Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Preeti Informs Arjun About Hospital File

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem looking at file asks Tejaswini why did she hide such a big secret. Preeti happily says she told Tejaswini was hiding these papers. Prem shows blank file. Preeti says Tejaswini hid papers. Prem warns Preeti to pack her bag and go to Mumbai and asks Tejaswini what is this girl. Tejaswini thanks god and says she took out papers on time. He throws file from window. Tejaswini asks why did he throw file. He says it is an old file. Tejaswini nervously says yes.

Next morning, family walks to parking area to see off Arjun and Preeti. Dharam finds hospital file on floor and gets tensed seeing it and papers not inside. Preeti notices his nervousness and thinks she knew some important papers were in file. Dharam panics. Preeti excuses go get her purse and watches Dharam

hiding. Tejaswnini shows him papers. He says he wanted to burn these papers long ago, but got busy in family issues and could not. Tejaswini says he does not have to explain and they will burn file now. She takes him to kitchen and burns a few papers. Prem comes calling her. Dharam asks her to go out. Tejaswini asks him to go, she will handle here. Dharam goes out. Prem asks what is he doing here in kitchen. Dharam says he wanted juice and was calling Sarla, so Tejaswini is preparing juice for him. Tejaswini burns papers and returns with juice. Dharam relaxes. Prem says let us go to see off Arjun and Preeti. Dharam says until a daughter like Tejaswini is with him, his family need not worry. They see off Arjun and Preeti.

Arjun drives car. Preeti thinks if she does not find file, Mandira will send her to jail. She brainwashes Arjun to take her to that hospital as it is important for family. He obliges her blindly. Preeti calls Prem and informs that Tejawini with Dharam burnt some important hospital file and she is standing in hospital now to get those records. Prem asks Tejaswini if she burnt any file with Dharam. She nervously says no. He asks why she is stammering then. He goes down and asks Dharam if he burnt any hospital file with Tejawini. Tejaswini signals Dharam to say no. Dharam says he did not. Prem says Preeti called from a hospital and told he and Tejaswini burnt a file, keeps Dharam’s hand on his head and asks to take oath. Dharam thinks lie told for family’s benefit is not a lie. Prem asks why his hands are shivering. Anand and Deep try to convince Prem. Prem calls Tejaswini, but she is not at home. Tejawini heads towards hospital hoping Preeti does not find that file.

Preeti with Arjun searches file in record room, asks Arjun to search records in computer. She checks computer and finds documents in Gujrati. She asks Arjun to type Dharam Singh in Gujrati. He obliges.

Prem at home calls Tejaswini, but she does not pick call. Prem says Tejaswini was nervous and Dharam’s hands were shivering, so they are hiding a big secret. Tejaswini continues rushing in car hoping to reach there and stop Preeti. Preeti finds documents and is surprised. Arjun says it cannot be true. Preeti takes printout and says Tejaswini was hiding such a big secret. Arjun says let us not inform family. Preeti thinks this ghochu cannot do anything, this secret has to come out for her benefit. She tells Arjun this truth will change is life overnight and smirking thinks let me see how Tejaswini will stop her. She brainwashes Arjun that he will become king overnight once this truth comes out. He says she is right. Preeti thinks husband should be dumb like him. Tejaswini reaches hospital. Preeti smirks at her and says she came late as already she got documents. Tejaswini pleads Arjun to keep this secret, else family will shatter. Arjun says family has right to know truth.

Precap: Prem points gun at Preeti and warns how dare she is to think of breaking his family. Arjun reveals that Prem is not Dharam’s son as a dead son was born and it is clearly written in documents.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Kiss na prejaswini

  2. Wow… Two unknown citizens could just walk into a hospital and go searching for confidential documents and on top of that, find the incriminating evidence in the whole of the city’s affairs. …since Prem was born approximately 20 yrs ago… Wow…. And no one intervened. Don’t the authorities lock up things like that???

  3. The same old track.. ?? When these writers will get new and interesting tracks.. initially it was great but back to the same old stories..

  4. Naz this show is getting more unrealistic by the day. It seems to me that the writers and directors are deliberately sidelining Prem and Teja and giving more airtime to Preeti and the more stupid by the day Arjun as if they are the lead couple. I wish someone can see into the future and tell me when this asinine Preeti track will end. Then I may feel excited to watch this show again. Everything happened too fast in this show with Prem and Teja, I found that they got married too soon, now it seems that the writers are scrambling around for something to write about hence the prolonged and annoying Preeti scenes.

  5. Friends I don’t find anything interesting in this serial to comment on.LikeTopaz,I will just read the updates and follow your comments.Good bye for now.

  6. I was a big fan of this show.feeling really sad for present situation.dont think this show have anything interesting to show diwangi’s a show for preeti now.only read updates till the show recovers.bye aisi diwangi.

  7. Yes, Naz it’s very hard to digest that no one notice them…they don’t need any permission to check old data.Agree with you Topaz writers & directors are deliberately sideline lead couple & focusing only on Preeti.As this is not enough they killed DSR in d upcoming episode.please don’t ruin our serial.

  8. My dear friends.. I’m also taking a break from commenting…for the time being. Today’s episode was infuriating… say the least. The leads have become supporting characters and the villains rule the roost… It’s painful to add more… Lakshmi, Topaz, Nimisha, Arushi, Tina…chat soon if there’s any improvement in the storyline. It’s unbearable now….. Writers know how to damage a pretty good serial and by the stretch of the imagination, I can’t see anything good going to come in Prem’s destiny since he’s as much as good as an illegitimate son now…. Toddles…. ??

  9. Yes Yes I was right .That file has proof Prem is not son of Dharm singh

  10. Friends, I request you all to come back to watching and commenting on the show , let’s continue expressing our displeasure on the current tracks and ways in the show, how long they can keep on ignoring the fans sentimets ? After all, we are all spending our real time and energy daily on a product they have offered with a set of promises, how they can sell the product if we ignore or reject it, I am sure they can’t ignore our views for very long. So requesting – Naz, Topaz, Lakshmi, Aditi, Cathy, Nimisha and all others please come back !

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