Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tejaswini Finds Secret File of Dharam’s Family

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pihu tries to walk into house via window with great difficulty yelling since Mandira went to jail, she is in trouble. Tejaswini walks down to drink water and stops seeing window open. Preeti hides and hopes Tejaswini does not notice her. Tejaswini while returning notices table fallen and keeps it back thinking it fell due to air. She then sees store room door and walks in. Preeti locks door from outside and grins that Tejaswini has to spend night in dark store room. Tejaswini knocks door and thinks of calling Prem, but realizes she forgot mobile. Prem wakes up not sensing her next to him and walks down. Tejaswini sees old family album and gets happy seeing Prem’s childhood pics. She then finds a file and gets tensed reading it, thinks Prem should not see it. Prem walks

in and asks what is she doing here. Tejaswini nervously hides file behind her back and says she went to bring water and walked in here. He asks if Preeti did something, he will finish her in a day. She says she did not and walks out with him hiding file.

Preeti notices Prem rescuing Tejaswini and complains god why is he not helping her. She sees Tejaswini hiding file behind from Prem and thinks she has to get it. Prem takes Tejaswini to room. Tejaswini says she forgot to bring water. Prem stops her and says he will get it. Preeti hears their conversation standing near door. Prem opens door but does not notice her. She hides. He walks away looking at Tejaswini. Tejaswini anxiously hides file in cupboard. Preeti notices hiding and thinks this is the file which will harm Dharam and his family, she should get it and inform Mandira.

Preeti walks to her room and seeing Arjun snoring yells at him. She calls Mandira and their drama starts. Prem returns with water and feels sad for the recent events. Preeti informs Mandira that Tejaswini was hiding a file from Prem and it may harm Dharam’s family.

Prem tells Tejaswini that whole family is happy on Tejaswini, so they should take their relationship forward. He says 1+1=2, A for apple, etc.. Tejaswini engrasped in thoughts asks what is he telling. He asks if she is thinking of someone else, he will shoot him in her mind itself. She romantically looks at him reminiscing their romatic meetings. Sanam teri kasam….song…plays in the background. Prem tries to kiss her, but she reminisces store room file and says it is late night, let us sleep. He asks if they really should sleep. She says yes and sleeps. Prem tells Tejaswini that he will not come near her without her wish, he loves her. She replies I love you too and thinks if file truth comes in enemy’s hand, her family will be in danger.

Mandira warns Preeti if work is not done on time, she will cut her feathers and will make her fal in jail. Preeti asks if threatening is her birth right and thinks what is in that file, she needs to know.

Dharam enjoys breakfast with family and says he is so happy seeing whole family together. Preeti looks at Tejaswini and thinks what will happen if file truth comes out. She acts as coughing and says she is not feeling well and will have breakfast later. Arjun says he will accompany her. Preeti thinks this chipku will not leave her alone, says she will go alone, he can enjoy family breakfast. Prem asks Arjun to sit. Preeti leaves smirking. Tejaswini thinks Preeti is up to something.

Precap: Preeti asks Tejaswini if she did not show file to Prem. Prem asks which file. She gives him file excitedly. Prem angrily looks at Tejaswini.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Silvia Leimapokpam

    Your Comment LUV U PREJESWINI

  2. Very much disappointed with Teja , I can not imagine that she is the same smart girl who came out with that brilliant plan (Ofcourse there were many loopholes) to save Prem from being jailed.With Preeti around ,she should have been extra careful .Teja should have suspected something amiss seeing the open window ,the maindoor and the fallen vase.Instead ,she coolly gets shut in the storeroom by Preeti.Even after coming out also,she doesn’t suspect that Preeti may still be there hiding and watching her every move including the file in her hand.Moreover ,she doesn’t have the common sense to shut the door while
    securing that all important file in a safe place.Tejaswani,supposed to be an intelligent girt ,really surprises me when she does silly mistakes of this nature that lead to serious problems in future.Still I think that the file that Preeti shows to Prem in the precap is n’t the same hidden by Teja.
    And Teja was so tensed that she couldn’t even reciprocate the romantic feelings of Prem. What a disappointment ! And what is the cause of her tension and what are the contents of the file,we will come to know only on Monday.

  3. In today’s episode I enjoyed Preeti’s expression mainly when Arjun came close to her she said ,chipku kabhi to akela chod mere baap.I like her expression.Yes , Lakshmi today was not Teju’s day.she was behaving like she kept her brain aside today…not noticing anything around….I think d file which she shows in d precap is different & original one is safely kept aside by teju….

    1. Agree, I am sure Teju has safeguarded the file. And PR’s nautanki in front of Prem will backfire on her. She dared to enter Prejaswini’s bedroom, so obnoxious, my blood is boiling seeing her standing on that floor, so must be Prem’s ?

  4. Prem is behaving too formal with his wife teja what i felt.seems like they both are still not that deep in love.thats why they both behave too formal with each other.prem is very goody type in romancing.he never behave naughty or flirty.its like very old days arrange marriage that both are hesitating to getting close,specially the way director make prem to ask about consumating i was laughing that time.and cv’s are always in a hurry when they give the screen space to prem teja ,they are so much busy to show preeti.i feel like major misunderstanding will happen and prem teja will again become enemies.and what happened with Teja’s career ,she stopped going college ,and prem also.i really miss that feel of college ,bcoz the serial now completely changed,it’s no more that old has become a normal family drama…May be for low trp.cvs had to change the plot.i like prem and teja both and their chemistry…They look so good together.again there is no spoiler ,no off screen promotion for this show.and somewhere this show has become boring for me.

  5. What I don’t get is why a file that contains something so important that it left Teja rattled and can be detrimental to the family if it falls into the wrong hands is left where anyone can find it, quite frankly it should have been under lock and key. As for Teja and Prem not being intimate as yet, I’m hoping that this is not a repeat of Raja and Rani. I rather like Mandira she makes me laugh, I don’t mind watching her as for Preeti lord spare me. I see that they are trying to tone down Preeti to make her appear comical even with evil intentions but she still irritates me.

  6. I hope Prem isn’t Mandira bua’s son……

  7. I agree Preeti is given way too much screen time, i want to see more of Teja and Prem. I hope Prem isn’t Mandira’s husband son with Sarla, I can’t remember when but Dharam had said something about he can’t see women being taken advantage of, if i remember correctly, i thought at that time that maybe something had happened to Sarla but i could be wrong. I can’t say for sure but the fact that it came out recently that Pranav is married and all the hullabaloo that was associated with it maybe that is what is causing problems with his and Jyoti’s intimate scenes.

  8. How many times this stupid pream hates tejaswini
    With out her mistake…..damn

  9. You are right Topaz.both Prem and Teja looked very uncomfortable in that intimate scene.There is absolutely no chemistry between them.I don’t know how to describe what I felt but that scene seemed so unnatural ….a newly married couple .supposedly passionately in love with each other and for the first time since their marriage ,have this oppertunity to spend quality time with each other …..and what we do see,they are too so formal ,cold and emotionless to be called a lovey dovey couple .And Prem requesting for his wife’s favours,my god ,is it the fault of the directior or do the actors have a problem with each other ?.Whatever it is ,both Prem and Teja are now a pale shadow of their former selves and I miss Raja and Rani of ETRETR.Through out the odd 270 episodes they acted ,they never got bored with each other (and never bored us ) and maintained their lovely chemistry till they took their last
    breath…Awesome couple.

  10. Sorry for ty.po errors.

  11. I would say its directors fault for the script.why making so much formal and serious dialogue between a newly Wed couple.rememver that garden scene before prem teja’s marriage that was magical chemistry between them but now it looks too formal.and they get minimum screen space together.i would rather say they are not in deep love till now.they fall for the relation too early also.somewhere i find the script really too much formal between the lead couple.they used to be more easy in their intimate hatred scenes.

  12. Lakshmi, you know what I couldn’t understand in that bedroom scene is when they decided to go to sleep both of them got into bed and turned away from each other, you could’ve placed 10 persons lol in between them the space was so wide. Even if you’re not going to be intimate where is the closeness, they could’ve slept in each other’s arms, even when they said I love you to each other it didn’t sound believable, sincerely hoping the director does something about this and hopefully we will see the same chemistry as before, in my view the college scenes were the best.

  13. I agree with you topaz..College scenes were best.we lost the charm of this serial somewhere.hope writers read this forum

  14. I feel they should have kissed each other and taken their relationship forward

  15. I think they should have kissed each other and taken their relationship forward

  16. No need for my input friends, you all said it for me…and I agree with you all…

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