Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dharam asks principal what did his watchman saw. Principal nervously says watchman saw Tejaswini unconscious and Prem with his brothers carrying her. Arjun says it is rubbish and asks if he saw it from his eyes. Prinicipal says no. Dharam asks Tejaswini if she was unconscious. Prem and his brothers get tensed that Tejaswini will tell everything. Tejaswini says she never felt unconscious in her life and watchman must have seen something else. Dharam asks Sarla to serve food for everyone including principal. Principal says he will go as his wife must be waiting for him. Arjun insists and forcefully stops him. Sarla says she can understand his situation and lets him go. Dharam says he will drop principal till door and walking aside asks to just tell yes or no if Tejaswini and

Prem’s enemity is still continuing. Principal nervously bends his head and says he cannot tell anything, but can say that Prem is changing, he himself wrote exams this time and results will be out tomorrow.

Next morning, Tejaswini goes to college and checks her results. She gets happy seeing 94% marks and her friends shout topper. Her mom and mamaji nervously wait for her call and hope she passes with distinction as usual. They call her and she informs she passed with 94.% marks. They happily congratulate him. Prem comes to check his result and as usual has failed. Arjun gets him fake 45% marks card.

Tejaswini returns home and informs Dharam’s family that she passed with 94% marks and touches Dharam’s feet. Dharam says she made him proud and he will throw party for her tonight. Prem returns with marks card and tells he failed. Dharam hugs him and says he passed his father today by following his teachings. Last time, he brought fake marks card and insulted his father and says tonight’s party is also for him.

Sarla oil massages Prem’s scalp and says she and Dharam are proud of Prem that he is changing for good. She asks him to attend party tonight. He says it is for Tejaswini. She says they will feel good if he attends.

Party starts and Dharam takes care of guests. Anand shows it to Dharam and smiles. Arjun asks Prem if he is doing too much, it is Tejaswini’s party and not his. Prem warns him to not play any dirty trick like last time and warns to take care of guests. Dharam hugs him and praises. Prem says if he will not take care of their house party, then who will. Guests praise Dharam’s hospitality and one of them says this party of for Prem’s passing exam. Prem says he passed in his papa’s eyes, this party is for Tejaswini. They ask where is Tejaswini then. Tejaswin comes down wearing beautiful dress and Prem gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.

Precap: Arjun records Tejaswini dancing with others. Tejaswini is shocked seeing someone and confronts Prem that she cannot believe he would stoop so low to defeat her. Dharam says Prem that he defeated him today.

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  1. Ye episode awesome tha prem ko teja s pyr ho jayega

  2. Yes, I think this is the beginning of a positive change in Prem,,there are many ‘first times’in this serial,For the first time Prem has not listened to Arjun but to his conscience.I am happy that he has mustered enough courage to tell his father the truth and Tejaswani felt very happy seeing the first hints of change in Prem.The most important thing is he has not passed any snide remarks at Teju’s success and participated in the party wholeheartedly.I must saythat both the leads looked smashing in their party wear particularly Tejaswani and Prem was seen staring at her , , ,,I think this is the perfect setting for both of them to fall in love, unless the writers have planned something entirely different.

    1. Hi Laskhmi i was also felt bad that Etretr are ended, and tell me Etretr and ADDN are from same production house?

  3. Naz,Etretr is over and done with.Just five minutes into the episode our darlings are gone and garlanded,The writers must be very proud of this novel ending but they don’t know that by doing so all the viewers are left heartbroken,Friend,I am really surprised that the Production House has accepted this sadistic ending to the most beautiful love story we have ever seen.At the same time I am thankful to the writers for sparing the Viewers from further heartache.They brought down the curtains too fast but it is ok what is the use of melodramatics when Raja and Rani are gone. Yes,friend ,they are gone and we’ll never see them again and ‘ll never comment on Etretr forum.

  4. Oh i thought that prem has changed to his mother words but no he was jealous of teju and i am sure he does some thing to teju thats why teju is crying in precap, waiting for today’s episode.

  5. I really did enjoy today’s episode, finally getting to see some of the attraction between Prem and Teju. I loved Teju’s expression while they were waiting to see if she would reveal what the boys had done to her in front of Prem’s dad. Also for the coming episode I dont think that Prem did anything to upset Teju. I think Arjun will do something and Prem will get the blame. Prem seemed really upset seeing Teju in tears.

    As for ETRETR, I was so upset when I read the update that I havn’t been able to bring myself to watch the episode online. In what universe do the writers think that this could be considered a happy ending. Rani and Raj die and to top it off their daughter grow up without either a mother or a father just like Rani. I will try to watch it today but It’s hard to believe that things ended like this.

  6. Ammu, ETRETR was produced by SphereOrigins and the producers ADDN are Deja and Pics entertainment.Friend ,the main difference between the two is ETRETR was a fast moving serial ,any track is not more than 15 episodes .In just 75 episodes,they covered Raja, Rani’s university days ,Raja coming to know that Rani is none other than his childhood friend,Rani’s falling in love with him,Raja’s deception to take revenge against Rani,then Raja’s realisation that he also loves her but refusing to acknowledge it ,arranges her marriage with his younger brother who turns out to be negative,finally saving Rani and getting married to her,can you imagine Ammu all these events happen in just 75 episodes and here in ADDN ,about 34 episodes are over but still there is no progress in the story,Prem’s intentions and his plans are not clear yet,.I think these guys are dragging this track too much,That’s why many viewers are getting bored.

  7. Even I thought that Prem was changing for good,but the precap shows a crying Teju accusing Prem of some cheap tactic but I think that In this case Prem is innocent ,the real culprit must be Arjun,but Tejaswani and Dharamsingh take it for granted that Prem has done it.Let us see what happens in tonight’s episode.

  8. Sorry for any ty.po errors in my comments.

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