Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with aworried Tejaswani ringing up her Mamaji to ask for Rs 15ooo/but she overhears her Mami saying that she has somehow arrannged the deficit of Rs 200/to pay the college fee of their daughter.Hearing this Teja understands that her Mamaji is already in problems and tells him that she has some old savings in the cup board which is enough to pay the hostel fee.After hanging up ,Teju thinks of ways to earn the money and pay the fee within the stipulated time .She checks the newspaper classifieds and rings up one or two Employers but they don’t respond.

In the mean time Prem announces in the college that it is the birthday of one of his brothers and so he is going to give a treat to all the students and invites them to the canteen,everyone hurries up and Prem

and Tejaswani come face to face with each other.They just stare at each other and without a word go their way.

In the canteen,there is party mood everywhere ,coke bottles are opened,cake is cut,after that the celebration goes out of control :everyone starts throwing the cake at each other,cream is smeared on faces.Tejaswani is on phone in her room when her friend comes and taker her to the canteen to show the ruckus that’s going on there.When Tejaswani enters ,she sees students picking up the money recklessly thrown around by Prem.Then Arjun throws a piece of cake at Teju and her face gets smeared with cream.Tejaswani gets angry at this cheap exhibition of money and tells Prem that in future he will definitely realise the value of money.

After this altercation with Prem ,Teju goes to the washroom to wash her face and there she breaks down thinking about her need for money to pay the hostel fee and how rich boys carelessly waste money.While she is crying ,Prem comes from behind with a handkerchief and taunts her that he has come there to reply her back but is surprised to find her crying and continues that he is not interested in knowing the reason.Tejaswani says that he can never appreciate the problems of a middle class girl . Prem responds that Tejaswani had no problems of a middle class girl as long as she enjoyed the protection of his father.Teju says that she has some values and never takes advantage of anyone under any circumstances.Prem hits back saying that she is like a chameleon and changes her values as and when required.He also adds that her mother knows about her very well and that’s why told her to stay away from Dharamsingh Rathore and his family.With this caustic remark ,he leaves and Tejaswani has nothing to reply him back.She tries calling her mother but Sharda just disconnects.

In the college the Principal instructs Teju to finish all the arrangements for the upcoming annual sports day.When Teju tells him that she is in need of a job ,he informs her that she can work as the asst coach to the sports coach.The Sports Coach assembles all the students including Prem and his brothers to tell them that from the next day early morning onwards,they should undergo practice sessions and introduces Tejaswani as his asst.Prem says he doesn’t mind the practice sessions with her as his only aim is to win for his father.The next day ,Teju is seen giving instructions to Prem and his brother.

End of the episode.

precap shows Tejaswani touching the feet of Dharamsingh Rathore and Prem shouting at Arjun for inviting Tetu to their house when he made it clear to everyone in their family that Teaswani should be treated as a stranger and never be invited to their house.Arjun reacts angrily and says that it is his birthday and can invite anyone of his choice.Prem says how dare he is and slaps Him and Arjun in turn slaps Prem

Update Credit to: Lakshmi

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