Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem breaks water pipe and starts breaking things in college. Principal watches hiding. Prem asks Tejaswini to apologize. Tejaswini says she did not badmouth about his pappa. Prem orders Arjun and others to shut thi college. Arjun and siblings shoo students away with hockey sticks. Tejawini pleads Prem to stop it, but then apologizes him folding her hands and closing eyes. Prem orders her whenever she sees him, she will apologize twice similarly with closed eyes and folded hands until he stops her. He walks with his brothers. Shakalakaa booka…song..plays in the background.

Back into hostel room, Tejaswini’s roommates console her that everything will be fine. Arjun enters and says everything will be fine only if she studies and not mess up with him, else get out of

Rajpipla. Tejaswini says she apologized as she does not want other students to lose their studies. Prem gets on his bike. Principal request him to attend class when has come to college. Prem says today environment is very pleasant, how can he ask him to study, even he should go home. He furthers says that sapthah/festival starting from tomorrow and for 1 week mess will closed and all students will have food at Dharam Singh Rathod’s haveli. Principal leaves. On the other side, Tejaswini’s room mates tell her that Dharam Singh Rathod is biggest don of Rajpipla and nobody messes with his family. Tejaswini gets tensed that she fell into unnecessary problem.

At Dharam Singh’s haveli, Dharam Singh applied mehandi on his head calls his wife to come and remove mehandi from his hair. He calls family members. His brother comes down and laughs seeing his condition. Dharam Singh scolds him. He asks who applied mehandi on his head. Dharam Singh says his wife. Brother bonding continues. Another brother comes and informs that their rival Ramesh is seen in market and family ladies have gone for shopping.

Prem takes his mother and other family ladies to market. They praise him that he is modern Shravan Kumar. Tejaswini comes there with her friends and friends suggest her to apologize Prem. She does. Prem’s mother asks why this sweet girl his apologizing him. Prem says she badmouthed about pappa and asks Tejaswini to tell if she apologized or not. Tejaswini says she did, but she really did not badmouth about his pappa. Prem fumes. Mother asks why did she apologize then. She says she did not want to stretch issue and she can expect justice only where justice can be expected. Mother scolds Prem. Prem leaves asking them to come in taxi. Mother assures Tejswiini that Prem will not trouble her again.

Tejaswini walks further and sees goon walking towards Prem’s family holding gun. She rushes to save them.

Precap: Prem’s friend informs him that someone is attacking family ladies. Prem rushes towards market. Family ladies are seen running trying to escape. Dharam Singh also rushes in jeep praying god to protect his family.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. nyz tks fr speed upte

  2. Oh how much i love u both preja

  3. Vry nice epi…

  4. eagerly waiting for monday’s epi

  5. While everyone was drying in the sun Prem remained soaking wet…i didn’t mind.

  6. Kabi...

    Awesome. Waiting for next episode.

    1. Padma9

      Hey, do comment on sethji updates too …:)

      1. Kabi...

        Sure di. How r u? And have a good day di.

  7. aww I am love with this show . I am eagerly waiting for the next episode.I just hope prem’s heart melt for teja and order to stop her for next apology.

  8. Nice episodes and nice photogrphy of the show.

    1. Ammu u too(here)

      1. Yeah dear

    2. Hey Ammu, good to see you here….. Now that I’ve viewed the entire week’s episodes, I can make my comment. Thought it was too early for me to say anything BUT having viewed, I can see something good shaping up here. I love Teju’s spirit and for a moment when she confronted the hooligans in the college, I thought she was going to clasp her hands and plead for peace but this spunky girl gave them a run for their money…….that was sooo funny. With Prem, I can see he’s thin-skinned when it comes to daddy dearest. He has passion smouldering in him and I can’t wait to see sparks fly whenever they meet….. I think it’s good so far…. I do watch ETRETR but it’s coming to an end and dismally too, so I’ll be watching this along with WAS…. Mehek is a good drama too, I don’t comment though….. New fan following…..

      1. Hi Naz how are you, same to you to good see here, we are all together and do enjoy to watch this show.

  9. Hi Lakshmi, I’ve joined this forum now so we can continue to correspond…… Chat soon..

  10. Prem (Pranav Misshra) and Tejaswini’s (Jyoti Sharma) friendship take first baby step in Aise Deewangi DekhiNahi KahiIn Aise Deewangi DekhiNahi Kahi Prem and Tejaswini would now start befriending each other quickly.Prem observes that Tejaswini have risked her life and saved the life of Prem’s mother and family.Now, Tejaswini is although Prem’s enemybut also Tejaswini is a human being who acts as per the situation.Tejaswini’s this act of protecting Prem’s mother made Tejaswinia hero in Prem’s eyes.Prem extends hand of friendshipPrem goes ahead of hisego and extends a hand of friendship towards Tejaswini.It would be interesting to watch as to how would Tejaswini and Prem get friendly soon in the coming layout of the serial?I copied it from a spoiler.

    1. thanks

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