Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Prem’s Plan to Break Dharam’s Trust On Tejaswini Fails

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini after whole days’ fast waits for Prem to come and break her fast. Cook comes and asks if she will not have food. She says once Prem comes, she will. Cook says he may come late and will not have food, so he did not prepare food for him. Tejaswini says she will wait for him. Prem comes and asks cook to serve food. Tejaswini asks cook to go and sleep, she will prepare food for Prem. She prepares food while Prem freshens up and returns to dining table. She serves food. He asks if she prepared it. She says no. He tastes it and praises cook.

Next morning, mamaji goes to police station. His colleague constables taunt him that he tried to spy Dharam’s family and got beaten up by his sons, they inform that SP is waiting for him. He walks into SP’s office

who scolds him and orders to write his resignation letter. Mamaji returns to his desk reminiscing Anand insulting him. Tejaswini calls him and he disconnects call. Tejaswini sees Arjun leaving house, stops him and asks where is he going. He asks who is she to ask. She says she is his bhabhi and has right to ask. He yells she poisoned herself and alleged her sister. She says he is falling into Preeti’s prey easily. He yells he is not Prem and continues arguing. She requests to attend family pooja.

Before morning pooja, Prem asks Sarla to search his file and smirks. Sarla opens cupboard and finds snacks in it. Prem says he brought them. Sarla thinks Tejawini hid them and is acting as fasting. Tejaswini realizes Prem is planning to prove wrong in front of Dharam. Dharam after pooja asks cook to bring fruits for Tejaswini as she is fasting. Sarla says Tejaswini is acting as fasting and is hiding snacks in cupboard. Priyal and Suinaina start their usual taunts. Tejaswini takes Devi maa’s oath that she did not hide snacks and did not break fast. Dharam sees Prem smirking and asks what is happening. Prem says he already told he kept snacks in cupboard. Priyal and Sunaina yell from when Prem is hiding snacks, he never used to.

Preeti meets Arjun and emotionally traps him that she speaks what is in her mind and she loves him. She waits for Arjun to reply and hopes he is a fool as she thinks. He turns her and hugs. She gets happy that he is really a food and thinks Tejaswini, she is coming to make her life hell. She reaches home. Sharda confronts her. She warns Sharda that she did not control her daughter and now trying to control her, she should be in her limits. Sharda stands in a shock.

Tejaswini performs pooja with family and sees Arjun very happy, thinks she will not let Preeti ruin Arjun’s life. She meets Preeti and warns to stop interfering. Preeti says she already she will build her own life. Tejaswini says she can, but stop using Arjun. Preeti says something has to be sacrificed before feast, so Arjun is a scapegoat. Tejaswini warns to stay away from her family. Preeti says she easily accepted her father’s murderer’s family and married Prem. Tejaswini says Prem is her husband now and she should not badmouth about his family. Preeti warns her to stay away from her and let her do whatever she wants and walks away. Drama continues.

Precap: Preeti calls Tejaswini and informs that she and Arjun are marrying. Tejawini reaches temple and is shocked to see Arjun and Preti taking pheras. Arjun tries to slap Preet. Arjun stops him and says Preeti is his wife now. Prem says he does not consider this marriage. Arjun says it does not matter.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Preeti is so disgusting that she trapped Arjun and he’s caught hook, line and sinker. Lets hope Pteeti is exposed and run out of town.
    That girl is so shameless because she wants her cousin husband and cornered.innocent Arjun. He will he heartbroken when he finds out about Preeti using him.

  2. Sarifa Patel

    My dear it is useless trying to invoke some sense into these writers. They only know how to write irritating nonsense. We no longer watch we only read the write ups to see if they gained any common sense.

  3. We all know Arjun is a fool, Preeti didn’t need to tell us that. I really feel like slapping my TV when I see her face, what an irritating character, no shame at all, dribbling over her sister’s husband!! It’s so funny watching Arjun when Preeti is spewing her venom, he behaves as if he’s in a trance. Wow…he has to be one hungry man, to accept a woman like Preeti for some affection, he can’t be that desperate!! ?? for Prem, his antics to get back at Teja, is coming across a little too juvenile. I do like Prem and Teja scenes, they look so super together, made for each other!! ??… Lakshmi, I know you are busy with religious aspects these days, take a breather, I miss your analysis ,always insightful!!

  4. Damnit..i thought Arjun was smarter then this.

  5. Get well soon Arjun….?

  6. I cant understand what happened to dis rathor family’s boys their characters were so strong & smart as shown earlier but when Mehta family’s girls enter their lives they becomes so dumb .Earlier Prem behaves like that & now Arjun.Teju is having pure soul but Preeti she is so disgusting .She has already crossed all d limits… i dont know how much she’ll stoop down.Prem’s family cant digest teju’s deception how they will react when they comes to know that Preeti is also betraying them….

  7. I so hope Arjun is the smarter one in this liaison of Arjpree , earlier also he has taken it on to himself to save Prem (from Teju initially when he called her mom to ensure Teju leaves Rajpipla as well as Rathode house for good ,, and from Ramesh too) and now he is playing the game with Preeti to remove her from Prem’s life , I so hope the writers get their sense back and write it this way. Somehow I find Arjun’s character quite interesting since the beginning. No doubt he is the smartest amongst the brothers (Prem included ,who is too simple to be clever) , Arjun is crafty but devoted towards Prem, that has been shown time and again. I am sure he will never wish to harm Prem genuinely, My fervent request to the writers – please don’t spoil Arjun’s character, let him be !!! he has got certain uniqueness to his character which is very unusal in hindi soaps, let him retain that. Given a choice I will kill Preeti ASAP, disgusting character . Teju please revive your spark pronto, things are too slow at your end. Prem stop playacting that you hate Teju when you are still all completely absorbed by her. I simply adore DSR, wonderful characterization ; I hope soon he will put some sense in his bigda huye bete’s bheja ! And Prem is too cute, whatever he does I will always love to watch that , his simplicity and child like innocence will always reach and connect with us, be the way you are , only defend Teju a little less. Also, I completely agree to whatever he is feeling and saying these days about Teju’s mom, mamaji , Preeti and Teju’s entire family, not a single word he uttered against them is untrue, I am very happy he is trying to make them taste their own medicine, Teja can’t defy this, her mom , mama all are equally guilty and punishable for being a part and supporting her evil scheme, how can they even act innocent now ?? Very good Prem, give it back to them in your own way, we are with you here

    1. I agree with your comment 100%…Arjun’s character is unique and has shades, we almost never could decipher his love for his brother, very unusual and I really hope he’s going to come out on top of Preeti’s plans. Also, everything Prem has said to Teja’s mother, mamaji and Preeti is 100% accurate…..when I was listening to him, I was happy, he nailed it, who vex….lost!!! I applaud him. Sharda really looks lonely these days but she called it upon herself. Arjun however….we need to keep an eye on him, the writers keyboard has a way to wreck havoc and potential wars…


    Show is spoiling slowly..

  9. Keeping my fingers crossed on this Naz

  10. My dear friends thank you for your hard work ,we appreciate your help in making the show easier for us non Indian people, but can I ask something where is the other sister of Teja I mean preetti’s sister ? Wouldn’t be lovely if she likes one of prem and Arjun’s younger brothers Anju! !

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