Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini sees Ramesh carrying gun towards Prem’s mother and aunts to kill them and rushes to save them. She throws chillies on Ramesh and his goons and pushes them, rescues Prem’s mother and aunts and runs with them. On the other side, Arjun provokes Prem against Tejaswini that she took revenge by making his mother punish him in front of whole market. Prem fumes. Arjun says he should teach her a lesson. Tejaswini runs with Prem’s mother and aunt. Goons follow them. She hides them and sees college is about to leave. She asks them to run once she asks to and not look back. They do same. College opens and all students come out. They mingle between students and escape.

Dharam singh with his brothers reaches there. Ramesh gets tensed seeing Dharam Singh. Dharam’s

wfe writhes in pain due to leg sprain. Dharam warns Ramesh that he got him arrested 15 years ago for his crime, but he did not mend his ways and tried to kill his family, so he will be punished. Mamaji reaches there in car and is shocked to see Tejaswini with Dharam Singh and his family and asks what is she doing here, takes her along. Prem’s friend informs him that Ramesh attacked his mother and aunts in market. Prem rushes with Arjun and other siblings. Dharam pulls gun at Ramesh and is about to shoot him when police reaches. Dharam’s inspector brother arrests Ramesh and his goons and sends them to police station. He sees Dharam’s wife writhing in pain and angrily looks at Dharam.

Mamaji takes Tejaswini to her hostel and asks her how does she know Dharam Singh and his family. She says Prem. He asks who Prem. She say Dharam’s son and tells him whole story. He says she does not know who Dharam singh is. She asks who. He tries to tell that he killed her father, but stops. Mom calls her and says she saw news that Dharam Singh’s family is attacked and a girl saved them, if she is that girl. She gets tensed. Mamaji calls mom and says they will show girl’s photo now. Tejaswini gets more tensed.

Dharam Singh takes his family home. Doc treats his wife and says she got sprain and will be fine. Prem also reaches with his brothers. Brother confronts Dharam that because of his sins, his family is suffering. Another brother tries to stop him, but he continues. Prem requests him not to insult pappa. Arjun comments and yells that his father cannot insult tauji Dharam Singh. Prem slaps him and warns when elders are talking, youngsters should not interfere. Family drama continues.

Precap: Arjun warns Tejaswini that Prem spared her as she saved his family, she should not dare tell that she did not badmouth about his pappa. Tejaswini sees Prem and apologizes him. Arjun gets tensed seeing Prem.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This arjun ….hate him ….he is the one who badmouths about teja……

    1. hi naymaz di

      1. Hi dear r u also preja fan

    2. yep they are going good i wish they willbring magic like other couples on screen and when are u going to post ur savitri devi college ff

      1. U read it thnx will post it tmrw
        Currently posted my swasan ff
        Unplanned Rendezvous

    3. i just going to throught swasan ff i will read it

  2. epi was emotional prem’s love for his mother is too much and can’t tolerate badmouth about his father both emotions r very high

  3. Prem’s love for his mother was very emotional.
    And Prem is a angry young man for those who badmouth about his dad and tried to harm his family.
    Love Pretej. ???

  4. Good going nice episode.

  5. what will happen next
    very excited for next episode

  6. prem character is growing well and tejaswani too hope the will make good pair

  7. waiting for todays episode

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