Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini reaches a venue and thinks Arjun called her here only. She sees party going on. Arjun greets her. Tejaswini tells him that he lied and reminisces him telling about a fake competition. She wishes him happy birthday and says she cannot stay here though. Dharam enters with family and gets happy seeing her. She greets him and he blesses her. He says she should study well for her mother’s sake. Sarla hugs her emotionally. Tejaswini leaves. Prem sees Tejaswini walking out and fumes why did Arjun call her. He scolds Arjun. Arjun says it is his party and his wish, he does not need anyone advice. Prem hits him. Arjun hits back. Their argument and fights continue. Families watch them and intervene. Arjun’s mother scolds him for misbehaving with elder brother. Dharam

blames Deep for creating rift between brothers due to his anger. Deep also confronts. Their argument starts. Prem and Arjun start fighting again. Both families part ways.

Tejaswini at hostel takes care of janmastami decoration. Urmi asks how much she will work, already she is taking care of janmastami, then sports and studies. Tejaswini says she will manage. Mamaji calls her and informs that her cousin Preeti is also admitted in her college, he broke FD for that. Tejaswini asks him to send her soon as she needs to twist her ears. Mamaji says she should and not let her do mischief. Tejaswini asks him to send mamiji’s prepared pickles via Preeti and asks where is maa. Sharda signals mamaji to lie. Tejaswini says she knows maa is around and misses her, but does not want to talk. She disconnects call sadly. She then tells Urmi that her cousin is coming here and mamaji has made her admission, but may not arrange further fees, so she needs to do something and asks to find out if someone needs tutorials.

Prem dreams of Dharam running to save himself and someone stabbing him. He wakes up shouting. Sarla enters and asks if he saw bad dream and asks to have medicine. He cheers her up and sends away. He reminisces his and Arjun’s fight and blames Tejaswini for it.

Next morning, Tejaswini trains Arjun and others. Prem reaches late. She says he is late and asks to warm up. He says he does not need anyone’s advice. She says that is why he is like this. He joins others and looks weak. After training, Tejaswini says this will not work well. He feels severe headache and collapses. Tejaswini gets worried and everyone gather. They take Prem to hospital. Ajju and Vinay come out of Prem’s room and blames Tejaswini for Prem’s condition. Arjun comes and says Prem bhai is fine and asks her to go and take care of janmastami festival. He thinks he is responsible for Prem’s condition.

Back home, Dharam takes soup for Prem. Prem asks why did he bring. Dharam asks if father cannot serve son. Their emotional bonding goes well. Dharam asks him to have medicine and leaves. Prem thinks he cannot have medicine and should find out who wants to kill pappa.

Precap: Prem announces there will be dance competition on janmastami day. He dances with Tejaswini and says if one teaches dance someone, it should be remembered whole life.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Preja u guys r killing me with ur tashan
    wow yaar thoda toh reham karo !!!!!!
    awesome wala episode i loved the preja scenes and arjun acting gud towards teja
    all in all a good epi

  2. arjun is using teja for taking revenge from prem
    epi was good
    eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s epi

    1. really???????arun is using teja??????

      1. Using teja means using prem’s hatred for teja and making him angry


    100% love triangle will be shown…as arjun faces show jealousy when he see teju and prem together..
    And what is mystry about dreams that prem see????????

    1. I also had the same question

  4. Day by day ,it is becoming boring ,they are showing the lead in poor taste,even Arjun is good in something like sports but the male lead Prem is being portrayed as a good for nothing fellow.The way Teju was ordering him around in the sports practice …….he looked like a school boy obeying the instructions of his teacher which makes me wonder who the lead is……Prem or Arjun……. Why should any girl fall in love with a guy who is inferior to her in everything … dignity ,no charm ……always shouting at the top of his voice.Hello Writers ,if Prem continues to be shown like a nervous wreck ,how can you create a romantic track between the two ,even If you create also,it looks unnatural.First give a facelift to Prem’s character and make him a responsible ,dignified guy who is good in some profession,as of now he just looks like an AWARA,sorry for using the hindi term,but right now that is the best word to describe him.

    1. Sneharnav

      Actually it is the story Prem falls in love with our dear Tejaswini and keeps trying to make her understand that but he cannot aisi he had gone to great lengths in hatred. After a long time when Tejaswini will actually feel love for Prem then the story would take turn. Probably Tejaswini’s father’s death mystery will be revealed. They both would love each other extremely and will not be able to part away while Sharda and probably Dharam will not be able to digest it

  5. According to me the only problem of rathore family boys’ is their love for their parents particularly fathers
    Prem misbehaved his uncle because he loves his father and teja complained against his father and his uncle favoring teja and Arjun misbehaved with Arjun because he loves his papa and prem misbehaved with him

  6. Hi beautiful ladies how are u all, have a nice and make a great weekend.

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