Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Prem and Teja are shocked

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini walks to her room feeling very weak due to fast. She picks water glass, but then reminisces telling cook that she is having nirjala vrat. She keeps back water glass and apologizes god. Prem hears that. Ajju calls Prem for lunch. Tejaswini asks him to go and have lunch. Prem says he had heavy breakfast and will have food once he is hungry. Tejaswini smiles thinking he loves her so much and is fasting with her.

Sharda informs Mamaji that Preeti meets Arjun. Mamaji asks what is wrong in it. Sharda says she will do something wrong. Mamaji says she always blames Preeti wrongly and he does not want to hear anything, walks out. Sharda thinks she has to do something herself.

Dharam’s family sits for lunch. Sunaina praises that she prepared poori and chole.

Anand and Priyal’s nok jhok starts. Tejaswini watches from balcony and thinks if Prem will have food or not. Prem picks food and reminiscing Tejaswinis nirjala vrat drops food on his shirt and goes to clean. Tejaswini smiles and thinks how can Prem stop her from loving him seeing his love for her. Durag pooja starts. Family stands in pooja. Tejaswini sees Arjun tensed and walking out after getting Preeti’s message. Sharda sees Preeti going out on the other side and messages Tejaswini. Tejaswini walks behind Arjun, but Prem stops her and asks what she is up to. Tejaswini tells him whole story. He warns if something happens to Arjun, he will destroy her whole family. They get into car and search Arjun and Preeti.

Preeti and Arjun meet Bua ji and describe their issue. Bua suggests them to marry and asks Arjun to go in with servant to get ready. Preeti asks Bua ji how was her drama and she acted as she suggested. Bua says it is awesome and reminds what she suffered. Preeti says she will destroy Tejaswini and get Prem. Bua reminds her that she has to get Dharam’s signatures on blank paper, then her husband will be out of jail and Dharam will be in. Preeti agrees. They head to temple and start marriage rituals. Preeti thinks Arjun is becoming her dog from a tiger.

Prem and Tejaswini search Arjun and Preeti. She calls Mamaji and describes whole story and asks him to find Preeti soon. Mamaji agrees. She then tries Preeti’s number again. Preeti speaks and after a bit of argument informs that she and Arjun are marrying Matarani’s temple and she can stop them if she can. Tejaswini informs Prem and asks him to head towards matarani temple soon. Prem fumes that he did a big mistake by sparing Preeti, he will not this time. His car breaks down and they seek help from passing vehicles, but nobody does. They both run. Tejaswini gets tired. Prem lifts her and runs till temple. Arjun and Preeti’s pheras finish and Pandit pronounces them as husband and wife. Prem and Tejaswini are shocked. Prem asks Arjun why did he do such a big mistake, Preeti is using him. Arjun says like Tejaswini used him. Arjun angrily tries to slap Preeti, but Arjun stops him and says he cannot slap his wife. Bua enters and says not only Dharam can do justice, even she can do justice. Argument continues.

Precap: Prem warns Arjun not to enter his house, whole family had a lot of hopes regarding marriage and he failed them. Preeti says she did all this on Tejaswini’s order. Prem asks if she has any proof. Arjun says Preeti is telling truth. Family is shocked hearing that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Want to kill preeti precap was horrible prejawini were as awesome as ever

    1. Agree with you…

  2. Naz,much against our wishes ,the writers are persisting with Preeti’s character,we wanted to see the last of her but this character has just shot into prominence with Arjun marrying her and bringing her home.My God ,what a mess Teja is in,Preeti will be showing her unscrupulous attitude from the very first day Ian’s from the doorway itself .WithArjun hand in hand with her ,she will do her very best to destroy not o ly Prem and Teja’s marriage but Dharamsingh as well.As if her crooked brains are not enough ,she has the support of another venomous snake Mandira.I don’t want to even imagine what havoc they are going to create in Prem and Teja’s life.The precap shows Preeti and Arjun filling Prem’s ears against Teja on the very first day and even before entering the house itself..Let us see if Prem’s love for Teja is strong enough to withstand this assault.And I don’t think that Arjun is pretending to love Preeti to expose her,Had he had any doubt ,he would n’t have gone to the extent of marrying her?We all know that Arjun ,though not as dangerous as Preeti ,has his own problems with Prem and Dharamsingh and Preeti has taken full advantage of this vulnerability
    Naz,how true it is that sympathy should n’t be shown to undeserving people,It is all Teja’s doing only.Preeti did everything possible to be thrown behind the bars mercilessly but ,When Prem wanted to lodge a complaints,,Teja was the one who still had a soft corner for her.Now not only Prem and Teja but the whole family will bear the brunt of Teja’s magnanimity and with so many antagonists forming a vicious circle around them ,I wonder will we ever get to see any soft moments between our lovely couple……so sad ,is n’t it?
    Naz,,as you know this time of the year is really hectic……Loads of work ay home. And professional front is also quite hectic.Thank god ,Dasara is over ……now getting ready for that all important Diwali which is just two weeks away.As usual quite a busy schedule ahead .I am sorry Naz,that I haven’t replied to your mail yet but I know as a dear friend you will understand and excuse me.There are so many things to share with and in a few days ,I will come back.Take care.

    1. Don’t worry dear Lakshmi, I do understand that this period is busy for you, it like that as well across here too. Even I will be busy attending functions and celebrations till Divali is gone…most if not all of my friends follow Hinduism so I’m very familiar with most things. Hey…when you are free after Divali, you can email, we do have lots to talk about. Chat soon….

  3. Sorry for all Ty.po errors and there are so many.Sorry.

  4. This is too much…kuch bhi ho raha hai is serial me…preeti ka character hatao yaar…I can’t tolerate… Poor preja ?villains badhte he ja rahe hain….

  5. This serials charm is lost totally…hate cv’s …Gonna stop watching the show.its no more prem teja story …It’s like any other saas bahu drama now with annoying preeti’s face.cant tolerate preeti for that long time.prem and teja are now side character.main screen time is for preeti and other family members.this is not that lovely show anymore.

    1. Why all serials turn out to be saas bahu serials…
      everything negative..
      Show things getting ok.with Prem & Teja.
      Preeti negative character getting too irritating…

  6. Preeti blames Teja for her getting married to Arjun. Mandira has joined hands with this evil, venomous.snake Preeti to get revenge against Dharamsingh. That’s very sad and Prem and Arjun.will fall in Preeti’s trap. Hope that good sense will prevail and Prem will see through that evil woman. Prem’s dream about Dharam’s murder will happen sooner or later. Dharam respects and loves Teja because she told the truth. Preeti is given more space to wreak havoc on Prem and Teja. Hope that they expose Preeti and put her behind bars where she belongs

  7. I’m exasperated, I don’t know where to start from. This serial is too fraught with tension and it’s not looking good at the moment. Too much venom from the characters at this point and I can feel the heat now. Don’t writers know that Preeeti is enough to deal with? Now they’ve thrown in Arjun and Mandira in the mix and there’s going to be extremely difficult situations in which Prem and Teja will have to deal with…..maybe this will bring them closer. I don’t know how Prem is going to tangle with Arjun, seeing that he’s in a trance with Preeti as we write. I’m disappointed that Arjun was able to fall so easily for the witch, I thought he was the level headed one amongst the brothers. Daily, Preeti is getting on my nerves, this actress is doing her job a little too well, so much so, that we hate her now. I don’t know how Teja is going to conquer her sister…she’ll now have to pay the price for pardoning Preeti but that’s what these serial writers love to do, make their leads suffer injustice and pain….all in the name of entertainment. I’m waiting however, to see Arjun realize that Preeti has used him and don’t even love him but his brother, how sick is this girl?? Also, when Arjun brings home his bride, it’s going to be entertaining to see what his cantankerous mother says and does. I wonder if Preeti is one bahu from hell…let’s wait and see…

  8. Stupid serial don’t like to watch

  9. I am feeling frantic for teju after watching precap.I cant tolerate Preeti anymore.I think due to preeti’s dis act Prem will start corncerning for teju…..

  10. Friends i just saw that teju will accept all d alligation .she also accept that she told preeti to marry Arjun this is all her conspiracy as she wanted to take revange of her father’s death & leaves house….Prem try to stop her …but she didnt listen…

  11. OMG…what are you saying Nimisha, this is beyond worst nightmare ! What are the writer’s doing ?? Have they gone mad, or maybe the team has been changed entirely ! Till now they were writing it wonderfully, making it all that they promised in the first place to be an edgy unique and impossible love story. Such drastic and morbid shift of focus and characterisation ! Its indeed true that Preja appears almost like side characters these days and its so full of Preeti, I seriously doubt she is related to someone influential in the production house or maybe he/she identifies with her character, there is no other justification for her snatching so much airtime from our lovely leads. The few Preja scenes are all that I watch this show for these days, they are magic together, in love and in enmity. How come the creative are overlooking and ignoring that these days ? Praying for Preeti’s death or doom ASAP and the focus to be shifted to our adorable Prejaswini….

  12. Yes Arushi, I can’t agree more. I started watching the show only for the magical pair Preja and we are now forced to watch Preeti’s mug most of the time. In case you noticed even Preeti’s wedding attire and jewellery was more splendid than Teja’s. Teja’s wedding attire and jewellery looked like so pale in comparison. The only logical explanation could be she is well connected to the PH.

  13. Yes Arushi, I can’t agree more. I started watching the show only for the magical pair Preja and we are now forced to watch Preeti’s mug most of the time. In case you noticed even Preeti’s wedding attire and jewellery was more splendid than Teja’s. Teja’s weddinïg attire and jewellery looked so pale in comparison. The only logical explanation could be she is well connected to the PH.

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