Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Prem Finds Truth About File

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preeti searches file in Tejaswini’s room and finds one, then gets disappointed seeing different file. Tejaswini walks in and asks if she is disappointed seeing different file, she saw Preeti peeing yesterday, so she exchanged file. She challenges that she will fail Preeti’s heinous plans and protect family. Preeti says when one wishes by heart, they will get that, she is dreaming of Tejaswini and Prem crying and she destroying family. She returns to her room fuming and thinks what Tejaswini thinks of herself, thinks she has only 1 day to get proof against Dharam’s family. She imagines herself in jail. Mandira calls her and she panics more.

Prem enters room and touches Tejaswini from behind. She gets afraid and slips. They both fall on bed. Prem looks into her

eyes. Ankhon ko Ankhon se dhalne do zara song plays in the background. They get engrasped into each other’s eyes. Tejaswini gets alert and reminds Prem of his promise. Prem nods yes and says sorry. She tries to get up and her hair gets locked in his shirt cuff. He says even situation does not want them to separate. She gets up and pallu gets stuck under bed, asks him to leave her. He laughs and says he is her husband and has right on her. She nervously says he cannot force. He laughs more. She turns and throws pillows on her. The fall on bed tired. Hey Shona. Hey…plays in the background next. Prem says he cannot stay without her. Tejaswini thinks what she is thinking, she has to speak to Dharam about that file.

Hiten with Kusum and Sharda comes to meet Dharam’s family. Dharam says Anand is a like a coconut, hard from outside and soft from inside. Hiten says those are bad situations and burnt with Diwali celebrations, he was thinking Prem and Tejaswini did not find quality time, so he has booked Mumbai resort for their honeymoon. Dharam asks Prem to go and pack bags. Preeti taunts Tejaswini that she gave this idea to papa. Sharda says even Preeti and Arjun are newly married, so even they should go to Mumbai. Tejaswini smirks at Preeti. Preeti says she is unwell. Anand says with change in environment, she will get well. Arjun excitedly says he will pack bags then. Preeti angrily walks towards her room. Tejaswini stops her and says when she was giving idea to mamaji, she called maa and gave her idea, like Preeti is spying her, she is spying Preeti, now both sisters will go on honeymoon. Preeti fumes more.

Mandira calls Preeti and scolds she does not pick call, now she is going on honeymoon with Arjun. Preeti says Tejaswini trapped her. Mandira says she should sacrifice Arjun in Rajpipla itself. Preeti asks what she is telling. Mandira says Chatanki’s 24 hours will finish easily, then she will be in jail. Preeti asks to be lenient on her. Mandira warns to get file or face consequences. Arjun calls her and says he packed all her clothes. She asks why so much. He says if her mood changes, she may over stay. Preeti thinks how to get off Arjun’s honeymoon fever. She dreams of climbing chair and jumping and acting as in pain, asks Arjun how will they go on honeymoon now. Arjun says they will go some other day. Out o flashback, she climbs chair and acts. Arjun seeing something diverts attention towards it.

Tejaswini acts as falling and injuring. Family gathers. Tejaswini says due to injury, she cannot go to honeymoon. Prem says they will some other time and asks Arjun and Preeti to go. Preeti says she will not go without didi. Sharda ask her to go while Prem and Tejaswini will join them later. Preeti thinks how will she get file now. Once family leaves, Prem calls Preeti and says Tejaswini is fit and fine and dances with her. Tejaswini thinks why did he tell Preeti about their plan. Prem says Tejaswini told Preeti wants to send them to honeymoon and plan some new drama. Preeti thinks that means Tejaswini did not tell Prem about file. Preeti asks Tejaswini if she did not tell Prem about file. Prem asks which file, asks Tejaswini what this mad is talking about. Tejaswini says she does not. Preeti says file which Tejaswini found in store room. Prem asks to stop new story and go to Mumbai. Preeti asks if he is afraid that if he finds file, his will be proved a lier. Prem says he will see what Tejaswini is hiding. Tejaswini asks what is he telling. Prem says Preeti is trying to create a rift between them, he wants to give a strong reply to her, asks Preeti to get file. Preeti starts searching file. Tejaswini asks to stop her. Prem says let her and asks Preeti if she found a file. Preeti gets happy finding file under mat and gives it to Prem. Tejaswini gets tensed. Prem gets shock reading it and angrily asks Tejaswini why did she hide such a big issue.

Precap: Preeti tels Arjun if file’s truth comes in front of family, Arjun will be king. Arjun says she is right. Preeti thinks husband should be dumb like him. She taunts Tejaswini that she is late.

Update Credit to: MA

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    1. Prem is so much dumb sometime.. ????

    2. Songs were soo right and at right moment ?????

    3. Now a days show is less about deewangi but more about revenge, so change show name from “aisi deewangi dekhi nahi kahin” to “aisa badla (revenge) dekha nahi kahin”..

  2. I agree with you that the show has lost its charm.i don’t understand why Prem and Teja are so formal to each other ,even that eye lock scene was so uninspiring that I begin to feel that there is some tension between the actors that is affecting their on screen chemistry .Adding to this,the writers want to show more of Preeti’s stupid pranks and the present story line looks as if the writers want to show more of Preeti’s Dewangi for Prem rather than the passionate love story of Prem and Tejaswani.

  3. Friends… I’m getting bored of this lack of chemistry between our leads. Where has the romance gone? They are newlyweds not an old married couple….I had to laugh though, that distasteful Preeti thinks Teja and Prem should go on a honeymoon when she deserves one too but we know she can’t sleep on the same bed with Arjun, much less go on a honeymoon…let’s see how long she will stall the inevitable and Arjun has to be the biggest fool in soapland to not realize his wife scorns him….sooooooo…. I’m not not pleased with this lack of romance between the lovable couple. If Pranav is having personal problems, he has to be professional enough to not bring it into his job, we the public should never know … we’re seeing now his lack of enthusiasm and it’s affecting his performance of his character…if the marriage rumors are right and his wife has a problem with his costars, then she’s the wrong wife for him. This is Pranav’s job….

  4. I don’t think so Pranav’s personal life affect his professional life.I think it’s writer’s fault. They are not giving our couple any personal space .Their focus is on Preeti now.

    1. Nimisha, their focus is indeed on Preeti but I can feel the space between Prem and Teja and I’m sad about it… I want them to be happy ???

  5. Naz, I agree with your comment ever since it came out that Pranav is married there has been a detectable difference in his and Jyoti’s chemistry on screen they can’t seem to be believable as before as young and very much in love couple and quite frankly I’m tired of Preeti’s track and her being given so much screen time so I’m giving this show a rest. I will however read the updates and then decide if I want to watch or not.

    1. Topaz, I watched Zee Rishtey awards and I saw Preeti sitting on her chair, well she more looked like she was hovering over the seat because she was wildly clapping and cheering so I guess the character traits we see from her is her normal behavior…wacko ???…mind you, I’m not dissing her dance moves but just to say that she looks like a flirty individual with her hair all over her face in the few shots I saw of her… Sometimes I also don’t feel like commenting but because of our friends here, I like to be in the discussion.. We have a nice group of friends here….????

  6. The distance between Prejaswini is so forced and so unrealistic that it appears almost funny to me, keep aside Pranav ,I get the feeling that even the writer and the director are not yet married or even in a serious relationship !! Those who are, will understand what I mean. It’s so absurd that Prem is not even bothered to find out why Teju wants to keep distance with him, after all this is not an arranged marriage between 2 unknown people who are taking time to get accustomed to each other. And what’s Teju”s actual reason anyway, audience including myself wish to know As it is their scenes are so sketchy and rushed whereas every expression and dialogue of OTT PRfactor is explored and displayed in minutest detail, hate it so much !!! Something is seriously and suspiciously wrong with the show at present and that something is more than Pranav”s marital status. Hoping to see smooth and swift rectification ASAP, or the show is doomed. And now the spoilers say Dharam is going to be killed and once again PR will rule supreme, God , how much can we bear for the sake of Prejaswini ???

    1. So true Arushi…..two people in love marries and they trying to respect some unknown wish, I would like to know…hell….they should want to jump in bed sooner than later….not realistic thinking here. With raging hormones, I think writers want consummation as a last resort, what’s wrong with these writers brains????????…i don’t like this thing that DSR is going to die????why why why…..

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