Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tejaswini touches Dharam’s feet

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira Bua asks Preeti why did she play this drama. She says once Prem is proved guilty and sent to jail, Dharam will kick out Tejaswini, then she will enter and cut Rathod family roots and will make Mandira’s work easy. Mandira praises her that Chatanki is more intelligent than she thought.

Prem and Tejaswini cuddle each other. Tejasiwini says soon Prem will be proved innocent in front of whole world and family after they get Preeti’s hospital room’s secret CCTV camera footage. At hospital, Arjun guards Preeti and goes out to meet doc. Prem enters via window and picks camera from vase. Arjun returns and Prem hides. Arjun returns back to meet doctor. Prem returns via window. Tejaswini eagerly waits for him at home. He returns and asks Tejaswini to download

camera data into pen drive. Tejaswini does and says let us check it once. Prem says why waste time and calls whole family. He tells Dharam that he is his everything and if he considers him culprit or innocent, he will accept. He shows footage where with Tejaswini tries to act as injecting Preeti to wake her up. Just then, screen goes blank. Him and Tejaswini check footage repeatedly. Dharam asks this proves him criminal instead.

At hospital, Arjun speaks to Deep and says Preeti’s condition is stable now. He goes out. Preeti opens eyes and calls Mandira and describes her how she saw Prem and Tejaswini’s hidden camera in vase and deleting data. She tells Bua that she pities Prem and Tejaswini, tomorrow Prem will be proved guilty.

Dharam scolds Prem he cannot prove wrong as wrong by doing wrong, he is ashamed of Prem, PReeti is fighting for life, but Prem is doing wrong continuously. Prem pleads to trust him. Anand asks Dharam to trust Prem. Dharam scolds him again and leaves. Prem shatters. Tejaswini holds his hand and consoles him that he will be proved innocent for sure tomorrow.

Preeti wakes up in the morning murmuring what a wonderful morning, but sits shocked seeing Prem and Tejaswini, thinks if they fixed camera again, thinks they are not fools to do same mistake. She starts her buffoonery again and taunts them that she did not see fool like them and munching apple says fool Arjun must have brought it and would not doubt how can a comatosed person eat apple, he is blind in her love. She yells she will punish Prem for rejecting her love and Tejaswini for snatching her love. Tejaswini says truth always wins and Preeti will be defeated like any other crimal. Prem taunts her to eat fruit as she won’t get it in jail. Preeti stands fuming.

At haveli, Dharam asks Anand if diwali arrangements have finished. Prem with Tejaswini enters speaking to lawyer and telling he will reach court on time. He tells Dharam that his blessing sare needed to prove himself innocent and with Tejaswini touches Dharam’s feet. Dharam blesses to give Prem conscience to differentiate between good and bad and warns until Tejaswini is with him, he cannot differentiate anything.

Precap: Tejaswini asks Dharam to sign papers so that Mandira come and take them, Prem will be proved innocent, he can take her life instead of sign. Dharam says will sign and needs her mangalsutra in exchange.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What a beautiful couple yaar…prem and teja so nice couple

  2. Prem ki hand may na tejaswini ki “tattu”…nahi dektha hai to day episode may….what wrong…

  3. Prem ki hand may na tejaswini ki “tattu”…nahi dektha hai to day episode may….what wrong…plz…..prem and teja ki alah mat karo

  4. Knowing how Preeti’s mind works and how sly she is ,Prem and Teja should have been more careful in placing the camera.She has simply outsmarted them.They got the second chance of getting that crucial evidence when they entered the hospital room to see Preeti sitting on the bed happily munching on an apple .With their smart phones ,they could have secured that all important evidence but they leave Preeti with just a warning that she should get ready for jail life.Aftercoming out Teja again comforts Prem that everything will be fine,… they have a back up plan ,if the camera pan fails?I don’t think so and the precap shows Teja requesting her father in law to meet the demands of Mandira and sign the required documents …..for what …..for buying Prem’s innocence,and Dharamsingh who , so far has been an epitome of kindness and generosity ,agrees to do so if Teja returns her mangal sutra and leaves Prem for ever.In that one moment ,I lost all respect for him,as a don ,does n’t he know that the Indian legal system is so fragile that any evidence can be manipulated and bought?i don’t think he is that naive and I wonder for how many episodes this distasteful track will be dragged but it is really frustrating to see Prem and Teja being portrayed as stupid and Preeti and Mandira too smart and intelligent for them.The writers should know that it is good that triumphs over the evil ,not the otherway round.

    1. I totally agree with what you said. All of the respectful, honest, dignified characters that FIGHT FOR GOOD, have been made to look stupid & uncaring. The writers better fix this fast, or we viewers will show them how we disapprove.

    2. Hi Lakshmi, as always, your comments are so spot on. Don’t you think that it was lack of common sense from Prem to not watch the footage before showing it to his family? I don’t like this turn in DSR, he’s become too harsh. I have to say at least thanks to the writers for uniting our darling couple, this is what we want. I agree with your comment 100 %…

  5. Dharam should have trust Tejashwini but cannot blame him its all the misunderstanding. Hope it will be cleared.

  6. Well, blow me down!! I thought Prem was smarter than this.. How could he just blabber off, at least he could have watched the footage before… I felt like clouting him but he’s our darling handsome hero, so I’ll cut him some slack , if the evidence was there then we won’t have much suspense!! I’m sure we will have to endure a bit before we see the psycho her sidekick, being caught. I really don’t like DSR asking Teja for her mangalsutra, he knows it’s significance. I think that the writers have become too extreme in showing an unrelenting DSR. He was an advocate for Teja and now that he’s done a 180 degree turn, is a bit too unreal. How could he hate her so much now? He took her as his daughter for goodness sake so why this dramatic turn now, writers?? Anyway.. Preeti was naseauous as usual…i think she looks better without make up, her garish makeup makes her look clownish…no offense meant, just some friendly advice…. Jayashree, I know Sapphire has a way with words that leaves me in stitches but you also have your own brand of comic relief!! I love your last comment on Preeti on last episode… You are so correct!!

    1. Dharam has seen by himself the words spoken by tejaswini,s mom soo… I think dharam is not able to handle that pain n started hating teja

  7. I’m hoping that the writers would have Prem and Teja record their conversation with Preeti or have some other plan so that they don’t look so dumb and Preeti so smart. I’m also hoping that they expose Mandira’s part in all of this so that Arjun finally learns the truth and that he stops behaving like he came down with the last shower of rain.

  8. I will not be surprised if the writers have written the same kind of track for Prem and Teja as all the other Zee Tv soaps where the wife has to leave her husband and make him hate his wife just like in Piya Albela, KumKum Bhagya in the first year and also in issqbaaz of star plus. Most of this shows have the same story line except in different settings. The producer should probably look for different writers for some of this shows.

  9. Yesterday was such a dampener of an episode, there’s no respite of the PR factor , it’s so disgusting to see all the time luck is supporting her evil mind and she outsmarting all else, if this continues any longer I will stop watching this show in real time. And what happened to Pranav ?he appears a little restrained in his emotions in last few days, may be he has exhausted himself in the breakdown episode, that must have been taxing on him, for Jyoti as well. But Pranav always goes all out and gives his best in every scene and he never fails to connect with us wholeheartedly, but last few episodes I find something missing from his side, may be he is unwell or not in best of his moods or may be simply not happy or convinced with the track. I urge him to remain composed and give his best as earlier, because without his dedicated contribution Prem will loose his charm and this show is nothing without him, Jyoti alone can’t pull it, though she is doing her best with sincerity. Nothing else to write about the current episode, it’s lackluster and disappointing to say the least. All the best to Prejaswini, same to Pranav and Jyoti

  10. I can’t understand why they change d character of DSR. As shown in earlier episodes only a glimpse of Prem is enough for him to realise whether he is lying or not.How can he not understand d truth by watching his eyes or face.I totaly agree with u Lakshmi Prem & Taja should have been more carefull while placing camera as they are dealing with evil Preeti .One thing i noticed that when they were talking to Preeti in hospital room both Prem & teja looks so relax as they have some evidence against her…

  11. Hello Naz,Right from the beginning Prem has been portrayed as a straight forward and impulsive guy who can not just keep anything to himself and it is but natural that he can neither conspire nor understand conspiracies.Teja could hurt him so badly due to his sweet nature only.Infact during Teja’s revenge track ,some of us had suspected that Prem was smart and crookish enough to have an already well thought out counter plan to teach Teja and her family a lesson.But nothing of that sort happened and Prem ,when he wanted to avenge Teja’s deception ,he looked so naive that his tactics looked almost
    kiddish.So it is clear that our darling Prem is too spontaneous and impetuous to plot and scheme against a born crook like Preeti and a hardened criminal like Mandira.But we have seen that Teja ,otherwise a highly principled and kind girl ,can be as deceptive as Preeti if she thinks it is required .So she is the best candidate to sort out her infamous sister and Mandira bua.
    Naz,I don’t know whether I should say this on this forum or not because all of us have lot of affection for Teja ,but sometimes I get confused with Teja’s character.Normally we , women are more emotional than men and we don’t
    hesitate to show them.Here our leads are exactly the opposite.prem’s emotions are always crystal clear but Teja’s face sometimes becomes so cold and expressionless that Once or twice I doubted her love for Prem.No ,I am n’t saying that she has done anything suspicious after marriage but, at the same time she has never ever said to Prem that she loves him, even after their misunderstandings are cleared .Ofcourse she smiles and talks very sweetly as a loving wife should be but still those three magical words are yet to come from her.In this context I remember Rani confessing to Raja that she loves him and Raja not reciprocating and later torturing her.Do you think that still
    something is not right with Teja or I am just imagining things ?Hope it is my
    imagination only,otherwise Prem will be broken completely which none of us want to see.
    The camaraderie between Preeti and Mandira is surprising but understandable as both of them have realised that they need each other in their evil games,And I agree with you that Preeti looks better in that hospital get up without that gaudy make up.But I doubt if she will ever change for good .

  12. Bechara prem phele hi kam doukh dakhe thai ki aab teja phir sai aus ko chod deghi … aab kya haal hoga uska?????

  13. DSR is extremely unconvincing in last few episodes. He as a person has been shown to never have a 2nd thought to punish anyone himself according to his code of justice, how funny it sounded when he countered Prem by asking even if Preeti is wrong who has given Prem the right of harming her ???? I mean , seriously ??? And this after being fully aware what character and misdeeds Preeti is capable of, he now mistrusts his own son , thinks him a liar , that’s so very unrealistic coming from DSR or anybody else in their family. Now the writers are going to spoil DSR’s character as they did Arjun’s. This is really disheartening, very upset with turn of events, this show is so full of negativity off late, watching it has become stressful now

  14. Please un dono ko alag mt kro

  15. Don’t seprate them I love them both when they r together

  16. I just dont understand why these writers have a love for PR. She looks and acts terribly yet they treat her as some prima donna in their midst. Even the scenes between Prem and Teja looks like a mere formality, as though the director/writer is in a tearing hurry to finish Preja scenes and can’t wait to get to their PR scenes. Another dumb thing is the court hearing is tommorow and they have’nt had a discussion with lawyer yet. I am just losing patience with this senseless plot.

  17. Lakshmi, I agree with your sentiments concerning Teja I too think that there is something else there. I’m hoping that it is not Teja and Mandira plotting, if so and she betrays Prem again then I’m done with this show. As for Pranav, well it’s only recently that he posted a picture with someone with the hashtag wife and some fans are criticizing him for hiding his marriage while others are doubting that he is married since in an interview as recent as August 2017 he said that he is single. So I really don’t know if the fallout is affecting him.

  18. Now that’s going to surely affect his reputation, less because he is married more as he comes across as a liar, that too regarding something so important and integral,he should have been honest. I apprehend this is bound to affect his performance as well, what mess !

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