Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Prem Is Alleged Of Helping Mandira Steal Diamonds

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini tells Prem that she is worried that Preeti again will misguide Arjun. Prem says he trusts his brother. Preeti asks Arjun to hide while she speaks to Mandira. Arjun thinks Preeti is so good, she is worried about their family. Preeti goes in front. Mandira gets happy seeing her but then sees Arjun hiding and acts. Preeti asks why did she try to kill her. Mandira asks to forgive her. Preeti asks why Prem came to meet her at midnight. Mandira says Prem is her son and he is very happy meeting her after 27 years. He has promised her to destroy Dharam’s business first and then destroy him and family, so he insisted to handle Dharam’s business first. She asks Preeti to convince Arjun to take his property share before Prem destroys Dharam’s family. Arjun dumbly

believes them. Preeti brainwashes him more.

Prem goes to office with Tejawini. Dharam’s trusted employee Danav comes and tells he is going to deliver 5 crore worth diamonds to Mumbai and rule is Prem will give him a number and he will match it with client’s number and deliver diamonds. After sometime, Dharam praises Prem for handling his business well. Danav returns injured and says dacoits stole their diamonds and says when he was driving his car, he same an injured family on road after accident and when he went to help them, dacoits attacked him and took away diamonds. Dharam says it was a well planned dacoity and asks Danav who else knows about diamonds. Danav says only him, Prem, and Tejaswini. Arjun enters and says Prem knows who stole diamonds, it is his mother Mandira and Prem helped her. Prem angrily holds his collar and asks what rubbish is this. Arjun shows jail register with Arjun’s name entry and asks why did he meet Mandira bua at 2 a.m. Prem says he did not and Tejaswini says Prem was with him. Arjun shouts only Tejaswini and Prrem are true people here. Dharam says he does not believe Arjun can do this. Arjun continues allegations. Prem slaps him. Sunaina confronts Prem how dare he is to slap Arjun. Deep scolds Sunaina. Sunaina says truth is Prem is Mandira’s son and if he can prove he is innocent. Anand calls jailer and asks if Prem had come to meet Mandira. Mandira warns she has kidnapped jailers family and if she does not lie, she will kill them. Jailer lies that Prem came to meet Mandira and they discussed about destroying Dharam’s family. Anand thinks Prem cannot be wrong. Sunaina asks what did jailer say. Anand says Prem went to meet Mandira. Prem takes Dharam and Sarla’s oath and says he did not. Sunaina asks to prove it. Tejaswini says she will within 24 hours. Anand says let us forget this issue right here, nobody has to prove anything. Tejaswini says this is not the first time, it is very important now. Preeti thinks poor Prem has to prove himself so many times.

Back to room, Tejaswini tells Prem that it is Preeti and Mandira’s plan. Preeti hears their conversation via microphone and reminisces fixing microphone in Prem’s mobile. She hears Danav and Prem’s conversation and plans dacoity with Mandira. Prem says jailer, Mandira, Preeti all are together and angrily throws phone. Tejaswini finds microphone and informs Prem that Preeti has fixed microphone. Prem asks her to wait and goes out. Preeti happily thinks her plan is going well. Prem stands in corridor. Preeti comes and says she is feeling sad for him, if he needs any help. Prem asks her to get for him. She happily goes to kitchen thinking poor Prem is trusting her after so much happened. Prem returns back and tells Tejawini his plan to prove himself innocent is…He increases TV volume to the fullest. Preeti unable to bear sound drops tea cup and yells. Arjun comes and asks why did she drop tea, go and change. Prem murmurs in Tejaswini’s ears they will trap Preeti in her own plan.

Precap: Dharam challenges Mandira to punish her. Mandira’s aide fixes bomb in Dharam’s car. Preeti informs Tejaswini and challenges her. Prem speeds car behind Dharma’s car shouting to stop.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nimisha, I read your comment yesterday. Just to let you know that when Lakshmi and I were on ETRETR forum, we had to deal with this same issue of inconsistencies in the storyline for months and the reason we got to understand is that writers are changed from time to time on these serials, that’s why a lot of loopholes are never filled. This is why sometimes we feel the events occurring are disjointed in their details because a new set of writers will obviously think differently, hence crazy unpredictable scenes. Everyone has his or her own ideas and for the sake of sensationalism, will write whatever they want for the sake of dramatic purposes. Producers don’t seem to understand the value of character attachments and almost 100% of the time ,we the viewers have to suffer the consequence because we are humans and identify with provoking stories where a lot of us see our own life events playing out in these serials. So when we see main characters being sidelined and villains being allowed to rule the roost, it makes us think that justice is never fair to the deserving of the leads and that’s why a lot of us if not most of the viewers are left angry with the writers for crappy storytelling. Logic is always impossible with these people and no matter how much we complain, they are in their job for the sake of the money, they don’t care what we think, but while some will have no problem with crap, it’s viewership like is who think logically, bear the brunt of poor storytelling… I know you’d understand now why now we are seeing Prem becoming the son of a wacko woman like Mandira bua…this new detail changes the whole dynamics here and a good serial is going to go the way of ETRETR…. Sad!!!!

  2. Sorry for typo errors…and forgot to mention my friend Topaz in my comment to Nimisha…my apologies Topaz, you were there with us to in ETRETR…

  3. Yes agree they have destroyed the storyline entirely. Its started off as ‘Deewangi’ or passion centric story and now its ‘Preeti’ centric story with all other characters just reacting to her actions. A once upon a time hard core romantic Prem is now talking about children, death, running dad’s business. A typlical boring husband. He has lost all the fire in him and made to look like a puppy who has lost his favorite bone.

    1. So right you are Aditi… The magic has disappeared between our leads and it’s becoming boring ….not to mention the Preeti scenes which are so naseauous…yuck!!

  4. Hello Naz,the mention of ETRETR in your comment brought back nostalgic memories of Raja and Rani and all of us blasting the writers for creating that dumb look alike of Rani.Ofcourse ,the writers had to bow down to the strong sentiments of the viewers like us and concluded that infamous track rather hastily .Even though Raja and Rani came back after reincarnation,it was n’t the same.i agree with Topaz here that like Raja and Rani ,Prem and Teja got married too soon and as the writers don’t know what else to do with these characters ,undue importance is being given to negative characters thereby totally destroying the storyline and the charm of the leads.The only difference I find between ETRETR and ADDN is despite all those negative characters ,the lead characters Raja and Rani never lost their importance ,their screen space and most importantly their passion or attraction for each other.Inspite of the story line being in shambles,I continued to comment till the very last because of that unforgettable love between Raja and Rani.Let the circumstances be any ,the way they adored each other would melt our hearts.If you remember ,we would always complain about the deteriorating story line but never about lack of chemistry between the leads or screen space to them.Naz,I still remember your emotional or rather angry outburst when you said that you felt like strangulating Raja (during that Donji track )with your bare hands for falling on top of that stupid Naina and looking deeply into her eyes.Except for those fag end episodes ,the writers created enough romantic sequences for the leads and Sartaj and Eisha did full justice to these eternal characters.
    In contrast ,if we look at Prem and Teja ,leave alone any romantic sequences,their screen space itself has drastically gone down.I am not even bothered about that nauseating character Preeti,let her climb the tallest tree and jump from there or if she can manage let her stay like a princess in Some palace ,what has shocked me to no end is that intimate scene between this newly married couple…..I can not imagine a couple passionately in love with each behaving like absolute strangers and Prem askin g for Teja’s permission to touch her and the way they say ‘I love you ‘to each other ‘is so hilarious that it should be the joke of the millineum .The director certainly lacks taste .Doesn’t he know that these feelings between a couple who love each other are spontaneous .My God ,a real shame to the title of this serial ‘Aise Dewangi’. And talking about antagonists ,they are really cheap and repulsive,no class whatsoever.
    Naz,I feel so disappointed as I had very high expectations and thought that it would be another great love story like ETRETR.But it has turned out to be a damp squib,only for name sake this is about dewangi between Prem and Teja,in reality it is just a routine family drama.
    Friend I have moved on to a cute serial ‘Bhootu’.I don’t know whether you are watching it or not but it is pleasant ,watchable and makes you laugh .Moreover it does n’t raise your B.P.I am enjoying the sweet pranks of the little lead ‘Pihu’ who is talented enough to secure an award in the recent Zee rishtey awards.And there is a romantic angle to this little girl’s murder story.The leads Suchi and Aarav are sure to catch your imagination and their chemistry is better than Prem and Teja’s.I feel bad for saying this about our lovely couple but that is what the writers /directors have done to them.Let us hope that a miracle will revive this serial and create the old magic.Sorry for the lengthy comment,but it has been 2to 3weeks since I properly chatted with you.
    Hope everything is fine with you ,Take care.

    1. Oh yes Lakshmi, I watch Bhootu in and out, I think it’s a clean serial so far and Pihu is absolutely adorable, so innocent. Can you tell me which other serial her mother was in because she’s so familiar but since I’ve watched so many serials, I don’t remember which one she was in. Pihu really makes me laugh and when i really think about it Lakshmi, it makes me think if a loved one of mine is no longer in this world, maybe that person could be around me seeing everything I do but I can’t…hmmmmm, you know what I’m talking about ??☹️…i like the leads in the serial, they look wonderful together, I think I’ll start watching more often now… I don’t like how this one is turning out and as you’ve said, it would a miracle to revive the serial and recreate the old magic of these leads. I know I’ve said I was taking a break but it’s habit which keeps me coming here…bad habit?? all is well on this side… Chat soon again… ???

  5. Feeling really bad for dharam’s family except Arjun and preeti losing love ones can’t describe it

  6. I was so hoping that unlike ETRETR where the writers took a love story which started out so beautifully and turned it into total crap at the end that the same didn’t happened to this show. Naz and Lakshmi would understand my comment, it reached to the point where I totally stopped watching ETRETR and for this week I can say that although I’ve read the updates i haven’t watched Addnk. I do however believe that although it is being shown in the coming week that Dharam is killed by Mandira that he is still alive. I feel that Prem and Teja found out about her plan and saved him and they are safeguarding him until Preeti and Mandira is exposed but only time will tell if I’m right or wrong. I still cannot watch Preeti onscreen so until Arjun gets a brain and Preeti is revealed in all her ugly glory I’ll continue to read the updates it’s better for my blood pressure. I do however hope that this show gets better writers and directors who can actually differentiate between a wonderful, exciting and chemistry filled show and a lacklustre and an irritating (Preeti) filled show.

    1. Topaz,i know you are disappointed too and don’t feel like commenting but drop in from to time nah…its good to keep in touch. I hope you are doing well. I love this time of the year Topaz, Xmas time brings out the memories of my childhood and teenage years, the latter of which was the most memorable days of my life on this planet. … Well, I do hope that DSR don’t get killed and Teja foil Preeti’s plans. You know what annoys me? When Arjun calls Preeti… “pretty Preeti “..i tell you, my blood boils over and I hate her even more. Take care dear friend and we’ll chat soon again here…

  7. I’m sorry dear friends for my late comment, Saturday is the most hectic day for me….Lakshmi, not to worry, I do know how busy an attorney’s schedule is so email when you lighten up the workload… I’m OK across here and my kids too…my daughter’s birthday was on the 2nd of November so she also celebrated with SRK..every year!!!!!! Anyway… I’m really trying to understand what’s happened to Arjun. He isn’t behaving normal, he’s recently married and he doesn’t find it strange that his wife is running around with her nose in Teja’s business instead of getting intimate with him. What’s wrong with these writers, none of them has an ounce of love in their hearts?? I also think that Teja and Prem’s wedding happened too soon, when I think about it. Maybe they would have been sneaking to see each other and we would have seen some cute nok jhoks if they were still courting, as it is they are married and even before consummation takes place, they are keeping distance from each other. Seriously, if I were offered a role in one one these serials, I would definitely beg for the villain role because I’d be given the most importance…. I endorse your point on the lackluster atmosphere between Prem and Teja, dear Lakshmi and I also was pinning my hopes on this one being different but I’m so disappointed by the turn of events here now…

  8. I know Naz writers are keep changing from time to time so as d storyline also changes accordingly.They couldn’t understand our sentiments which is attatched to each characters.I am a regular viewer of bhootu.. like dis serial .Actress who plays Pihu’s mother’s role is Akanksha chamola.yes, Naz she is familiar face.she was last seen in Swaragini serial in which she plays swara’s bhabhi’s role.I absolutely agree with ur comment Aditi.Comming back to ADDKH Topaz i also feels that dis was Prem & Teja’s plan to expose Preeti & Mandira &.they have already safeguard DSR.

    1. Oh thank you thank you Nimisha, that’s where I knew her from. I watched Swaragini up till when Swara fell in the river and lost her MEMORY???…memory loss was in there as well, huh!!! You brought back some memories there… Ragini was one hateful sister, just like psycho Preeti but my goodness, I did enjoy that serial, I used to feel the love between Laksh and Swara till that damn spiteful sister stole him from her and then the attraction continued after ?..till she was in a way coerced into marrying Sanskar…who never looked good with her and was evil and a fraud from the beginning but just like like Ragini, writers made him good after but I left when I couldn’t take it anymore….

  9. Hoping that Mandira PR fiasco will be over , at least for some time, coming week once Prejaswini exposes both in alliance with DSR by plotting the fake drama of his death. I am sure DSR won’t die, definitely not, even the dumb writer won’t have that much guts and imagination to create such track ?? sincerely hope we get a treat of tasteful Prejaswini romance after this track, we all are starving for that, and its totally justified in the current timeline in their lives . Praying with folded hands that the writer who is completely zoned out now comes out from his sinister zone and try understanding sentiments of normal regular human beings such as us !! Also the story of ADDNK must revert to its original structure of focusing on Prejaswini, they should be the central characters initiating and taking forward every plot and track of the show, then only this show will have a good run. otherwise it’s undoubtedly doomed. In any show the burden is put on the shoulders who can carry it forward on strength of their personality and performance, then the show becomes watchable and entertaining, sorry to say but apart from Pranav , Jyoti and Rasik Dave none has that capability, sooner the makers understand that the better for them

  10. My dear friends, I’m just thinking out aloud… Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this biological crap was just a plot, cooked up by Prejaswini? Writers have the weirdest and most illogical pen which can bring back dead people so why not do some damage control too, in the same way they allowed Preeti and her dazed without a brain husband into their hospital records room compete with computer to find Prem’s birth parents, why can’t they do this too??? It would be so satisfying but……it had to look convincing as hell too right?? This is something I would have done if I had made that drastic mistake as the writer of this serial, I would have definitely done this measure of
    damage control…. Sigh!! Just thinking out aloud and wishing. The only thing is that DSR already confessed to the deed so….. ??????

  11. Naz, wishful thinking ! But why not ?? I mean DSR’s confession can also be justified by showing he was very much a part of this plan with Prem and Teju, or maybe only with his daughter in law, because Prem did have is moment of genuine devastation after the revelation, so he couldn’t be a part of this idea. But DSR definitely can be the mastermind, this way he must have felt would remove Mandira’s threat of harming Prem, after all she won’t harm her own son ! And that’s exactly the change of heart Mandira had after the revelation, now DSR is clearly asking her to focus her target on himself, not on Prem, it was shown in the precap. This is very much possible from a father like DSR, it definetely can be his master stroke, would love to see it this way…hope the writer takes the cue and do the damage control.

  12. So Prem is arrested yet again for something he didn’t do, this time for murdering Dharam and I’m sure that once again it will be left to Teja to prove her husband’s innocence yet again, when will these writers get a brain and new ideas. Naz I’m like you I love this time of the year, there’s always a different feel in the atmosphere although I’m sure we all can do without the excessive rainfall these days.

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