays the price and Dharam gets ill. Hope that Preeti and Mandira are exposed and thrown out for good

  2. Irritating

  3. as usual yawn glad to be back though same old crap i can see there is nothing new apart from prem and teju getting married and why is the other two ah them get married for man i have a lot of catching up to do excuse my grammar

  4. Where is that spirited Tejawani gone?Surely this crying ,whimpering girl is n’t our Tejaswani.Just because she did something wrong doesn’t mean that she should keep begging for Prem’s forgiveness and tolerate everyone’s insults.She has accepted her misdeeds and sincerely wants to atone for her sins and so has been accepting everyone’s nonsense with a smile.But atonement doesn’t mean crying and cutting a sorry figure as if you are guilty.Teja ,instead of giving an explanation should have retaliated strongly. Prem believing Arjun is the limit ,it shows that in future he will believe whatever Arjun says against Teja.Love means faith in your partner and tonight’s episode shows that Prem has lost all his faith in his love,it is high time that Teja uses her brains to expose Preeti and win back Prem and most importantly stop behaving like a weakling because no man loves a woman who doesn’t
    keep up her dignity.
    Somehow, I haven’t felt any pity for Teja today.She has miscalculated her younger sister totally and left her scot free fully aware that Preeti is n’t just a young girl throwing a tantrum but she is that rare combination of a raving lunatic and a cold blooded criminal.Still she preferred to stop Prem from informing the police and the consequences are here to behold.Had it n’t been for this fault of Teja,Preeti wouldn’t have come this far.Now ,instead of crying and begging Prem to believe her,Tejaswani should think smartly to outsmart Preeti.

    1. You know Lakshmi, Teja has apologized so profusely to the family and Prem for her actions, but does she have to grovel this way. Why does she keep justifying her actions? She wants to beg till thy kingdom come??? I wish I could give the writers some tips on how to reform Teja but I don’t know how to start because Teja had deliberately deceived this family and it may take ages to forgive much less forget!! To live with so much guilt from deliberate deception, is a bitter and shameful feeling, every day she will face them, be reminded and tormented for her deeds for the rest of her life. I’m thinking real life here…such taunts never go away. I’m so sorry for this character ??…Lakshmi, just like Jhanvi, Teja has fallen prey to a conniving woman and instead of dealing desicively with her sister, she became too soft minded and is being used as a pawn to get so much power within this household. Why can’t writers give us strong minded leads? Must she always be mahaan??.. I hope I used that word in the correct
      context!!! I hoping that Teja grows a brain soon and expose her psycho sister…

  5. Valinie Sugrim

    I though prem and taju love story will leave lots of memories, but pretty ruined it plus bus too hope they get kick out soon can’t wait to see prem n teju started their life…

  6. If they don’t end this crap in next 2 episodes I am going to stop watching the show ! What nonsense is happening ? How can Preeti get an upper hand on everybidy ??? Arjun Tenu Prem all falling her prey ! This is so disgusting and unrealistic, she can’t and isn’t shown to be that smart or powerful. I feel like pulling my own hairs , how they are ruining this beautiful show everyday, it’s like poisoning your own child, thoroughly disappointed

  7. I cant understand how Arjun behaves like totally dumb person.After knowing preet i’s truth how can he trust her & betraying his own family….we want our old tejagiriwali teju back …dont want to see dis weakling teju….Do something to get back Prem’s trust back….dont be a cry baby…

  8. This is the same damn thing that’s happened in WAS… As soon as Jhanvi married Adi, she became a whimpering and weak and meek housewife. My goodness, where is the bright and spirited girl who earned a scholarship and wanted to make her family proud? How soon do writers forget…seven days memory!!! Now Teja has been reduced to a weak character and I agree with you Arushi, Teja’s scenes with Prem seems less these days, Preeti is getting too much airtime, this story isn’t about her, it’s about passionate love between Prem and Teja. These days the passion seems so burnt out… Writers know firsthand how to screw up a beautiful love story, this was my only hope, I thought I’d be drunk from Prem and Teja love story but I’m so disappointed. Seriously… I wish DSR turns out to be a Don in the true sense but with a logical brain, then Preeti would know her place. I love Sunaina having a bahu like Preeti, she and her cohort always enjoy rubbing salt in Sarla’s wounds, now she has something to worry about. As for Arjun, he’s in the mould of most men who I know, once they marry, they lose their senses as they smell their wives…not so with darling Prem, he calls a spade, a spade. Regardless of his future acceptance of his wife’s family, he at least spoke the truth about them that day…..i love that. Worry your head not, Arjun, soon you’ll feel the heat in the kitchen from your wife, she doesn’t desire you, she’s besotted and obsessed with your brother. This fuel of hatred from Arjun is going to be extremely bad in Prem’s marriage, too much insidious seeds will be planted by Preeti and with his hot blood, I can’t wait to see what will happen. Friends, It doesn’t bother me if writers use sensationalism to get viewership BUT I have a problem when the main leads are pushed back to give greater prominence to the supporting cast members who happens to have all the bad bones, just like Nisha in Woh Apna Sa… Friends…. Al in all, I don’t like what has become of energetic and bubbly Teja AND I have a big problem with not seeing romance between the leads.. Yes Arushi, I feel like pulling my hairs too… It’s that frustrating!! ???

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