Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini reaches home with mamaji. Her mom fumes that she is tired of her social work. Tejaswini says what happened to Aarti could happen to even her and her cousins. Mother says she lost her husband, looking at his photo, because of his this nature. Tejaswini says her moral values are from her papa and she is following his morales, she will never go wrong. She continue s convincing mother.

Uncle tells Tejaswini will pass with good marks and will go to a good college. Courier boy delivers courier. Tejaswini opens courier and gets very happy that she got 100% scholarship admission in biggest college. She touches mother’s feet and hugs everyone. Mamaji asks which college she got admission in. Tejaswini says biggest college of Rajpipla. Mother reminisces her inspector

husband being killed by Dharam singh Rathod and says she will not let her go there. Tejaswini feels sad.

Mamaji tries to explain mother that Dharam Singh Rathod does not know about Tejaswini and she also does not know about him. Mother reminisces how Dharam singh Rathod killed her husband in the middle of market in front of her and boasted to throw dead body in front of police and tell that he killed inspector. Out of flashback, she says she cannot forget that incident. Mamaji convinces her to send Tejaswini there as it is a question of her future. Mother says she will get her study, but in different college and they will arrange admission fees. She calls Tejaswini and says she can go to different college and she will arrange her fees.

In the morning, Tejaswini jogs and seeing a girl falling and her father telling she has to go a long wall and cannot accept defeat like this. She continues running and reaches her papa’s idol, changes garland and tells about her college admission, feels leave on her cheek and thinks it is her papa’s blessings. She chats a bit and runs back again towards home.

At home, mother gathers all her savings and shows it to her brother. Brother says even he has some savings, but still then they need lots of money. His wife gives her jewelry. Mother says she cannot accept it. Wife says they are family. Mamaji says once Tejaswini studies well and gets job, she will buy back jewelry for her sisters. Mamaji says even then 1.75 lakhs are needed, he needs a money lender and they can take his help if she agrees. Mother says let us go right now. They both walk out and see Tejaswini standing. Tejaswini says her eyes are not blinking, that means something is wrong. Mother says she got worng intuition. Tejaswini says her intuition is always right, something is wrong. Mother says not to worry about all that, she will get admission in different college at any cost.

Precap: A boy stops Tejaswini and says she cannot cross line, misbehaves with her and warns to get out. Tejaswini in her own style makes them run behind her. He yells she provoked Dharam Singh Rathod’s son, now Prem bhai will teach her a lesson. Prem is introduced.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow …wow so gud …awesome acting teja n prem ….am dying to see their chemistry??????

  2. common waiting for prem and tejaswani clash

  3. Me too naymaz bhaiya…

    1. I am a girl dearie?????

      1. hi naymaz di i found u commenting for this seraial do u love this serial like me

      2. Yes dear i just fell in love with this serial from the first promo itself….even planning to write a ff on prem n teja

      3. I have even written an episodic analysis of this serial with all its details

  4. Very nice epiisode

  5. Seems to be an interesting storyline,.Tejeswani ,a spirited young no nonsense girl ,whose father was a police officer killed by Prem’s family,Ofcourse ,he has n’tyet made his entry,may be ,in tonight’s episode ,we will see him.Waiting to see his chemistry with Tejaswini.Hope he is not a criminal character like his father Dharamsingh Rathore.

  6. Wow good

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