Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun watches dance moves on youtube and thinks of showing them to Tejaswini for her dance competition. He slips on stairs and fractures his leg. Dharam in his house reminisces Arjun and Prem’s fight and Deep telling his past is haunting their future. Sarla asks what is he thinking. Dharam says he is thinking of Prem’s future. Sarla asks him not to worry, once he marries, his wife will change him.

Tejaswini meets Arjun and sees him on wheelchair. Arjun says he got hairline fracture and apologize for not helping in choreography. She says it is okay, competitions come and go. He says he knows how much this competition is important to her. She says that is fine, he should get well soon. She goes to her room and gets tensed how will she arrange money now. She gets a

call from college asking her to pay her due fees on time. She cries in front of Urmi that she does not even have 500 rs now and Preeti is on her way already, how will she help Preeti’s studies now. She had 2500 rs and had to give it to Prem as she fought with him.

Prem gets into a bus after ordering janmastami function pamphlet printing in another city. Sarla calls him and ask if he finished his work. He says yes and is returning home in bus. A few drunkards create havoc in bus. Conductor warns goons to behave, else he will kick them out of bus. One goon says he is this area MLA’s son and will sue him from his job, shut his mouth and stand silently. Preeti enters bus and sits next to Prem. Goon starts misbehaving with her and falls on her. Prem controls himself, but when goons crosses his limit, Prem confronts and gives window seat to Preeti and asks goon to do his drama now. Tejaswini waits near bus stop for Preeti. Driver stops bus at a dhaba for 10 minutes. Preeti gets down and goes to washroom. Goons surround her. Prem notices her missing and goes out. He sees goons misbehaving her. Goons pull out knifes and warn Prem to stay away. Prem beats them and one of them stabs his stomach.

Tejaswini continues calling Preeti and her phone is switched off. Bus comes and she does not see Preeti in it. Ajju and Vinay also search Prem. Tejaswini asks them if Prem is coming in this bus. They say yes. She says her sister is coming in same bus and has not reached, please call Prem and find out. Preeti comes with Prem crying with torn clothes. Preeti cries and says Prem. Tejaswini thinks Prem misbehaved with her and angrily slaps him. She holds his collar and shouts how dare he is to take her revenge on her sister. Prem asks her to listen to him. She continues yelling. Preeti also tries, but Tejaswini continues. Vinay asks her to leave bhai’s collar and listen to him She hits Prem’s stomach wound and shouts she will destroy him.

Precap: Tejaswini says she will file police complaint against goons. Prem stops her and says sometimes they cannot distinguish good and bad. She says it is wrong. He says she will allege his pappa for kidnapping.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. epi was ok
    when prem behaves normal teja misunderstands and when teja behaves normal prem tries to tease her
    precap is good

  2. thanks for the update MA


    Okkk type episode.. and teju’s behaviour is all due to her mother as she didn’t told her truth and took promise even and prem weired behaviour is due to fake call done (don’t know who did it)..
    Zee writers are expret in ruining shows, plz leave this show atleast

  4. Hello Naz,hope you have had a great week end.I really feel lazy on Mondays after a hectic week end and this weekend was very tiresome .All of a sudden my friend Radhika wanted to see wild life in its natural habitat .So yesterday early morning at 4.30am we travelled by car to a beautiful wild life sanctuary named ‘Bandipur’that is about 5hours journey from Bangalore.Without a single stop we reached at 9 am itself a d went on tiger safari.Friend,The jungle was so lovely in the morning with chirping birds,,beautiful cheetal,two sloth bear in their natural habitat and we were lucky to spot a majestic Bengal tigress with 3 lovely cubs,our guide told us not to panic and we just stopped our car and waited for her to cross the path ,but the real scare was not the tigress ,a herd of elephants with a few
    Calves,.They were peacefully drinking water at a water hole,all of us got down to watch from a distance but Radhika’s daughter without listening to her parents and the guide went a bit nearer with her camera ,my god,Naz,the matriarch ,a huge female elephant,how agile she is for her size ,……..she ,got so cheesed up that she started running towards our Vehicle trumpeting all the way and imagine,the girl was too shocked to even step into the car.The guide had to fire a shot into the air and she backed off,The guide said that we were lucky ,sometimes they won’t back off and even more dangerous than big cats .Call it an adventure or simple carelessness,we had a miraculous escape and came back this evening after staying
    overnight in Jungle resorts listening to the strange and creepy forest noises the whole night.
    Teju’s behaviour is disappointing in this episode.She stayed in Prem’s house for a considerable number of days and couldn’t make out his true character,How can she think that Prem is so mean that to settle his differences with her ,he would go to the extent of molesting her sister?i am losing all respect for Teju’s character.Already 53 episodes are over,when will they stop blaming each other ?.Friend. What type of love is this and have you noticed that Tejaswani’s voice was terrible yet again particularly in that last scene,I think it is not really due to cold ,some problem with vocal chords,really unpleasant to the ears.Anyways waiting for tomorrow’s episode to see Teja’s reaction after Preeti tells her the truth.

    1. I heard Teja’s voice too and thought that it’s been too long that I’m hearing her tone of voice, I hope it’s nothing bad!! She sounds like something is wrong with her vocals, so right you are…

  5. Lakshmi, when I saw Teja’s behavior in this episode, I wanted to give her a tight slap myself. She just went into a tirade before allowing Prem to get a single word in and to make matters worse her cousin was standing there swallowing her saliva and won’t even tell Teja with some gusto what
    really happened…. These directors are so
    weird at times, they allow the actors to deliver their lines in such a way that it come across foolish and unnatural. In a scene like that in the real world, there’s no
    way someone like Teja could say so much
    without someone butting in to set the record straight immediately!!! I want irritated with this late part of today’s episode. Just imagine, this girl was already
    heckled on the bus and was afraid of them
    so why on earth would she go far from the bus in a desolate place all alone, didn’t she look for trouble?? Guess writers have to find ways to cause more rift between
    Prem and Teja, maybe they think we
    haven’t had enough as yet!!! ??…..Anyway… It’s so good to see you found some time from your busy schedule to have a little fun with a good friend. I also
    have a little social group of friends and we
    go places as well, we cook something each and just go where the place is acceptable and fun. I went hiking about two weeks
    ago, up to a small waterfall, it was tiring day I tell you but worth every minute. I also love the country side and looking at animals but we don’t have animals like you all have in the woodlands so I have to visit the zoo for that and it’s not fun watching
    them in captivity, they are best in freedom.
    I can imagine your exhilarating outing and I’m so jealous!!! ?? ..i do have to watch them this way on Animal Planet!!! I share your love for nature as well, my friend. I love greenery in its natural state, I enjoy looking at animals but not playing with them because I scream with fright!!! I’m always unnerved by them….. BTW, in the precap, I think this misunderstanding will be cleared. I don’t know when this couple would ever see eye to eye…their love story is so volatile!! I hope their love burns just as intensely because I just ? a good romance!!! Have a wonderful day today….my niece stayed last night by me and today she and my daughter Nafeesa, will make pizza!!! Today’s a public holiday, it’s called Emancipation Day!! I’m going to get some work done around the house. Chat soon!!! I’m ????

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