Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tejaswani proves Prem’s innocence and Mandira is indicted

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a tensed Tejaswani imploring her father in law to sign the documents for Mandira’s husband’s release.Finding no response from him ,Teja tries to convince him that Prem is innocent and the real culprit is his sister Mandira ,she is responsible for Preeti ‘s head injuries .When Dharamsingh doesn’t look convinced ,she explains what all they had planned to expose Preeti and Mandira by placing the camera in the hospital room but outsmarted by Preeti who had gone a step ahead of them and deleted the crucial footage.She urges him to remember what kind of girl Teja is and as her father in law he knows very well that she is not the one who supports or takes side of a liar or a criminal.Finally she asserts that by signing those

documents,he will not be saving his son but an innocent person who doesn’t have any hand in all this .Seeing him still unmoved ,Teja ,with tears rolling down her cheeks ,beseeches him to sign the papers as thay don’t have any other alternative to save zprem from being jailed.

In the court room ,examination of the witnesses start and Vinay rings up Arjun to tell him that through his mobile ,he will be forwarding all the court proceedings to him and Preeti ,who is acting to be in a coma feels happy that she can listen to the verdict indicting Prem for trying to murder Preeti.

Dharamsingh accuses Teja that she is responsible for Prem’s misfortune and agrees to sign the papers if Teja returns her mangal sutra and leaves Prem for ever.As she has no alternative ,Teja returns her mangalsutra and while doing so reminces about the marriage rituals.As .Dharamsingh signs the Documents ,Mandira reaches there and snatches the file from him .She says that it has taken 27 years for her to get those signatures.She thanks Teja for this miracle and compares her to God Srikrishna who changed the fortunes of his childhood impoverished friend Sudama by making him rich.She feels very happy that her husband will be freed now.When Teja reminds her that now it is her turn to fulfil her promise,she meanly says why not but she will do it after 27 years as he,Dharamsingh , should undergo the same torture that she suffered all these years.Then she starts boasting that Preeti was hit by her ,not by Prem and how she had framed Prem by manipulating CCTV footage ,witnesses etc.She shouts that she is like a nagin (female snake )whose Nag is captured and will go to any extent to take her revenge as everything is fair in ‘Kaliyug’.She taunts that this truth will never be known to the outside world ,completely unaware that a camera is kept directly in front of her and the court is watching live telecast of her confession.As she blabbers on and on ,Dharamsingh coolly asks her to check the documents again and to her utter disbelief Mandira finds them unsigned.Teja reminds her that though this is kaliyug where evil forces are undoubtedly stronger ,still god comes to the help of good and the noble.She tells a shocked Mandira that she has used an erasable ink and the documents are useless now.

Then Teja draws Mandira’s attention to the camera and tells her to get ready to go to the jail.As she exits , miserable and fuming ,Dharamsingh asks for Teja’s forgiveness stating that he has really misunderstood her,

In the court room Mandira is produced before the judge .As there is no chance of defending herself now ,Mandira becomes very aggressive in the court and shouts at Dharamsingh that he is her enemy and she did all this to ruin him She confesses to all her crimes including Sharda’s kidnapping ,hitting Preeti and leaving her unconscious in the jungle and framing Prem..When the focus shifts to Preeti’s involvement in all this conspiracy ,Mandira ,to the delight of Preeti in the hospital room and to the dismay of Prem and Teja declares that Preeti is not a part of this game ,Infact she has used Preeti to avenge her husband’s imprisonment,Prem tries to intervene but Teja stops him in his tracks saying that there is no evidence that Preeti is Mandira’s accomplice.Mandira slyly thinks that Preeti will be there in Dharamsingh ‘s household to ruin him in her absence.As the court adjourns after praising Teja,Dharsmsingh and his brothers ask for her forgiveness for being rude with her.Dharamsingh takes out the mangal sutra and asks Prem to return it to its rightful place,As this cute scene goes on ,Teja sees Mandira being led away by the police .she goes to Mandira and taunts that she fulfilled her wish of staying with her husband by sending her to jail as well and if she wants she can arrange for her a cell next to her husband’s so that both can be happy chit chatting with each other.Mandira fumes and goes out.

Mamaji feels bad for being nasty to his niece and Prem.He repents his rude behaviour and Prem asks for the forgiveness of Sharda.With this the episode ends.

Precap :The precap shows an exuberant Prem and Teja celebrating Diwali.As prem dances to the tune of a lovely Bollywood song ,Preeti accompanied by Arjun returns from the hospital.

Update Credit to: Lakshmi

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  1. Thank you for a great update Lakshmi!

    So Preeti slips by again, Poor Arjun.

  2. Yes ,Cathy ,Preeti again slips away and I wouldn’t have minded had the serial ended today itself,All the misunderstandings cleared ,Prem and Teja accepted and welcomed back into the family ,and With Mandira in jail and Preeti in the hospital ,a perfect ending ,is n’t it ?,but …….Preeti is back and so will be the least for the time being ,let us be happy for our lovely couple who are seen happily celebrating Diwali.
    As for the episode.,it is Teja’s episode all the way.The way she planned and executed Mandira’s downfall …….but when did she plan all this.? Just a few hours back when she was in the court with Prem ,she had no idea how she was going to save Prem .And within notime ,she makes so many arrangements like fixing a camera in an unknown place ,convincing Mandira to agree to the deal and Dharamsingh to come to that room and transmitting live footage directly to the court room .Looks unrealistic but no complaints ,as long as Prem and Teja are happy,we are happy.i am a little confused about Dharamsingh ‘s part in Teja’s plan.Was he aware of Teja’s plan or she managed everything on her own?

    1. I think when you only have 20 minutes to tell a story you skip over some obvious plot holes..the live feed to the court house was a bit of a stretch but like you i overlooked it. lol I hope they give Arjun his brains back, i like his character.

  3. Thank you so much Lakshmi for your update, very much appreciated. I would like to know when the writers will make Arjun think again instead of just being Preeti’s puppet and just how much longer do I have to see Preeti’s character, I just don’t have the patience to put up with her any longer. I’m glad that Prem and Teja were not separated but with Preeti in the house, who knows what she will do, some spoilers say that she will try to kill Teja at the Diwali function, why can’t Prem and Teja have some time together in peace after all that happened they need to spend time together without any interruptions.

  4. so happy to see prem and teja true happiness together ones again


    1. Finally teju and prem are together with family.

    2. I wish preeti truth should also be out, now with help from bua in jail, preeti will create hurddles in their lives..

    3. I use to think arjun is more sensible than prem, but he is more dumb than prem..

  6. Lakshmi , wonderful written update, keep it up. Yesterday’s episode was sketchy, leaving many questions unanswered. But as we all feel, finally they all are together, we are happy. So PR factor is again coming back in rathore mansion , let’s brace ourselves to tolerate this intolerable specimen or “namuna” as Prem said, even more. But I am happy that both Prem and Teja are completely catious about her now and will subjugate her together, that will be good watch. I guess their focus now will be to save Arjun from PR, otherwise that guy is doomed for good. Meanwhile hoping Prejaswini have some cute and some serious romance to consolidate their relationship, poor couple, newly married much in love yet troubled and entangled in family issues, they do need their “we” time, hope they get that . Prem is looking increasingly handsome these days, I think the judge could have released him from all charges only because of his looks , we should have done that for sure if we were in his chair ? Teju is also looking gorgeous, lovely couple, may God bless them ! Waiting for a happy episode tonight, after a long time

  7. Thank god they show some practicality …&use modern technology to prove Prem’s innocence.Like Teju’s intelligence which is back after too many episodes…she should use some of dis tricks while dealing with Preeti too.Yes,ofcourse there are some confusion as when did teju contact DSR & explain her plan &also agreed him to meet her.when did she planned camera as she didn’t have time ….all’s well that ends well… no complain ….Mandira is down but Preeti is still there ..

  8. Thank you Lakshmi, for your detailed report. When I read your work, I feel no need to watch the episode because your update is fantastic, but I’ve always been like this, I prefer to read a novel instead of looking at the movie… As it is now…one chapter is closed, and another has opened. We all agree here that regardless of what happens in this serial, we WANT our darling couple together, not pitted against each other. It feels like the writers read our comments and try to make us happy….now that Mandira bua is on vacation in jail for 4 years, of course my dear friends, we have to tolerate the psycho and her starry eyed husband because if she’s not there, writers wouldn’t have much to write about, everything would be honky dory and mundane, so naseauous Preeti still has her day to weave more conspiracies galore. Thank goodness our heroine has a level headed brain and now that Preeti is in the house, I totally enjoyed the look on Prem’s face, in the precap, as he watched her like a hawk. Sometimes I think Preeti is just plain wacko, her tirade when she’s in hot water is just hilarious and mandira bua…well, I don’t know how bad she really is because she comes across as if she has a slack screw somewhere in her brain, she so uncouth, loud, not ladylike and all hot air but no steam…she sucks as a villain…i don’t know if I should pity, hate or laugh at her character. With Preeti, she’s disgusting, wacko, nauseous, gaudy, fickle, self absorbed and hateful, she, I can’t help but hate. I loved this episode. As for mamaji, I also don’t know if to dislike him or feel sorry for him. One thing I know, when I was watching this episode, I felt like slapping him for being so damn STUPID…he’s definitely easy to manipulate . Let’s see how he goes with his tail between his legs to apologize to his sister. Foolish man…..

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