Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tejaswini Determines to Prove Prem Innocent

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun with Tejaswini touches Sarla’s feet. Sarla emotionally blesses him, but stops seeing Dharam fuming. Kabhi Khushi kabhi gham…song…plays in the background. They then take Deep, Anand and other elder’s blessings and walk towards door. Sarla comments Ram had gone to stay in forest and now her son is going away similarly. They both walk out. Prem says he does not have any proof to prove himself innocent. Tejaswinii asks to trust god and he will be proved innocent easily. They both reach court. Lawyer says Prem that he does not have any solid proof to prove himself innocent. Sharda asks if her statement against Mandira is not enough. Lawyer says he will try this best, but only god can save Prem now. Tejaswini cheers up Prem and asks him to trust god, she will

bring proof of h is innocence and walks away while he hopes she does not go.

Anand and Deep meet Dharam. Dharam says they came with a reason and asks what they want to say. They request him to attend Prem’s court hearing with them and says he cannot punish Prem for Tejaswini’s mistakes. Dharam says he will not come, but they can go. They meet Prem at court. Prem gets sad that his pappa did not come and still considers him guilty. They both cheer him up. Court hearing starts. Preeti’s lawyer shows evidences against Prem and tries to prove him guilty. Prem’s lawyer asks why Prem will try to kill his brother’s wife. Preeti’s lawyer says police has many evidences against Prem.

Mandira is busy celebrating with her goons. Guard informs Tejaswini has come. Mandira panics and after a bit of drama sits on her seat and asks guard to let Teajswini in. Tejaswini enters. Mandira boasts if she came to apologize. Tejaswini says she came with a proposal that if she gives evidence of Prem’s innocence, she will get Dharam’s signatures on Mandira’s husband’s bail papers. Mandira asks why will Dharam sign papers. Tejaswini says Dharam loves Prem a lot and only she can convince Dharam about Prem’s innocence and gets signatures. After a bit of drama, Mandira agrees and says her aide will accompany Tejaswini. Tejaswini resists, but agrees finally. She travels with aide in car and calls Dharam. Dharam seeing her number fumes, but picks call. She insists him to meet at some place. He agrees hesitantly. She stops car and asks goon to get pen to sign. He goes. She escapes and reaches place. Dharam comes and yells. She gives him papers and asks to sign to get proof of Prem’s innocence. Dharam yells she is on Mandira’s side now, he will never sign papers. Argument ensues, Tejaswini tries to convince him.

Precap: Tejaswini says Dharam once he signs these papers, Mandira will automatically give proof of Prem’s innocence; she can sacrifice even her life to prove Prem’s innocence. Dharam says he will sign papers if she sacrifices her mangalsutra.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. It is obvious that the writers are going to seperate Prem and Teja again and the irony is that Dharamsingh Rathore will be instrumental in their seperation.A couple who has n’t spent a decent day together ,leave alone consummating their marriage ,will be parting ways again.Dharamsingh had the big heart to excuse Mamaji’s clandestine ways of collecting evidence against him and accept Preeti as Arjun’s wife fully aware what type of maniac she was /is.Now when it comes to Prem ,he talks about values.Why can’t he suspect his sister of plotting all this to avenge her husband’s imprisonment?As one of our friends on this forum pointed out that almost all the serials follow the same pattern ,I would like to add that these story lines thrive on separating the leads time and again just to ensure that their serials continue to be telecast for the maximum number of years.What they don’t appreciate is if you stretch something to its limit ,it will snap and eventually the viewers lose interest.I will wait for Dharamsingh’s reaction when Preeti’s true colors come out…..will he ask for her mangal sutra also ,let us see.Ofcourse Preeti won’t mind returning it,that is a different matter.

  2. Prem & Teju’ll not be seperated as i have seen in spoiler they spent diwali function together with family & they all were looking very happy….It is very interesting to see how they’ll produce d evidence …There are two possibilities of DSR asking for mangalsutra one is either he wants to seperate them & second he might taking Teju’s test ….he might wants to see how much she loves Prem…

  3. Thank you Nimisha for this happy news that Prem and Teja will n’t be seperated and spend Diwali together.It will be interesting to see whether Dharamsingh signs conditionally or unconditionally and if he does n’t help Prem,how he will prove his innocence and indict Mandira and Preeti.

    1. Administrator

      Hi Lakshmi, tonight MA is unavailable. If you are free and would like to do update, then you can.

  4. Uff once again unpardonable mistake in the written update in the very first line !!! Once again Prem referred as Arjun !!!! God, please help Prem, seems his luck has really run out these days . His role in last few episode has become so useless,pointless , marginal and lackluster, what happened to the damdaar yet Adorable Prem Singh Rathore ??? Missing him immensely. Noting to react on yesterday’s episode, a boring , depressing and underwhelming 22 min run where nothing is to be missed even if someone has skipped it. God please save my ADDNK, this way surely many regular followers will drop the show. what’s the current TRP, I apprehend it will take a hit this way. Missing Prejaswini too much. There’s still chance of them being separated as it could be DSR’s ploy to let Teju spend Diwali at home with his son and then make her leave the mansion , leaving behind an unassuming Prem in peaceful sleep or something. Thinking about it only making me so sad. Here’s wishing Prejaswini together, forever

  5. Aise Dewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 25th October Written Episode Update:Tejaswani proves Prem’s innocence and Mandira is indicted.
    The episode starts with a tensed Tejaswani imploring her father in law to sign the documents for Mandira’s husband’s release.Finding no response from him ,Teja tries to convince him that Prem is innocent and the real culprit is his sister Mandira ,she is responsible for Preeti ‘s head injuries .When Dharamsingh doesn’t look convinced ,she explains what all they had planned to expose Preeti … Full here –

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