Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini trains Prem and his siblings for a running competition. She makes them workout rigorously. She scolds Prem to posture properly and comments if he works out so loosely, he will not win competition at all and there is no chance of using his pappa’s image here. Ajju and Vinay discuss she is so arrogant. She then runs around ground and asks them to follow her. They get tired midway. Rain starts. Tejaswini says they will run whether it rains or storms. The obey him angrily. She says enough for today and asks Prem if he wants one more round. Prem stands fuming. She says today’s session was good, tomorrow they will have training at same place, same time.

Prem returns home with this brothers. They say she is very arrogant and their body is paining so much.

Prem says he knows how to handle her. Back at college, principal calls Tejaswini and informs that her fees is pending. He say she has also to arrange janmastami function and one who used to arrange it every year will help her. Prem enters and asks if he called him. He says Prem will help Tejaswini in janmastami arrangements. Prem agrees. They both walk out and start arguing. Tejaswini promises she will not fight with him, but whoever does mistake will have to pay for function from their pockets.

Back at home, Ajju, Vineeet, and Arjun writhe in pain and keep their feet in hot water, they say today was very tough training session. Arjun also comments his body is paining. Dharam praises Tejaswini that she is very hard working and talented. Deep enters and he also starts praising Tejaswini. Prem shouts he told not to take Tejaswini’s name in this house. Dharam warns to behave with elders. Deep gets hurt and leaves saying he was just passing by and came. Arjun also gets hurt seeing his father’s insult and leaves. Ajju says Arjun bhai is hurt hearing his pappa’s insult.

Next day, Tejaswini trains them again and praising Arjun for posturing right. Arjun feels jealously. After session, Tejaswin praises Arjun and says he should take sports seriously and stop roaming around. Prem fumes and tells Arjun he warned not to meet her, but he did. Arjun says they were wrong about Tejaswini, she is a good girl.

Prem and Tejaswini then take care of janmastami arrangements. Tejaswini says they have to manage with tight budget. He says they will take pappa’s help. She says he cannot and argues. He laughs that she broke her promise and now has to pay. She hesitantly picks money from her wallet thinking how will she pay her fees now. He snatches money and laughs. Drama continues.

Precap: Prem scolds Arjun that he warned her that Tejaswini is not part of their family, then why did he invite her. Arjun ays it is his birthday party,
he can invite anyone. Argument ensues, Prem hits Arjun and Arjun hits back.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. oh no want preja back and prem hw mean hw cn he take money frm teja
    sooooooo rude

  2. Will there be any romance between prem n teju ???? How long to wait???

  3. now arjun is going to be against prem due to the insult by prem towards deep………earlier prem used to fight for tejaswini, now arjun will support teja…………wow…………i think arjun has started liking tejaswini……..its gonna be interesting

  4. I am worried about Arjun ,what’s going on in his mind ,why is he so nice to Tejaswani? Just to annoy Prem because he keeps insulting his father or is he falling in love with Teju ,,,,,,I hope not, we don’t mind Prem and Teju fighting with each other but Teju with Arjun,,,,,,, intolerable.Prem and Teju’s hate track seems to be never ending.I loved the way Tejaswani made the four brothers run till they are breathless and she looked very tall and smart in that track suit .We could see Prem feeling jealous of Arjun and Teju,,,I think the first signs of love.

  5. Teja know since Arjun already mess with her again she will be in trouble. so she is smart to take him on her side. Arjun is supporting her because Prem insulted his dad.

  6. Tejashwini is going to Prem house? did she forgot her promises?

  7. Friends,the writers are shaping up Prem’s character with all negative traits only,neither good in academics nor in extracurricular activities.Additionally,he is too short tempered and very possessive about his father.It is fine for Prem to respect his parents ,that doesn’t mean he disrespects Arjun’s father .The way he shouted at Deep in the presence of everyone including Arjun will irk anyone,whatever was the provocation Prem should not have insulted his uncle like that .Arjun,by nature is a very crookish guy and all these differences with Prem will add fuel to the fire and turn him into a full time antagonist .He is following that old adage ‘,enemy’s enemy is friend’,,presently he is trying to be nice to Teju due to this only,but what his future plans are,I don’t have any idea.
    Tejaswani is smart and knows that Arjun is not that straightforward but I think even she doesn’t know that he can turn dangerous at any time.This is the difference between Prem and Arjun.Prem is just short tempered and vents out his anger by shouting and talking rudely ,he is rough but not bad.And Arjun is exact opposite,he neither shouts nor insults ,he is that silent ,scheming type who is very dangerous and can never be relied upon.Hope Tejaswani understands this difference between the two brothers.
    Now the story is getting interesting but I am not happy with the way the writers are portraying Prem’s character,he feels inferior to Tejaswani in all aspects ,and to some extent it is true also.In this scenario,how can we expect Prem and Teju to be attracted to each other when they have ego problems ,it is high time to portray Prem as a mature. confident and successful man as no woman will be attracted to a man whom she doesn’t respect.

    1. Sneharnav

      Prem is trying to keep Tejaswini away from his family because he believes that she is ill using their love but in this he has started misbehaving with his own family. Prem when will you grow up. Hope Tejaswini finds a way to pay her fees.

  8. Yes lakshmi as you said the show is getting interest day by day, and precap is awsome and gets tension what will be happening.


    Omg …. love triangle

    1. Sneharnav

      I don’t think it is a love triangle. As I have heard that Tejaswini’s sister’s entry will take place. Tejaswini’s sis will fall in love with Arjun and Arjun will too fall in love with her(Tejaswini’s sister).

  10. Sneharnav

    Guys I have got a reason why tejaswini goes to prem’s house. It may be that Arjun told her that her few books are left at their home so to take it back she goes to that house. As Tejaswini respects elders she is touching their feet. Their could be other reason like something related to their training. It could not be for Arjun’s birthday. When she would not go for Prem’s parents’ anniversary then why for Arjun’s birthday.

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