Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem with his brothers carries Tejaswini in a box. Sarla stops them and asks what they are carrying. Arjun nervously says ladki/girl. Sarla asks what. He says mango in lakdi ki peti/wooden box. She asks so many mangoes. They ask her to prepare aamras. They then take Tejaswini and drop her on bed and walk out. Tejaswini opens her eyes and wakes up. She yawns loudly. Prem hears that and angrily asks if she was acting. She says yes and says she played tit for tat and used Prem’s tricks on him. She reminisces acting as falling down so that Prem and his brothers get her out. Prem argues with her. Drama continues.

Anand gets a call from principal that watchman saw Tejaswini going with Prem and brothers and was unconscious. Prem with brothers walks down. Anand stops them

and asks if Tejaswini is fine. They get tensed. He says principal called and told watchman saw them taking unconscious Tejaswini, if she is fine. Dharam also reaches and asks what happened to Tejaswini. Prem stands more tensed with his siblings. Dharam says he will go and check himself. He goes to Tejaswini’s room and asks if she is fine. She says yes. He asks to tell what happened. She thinks he is doubtful now and tells him something. He walks down.

Anand continues questioning Prem and brothers. Sarla comes and asks where is mango box. They nervously say it is in store room. Dharam asks to bring it then and give it to their mother. They walk to store room nervously and call fruit vendors to deliver 10 kg mangoes. Nobody agrees. They get more tensed. Anand calls Prem and says Dharam is calling them. They get more nervous. Ajju says they will be stuffed in boxes and kicked out of house. Tejaswini also comes down and Dharam questions her. Prem and brothers enter with mango box. Arjun says they brought fresh mangoes. Sarla says they took so much time and as a punishment will have to help her prepare amras. Prem tells Tejaswini let us go and prepare amras. Prem notices Dharam’s anxiousness.

Tejaswini enters kitchen and thinks if Prem helps her, he will mess up things more. Prem enters and spoils her work. She asks him to go away. He frightens her not to open up her mouth She says if Dharam questions her, she will tell everything this time and does not want Dharam to repent for his children’s mistake like last time. Prem argues with her and continues frightening. Principal comes on Dharam’s request. Dharam calls Prem to come out and meet principal.

Precap: Dharam asks principal what did watchman see. Principal says watchman told Tejaswini was unconscious. Arjun asks if he saw himself. Dharam asks Tejaswini to tell what happened exactly. Tejaswini looks at Prem.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Aisi Deewangi getting way too boring
    No tashan b/w Preja
    No love b/w Preja
    I wonder what the makers’ are upto??

  2. I loved Tejaswani in tonight’s episode,she is too smart and intelligent for Prem who still behaves like an immature,young boy ,he is not thinking at all.When will he grow up?What was the idea behind locking Tejaswani in that storeroom,surey he could n’t have kept her there for ever.No solid reason and no solid plan ,just behaving like a kid and listening to his younger brothers.Compared to Teja ,Prem not only looks inferior but stupid also..My got!she calls him a coward ,spineless and brainless,my dear writers,you can not degrade the male lead to this extent.A man should never lose his pride and dignity,some weak points are o.k ,but not this sort of humiliation,.No woman will ever love a man whom she doesn’t respect.Prem is a darling,,do not demean him like this.
    Naz I watched tonight’s ETRETR episode.Raja and Rani really looked so happy and contented with their twin babies ,actually that should have been the ending but in the very next scene itself,the witch strikes.And that is the end of our happiness. I will try to watch to orrow’s sad ending,it is better to face our fears /weaknesses and put them to rest..

  3. Sorry for any ty.po errors.

  4. This is exactly what I’ve said, Lakshmi… How can Teja fall in love with Prem if he is constantly being like a little boy?? How could he be so weak and gullible when everything his pipsqueak cousins tell him, he believes at the drop of a hat?? This is too immature for his age, he needs to stop being so melodramatic about every little thing that Teja does or doesn’t do !!! If I had a boyfriend with his thinking, I’d put him aside…. Teja gave him a befitting reply to his cheap attitude, even I was fooled…. I thought she was really unconscious. ??the thing is as you say, Prem is a softhearted person inside but he is too easy to manipulate, imagine what life with him would be like, if he believes everything Tom Dick and Harry tells him……no relationship would last with him???? Anyway… Tomorrow is last day of ETRETR….i won’t be able to see it with subtitles, even though I understand spoken Hindi, every word means a lot to me to understand fully and that’s why subtitles is important for me, SIGH….!!!!!! Lakshmi, you need to remind me if ever in soapland has the main protagonists have died together so tragically in any serial !! ..because I can’t remember any… I never thought we’d see this turn of events for this serial, if you had told me, I would have say no way, but now that it has happened, it really is painful to stomach!! Who would have thought these two characters would have made such an impact in our minds!!! Now it makes me wonder now whether I should bond with Prem and Teja or not…i got heartbroken twice, I don’t want it happening here as well but for me, I need to do that in order to enjoy the story…so I lose both sides.

  5. You know something Lakshmi, usually when a serial is about to end, lots of viewers post comments, like in KLKAH but today we are see a much loved serial, ETRETR achieving the exact opposite!! What a sad day in soapland, huh…. That forum looks so abandoned, I feel awful and ashamed……. I wrote two comments hours ago and I’m not seeing as yet…..

  6. Lakshmi why aren’t you commenting on ETRETR tomorrow is its last episode

  7. Seriously getting bore day by day.

  8. Hi my dear’s NaZ and Lakshmi Good morning.

  9. Hoh…. nooo
    Its litll boring dy by dy story…..
    But im wach bcz prem and theja
    Ilike pranav mishra acting…

  10. You are right Naz,it is very sad that Etretr ,a beautiful love story that is very close to our hearts is getting this type of lukewarm farewell simply due to the insensitive attitude of those great writers and the channel itself.Friend we were so passionate about this serial ,that whatever be the story line ,we neither missed to watch any episode nor comment ,even now also I do watch,though I stopped commenting on Etretr forum after seeing that devastating spoiler alert.But what is that we,the die hard viewers got in return from the writers and the channel for our loyalty?As if all those previous terrible death tracks are not enough,the writers have dished out the most dreadful ending to this most adored love saga by killing our dear Raja baja and Chipkali in the prime of their youth.And one week back itself,the channel has stopped airing the show to the overseas viewers who were already one week behind the schedule.
    Naz,I don’t remember any serial that ended in this pathetic manner.Yes, inPavitra Rishta also Archana and Manav die but after leading a long happy married life and becoming grandparents,here the Etretr guys are playing with our psychs by killing the young cute couple not once but twice..Even God cannot be that unkind.Still for Sartaj and Eisha ,let us comment on Etretr forum for one last time tonight.

    1. OK Lakshmi, I’ll join you tonight on ETRETR forum… Just to bid adieu to our beloved Raja and Rani, Raja and Chipkali, and SARTAJ ????and EISHA… Archana and Manav did lead a fruitful and rewarding life and died in old age but Raja and Rani couldn’t get that in their life so that’s why we ALL are MAD and ANGRY….. Thanks for reminding me of Pavitra Rishta…

  11. Hi everyone,I watched this serial only in promos I found it interesting from day one as it remind me tashan of Raju & Nandu of Jane kya hoga rama re.I want to start watching this serial as my favorite show ETRETR is going to end today ,god know how I am gonna live after last episode I will miss offscreen & onscreen chemistry of Eisha & Sartaj.
    Can somebody plz tell me summery of this serial???

    1. Hello Trupti, nice to have you here even though it’s for such a short time…I’ve seen comments from you on other forums but not here and I’m happy that you were following this beautiful turned ugly love story as well. We are all sad at turn of events here….

    2. Sorry Trupti, I thought I was on the Etretr forum so that’s why I said…its for a short time…my apologies!! Happy to have you joining us here, we all hope this story is a happily ever after thing…..

    3. Hi trupti welcome u

  12. Hello Ammu,we are fine,hope you are doing great there,You can see that all the fans of ETRETR are switching over to Prem and Teja’s love story expecting it to be as beautiful and eternal as Raja and Rani’s love story.I am happy that our friend Trupti is also joining us on this forum and you can see how emotional she is about Etretr as tonight the show will be coming to a sad end.But I sincerely request the writers of Aise dewangi to give a happy ending to this love story as every young couple in love deserves to lead a happy married life not somewhere in heavens but here in this world in flesh and blood.

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