Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Prem and Tejaswini Celebrate Diwali With Family

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarla tells Sumaina and Priyal that Tejaswini saved her son, she does not know how to thank her. They both ask her to relax. Prem walks in with Tejaswini dancing with family on O Shubharam..shehani…song..Sarla apologizes Tejaswini for misbehaving with her. Tejaswini says mother’s place is always high and cannot think bad about children, how much ever maa is angry on her, she will be her daughter always. Family members smile. Tejawini touches Sarla’s feet. Prem asks Sarla to come and hug her son and daughter-in-law (DIL). She does same. Ajju and Vinay bring Ram and Seeta idol. Dharam says it is a really good sign and chants Siya Pati Ram Chandra Ki Jai.

After sometime, Tejaswini gets ready and seeing Prem coming out of bathroom asks him to tie her back lace.

He does looking at her romantically. She shies. Bahon ke daarmiyaan do pyar milrahe hain…song…plays in the background. Prem hugging her says he wants to promise her that they both are 2 bodies and 1 soul and nobody can separate them now.

Dharam with family performs Raam and Seeta’s pooja. Raam siya raam…bhajan..plays in the background. Deep and Sunaina followed by Anand and Priyal perform aarti. Prem performs aarti holding Tejaswini’s hand and looking at her romantically. Tejaswini shows aarti to family and when Mamaji comes hugs him happily. Dharam distributes sweets and clothes to poor.

Sunaina eagerly looks at door. Sarla asks what happened. Sunaina says their whole family is united now, she is waiting for Arjun and Preeti to return. Sarla says they will soon. In hospital Arjun speaks to his friend and says he is so happy that his brother is proven innocent. Preeti acting as comatosed thinks why Mandira took blame on herself and told Preeti is innocent, how to get up and see what is happening.

Dharam’s family celebrate with a dance performance on Hum tere deewane hain…hum ashiq mastaane hain…song.. Tejaswini and Prem dance with romantic nok jhok. Whole family joins them. Mandira in jail fumes that Dharam’s family must be celebrating diwali after Ram and Sita returned, he should remember that Ravan is burnt each year as he does not die and how much ever Dharam tries, he cannot stop evil.

Vinajy informs family that Preeti is coming. Arjun brings Preeti. Preeti seeing Prem and Tejaswini staring at her gets tensed. She touches elders’ feet. Arjun apologizes Prem for misunderstanding her. Prem says whatever he does, he is his younger brother and hugs him. Preeti gets jealous seeing that. Tejaswini notices her and acting as hugging her happily murmurs Mandira saved her now and if she makes evil drama again, she will fall into herself. Prem asks Preeti how did she injure. Family also asks same. Preeti acts as getting headache. Arjun asks not to stress herself and takes her to room. Family disperses to their room.

Preeti in her room starts her jokergiri and thinks Mandira settled in jail and left her here to answer Prem and Tejaswini’s question, what she should do now. She gets happy thinking on an evil idea. Prem asks Tejaswini if she forgave Preeti. She says she did not and is waiting for the right opportunity to expose her. Prem says but…Tejaswini asks not to worry, even if a bigger storm than Preeti comes, they will ace it together. Preeti mixes something in milk. Arjun comes and asks not to stress herself and gives her medicines. Preeti acts that he takes care of her so much and has gone weak, so he should drink milk. He agrees when she kisses him and sleeps after drinking milk. Preeti gets happy.

At jail, jailer informs Mandira that someone has come to meet her. Mandira says she does not want to. Preeti comes and says Happy Diwali bua. Mandira calls her Chatanki and asks if she is looks like celebrating and scolds. She also scolds jailer to go. Preeti thanks her for saving her. Mandira says she did not save to romance with Arjun, she wants her to find a secret which will harm Dharam’s family. Chatanki smirks. Mandira warns not to make mistake this time and shows empty jail room, warns her aides will cut Preeti’s legs. Preeti imagines herself in jail.

Precap: Tejaswini in storeroom finds Prem’s childhood pics and gets happy. She then finds some secret file and panics that Prem should not see it. Prem enters saying he was searching her all around, sees file in her hand.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Naz you are right,the writers seem to be reading our comments and appreciating our sentiments.Thanks to them for obliging the viewers’request and uniting our lovely couple.As for persisting with Preeti ,it is understandable because someone or the other is required to create obstacles ,so they have retained this nauseating character.But it is obvious that Mandira will be calling the shots from her cell.Naz,if we look at these two characters ,there are many similarities between the two but Preeti ,like the proverb ‘still waters run
    deep’,comes across as more dangerous of the two with her silent ,stealthy
    ways,whereas,Mandira,being loud and pompous,is quite her opposite.Preeti is dependant on Mandira for her money ,power and to some extent her experience.I really pity Arjun,how he will get of this Pretty Preeti ‘menace,god only knows.
    Naz,the most important aspect of this episode is Mandira’s instructions to Preeti that she should keep her eyes oped and search for something very crucial in Dharamsingh ‘s mansion .Any ideas what ‘s that crucial info that Mandira wants Preeti to search for?And the precap shows Teja coming across some old hospital documents quite inadvertently and she tries not to show them to Prem.I think the file contains some secret particulars pertaining to Prem’s parentage.I hope whatever be that secret,it doesn’t fall in Preeti’s hands.
    And we have completely forgotten about those weird dreams that Prem has been getting since his childhood.Any relation between this file and those terrifying dreams.Too many questions and answers are awaited.

    1. Lakshmi, I also think something about Prem’s going to rear it’s head and it could be about his parentage as you’ve said. If this happens, the dynamics in the family are going to change…just assuming…so let’s wait a little more to see what writers dish out for us, before even I think of jumping the gun….but I strongly believe like you, it’s about Prem and hidden past. As with Preeti, you are right too, her character is dark, dangerous and is a manipulator but her novice attitude when finding herself in hot water is somewhat queer at the moment, she screeches like an owl and she does need mandira bua to coach her to perfection and I’m sure she may become a pro in no time. How could a mousy man like mamaji have a daughter like
      Preeti?? ?? ..i feel sorry for Arjun….he doesn’t even know what he married but since they are, writers will keep her there because of its sanctity and I’m sure in the future her character will turn positive, but for now we have to tolerate her deviousness and evil acts.

  2. After watching precap i have very strong gut feeling that biggest storm is awaiting in Prem’s life.Agree with u Lakshmi it may be connected to Prem’s parentage.I remember Prem’s conversation with Teju where he said,Tum meri puri family ka khayal rakhana chahe main rahun ya na rahu .Is there any hint in dis dialogue ?…

  3. I know i’m taking a an unpopular stand here But i kinda like Preeti, or i should say i love to hate her, i love her vanity selfishness and she won me over when she called Arjun sticky!! LOL i still laugh at that…i hope they do not use her for years like KumKum bhagya’s Tanu and Alia, but for now she’s pretty funny at least for me.

  4. My God Nimisha ,Prem says this before going to the court ,I thought that this statement of him was very odd but never gave much importance as everything went on well for Prem and Teja.If you go by the actual meaning of these words,(mein rahu ya na rahu),it will be a total devastation.Hope the writers don’t go to this extent and make the union of Teja and Prem a very short and brief one.We don’t mind a temporary upheaval in their lives like Prem’s real parents etc.etc but Prem or Teja should n’t be taken away from our midst like the writers of ETRETR did with Rani when they killed her in an accident leaving Raja all alone and devastated,and then created a look alike Naina.I sincerely hope they don’t do this ,….oterwise all the charm will be lost.

  5. I think those paper will reveal prem is adopted

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