Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dharam informs family that Tejaswini’s mother had taken promise that she will not meet us, so she was avoiding us. Anand says what Tejaswini must have gone through in a dilemma. Dharam receives wedding anniversary bouquet gift with son’s wedding card from his friend. Prem says they will celebrate maa and pappa’s anniversary. Sarla says let it go this year as they are not in a mood. Prem says they need occasion for celebration and he will celebrate their
anniversary lavishly.

Prem goes to Tejaswini’s hostel room and invites her for her parent’s wedding anniversary. Urmi asks if has invited whole college like every year. Prem says yes and requests Tejaswini to attend. Tejaswini asks Urmi to attend anniversary and when Prem’s family ask about her to tell

that she is on the way.

Dharam and Sarla attend his friend’s wedding and ask where is his son Chirag. Chirag comes and takes their blessings. Dharam says he will leave now and walk out. Four masked men enter holding guns and kidnap Chirag. They take him outside hostel. Tejaswini gets sad reminiscing her mom scolding for keeping contacts with Dharam’s family. She walks out and sees 4 goons kidnapping a man. She warns them to spare Chirag. They all 4 remove masks and Tejaswini is shocked to see Prem and his brothers. Prem asks Tejaswini to not fall in all this and go away. Tejaswini calls inspector and is about to speak when Prem snatches her mobile and grips her. They drag Chirag and Tejaswini to hostel and tie them to chairs. Tejaswini yells what will Dharam think if he will know what he is doing. Prem calls girl and says he is doing it for her. Chirag gets tensed seeing his girlfriend. Prem says Chirag loved this girl and ditched her. Tejaswini says it is police’s job and he should not interfere in it.

Dharam’s party start. Guests walk in and give him gifts. Chirag’s father rushes in and pleads to save his son. Dharam asks what did he or his son do that son is kidnapped.

Tejaswini continues yelling at Prem. Prem tells that girl is pregnant, but Chirag ditched her and is marrying someone else as girl is poor. Tejaswini slaps Chirag and scolds because of boys like him, girls are blamed. Girl stops her and says though Chirag betrayed her, she cannot see anyone beating him. Chirag agrees to marry her in same mantap. Tejaswini thanks Prem for saving a girl’s life. Anand calls Prem and says Dharam came to know what he kidnapped Chirag. Dharam takes phone and says Chirag’s kidnap was necessary and he had asked Anand to take some other’s help, but why did he kidnap Chirag. Prem says by the time his men would have reached mantap, Chirag would have married another girl. Dharam asks him to return as situation has normalized now. Tejaswini gets inspector’s call who says he got a call from this number. She says it was by mistake. Prem thinks she is complaining again, throws mobile and angrily grips her and shouts she will not change, warns her to stay away from all this.

Prem reaches home. Inspector reaches home and informs Dharam that someone complained htat he kidnapped Chirag. Once inspector leaves, Prem tells family that Tejaswini complained and misused their love, if they try to call her again in this house, the will lose him.

Precap: Prem grips Tejaswini angrily and says from today she does not have his pappa’s support, now he will see how will she live in Rajpipla.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Sneharnav

    OH NO. Prem is misunderstanding Tejaswini again. Hope some Preja seen comes.
    I hope Arjun does not create problems.

  2. Sneharnav

    I have seen comments in earlier updates. I don’t think it is the right time for Sharda to tell the truth. But yeah her going away like this was wrong.

  3. All of us agree with you that this is not the time to reveal the truth as it would disturb Tejaswani’s studies from her mother’s point of view but why to create all that drama in the college function and behave so rudely with her daughter ,and the way Sharda throws away the medal and certificate,doesn’t this hurt and embarrass Tejaswani?If Sharda had no intention of revealing the truth which Ofcourse was right then she should n’t have created that ruckus and spoilt her daughter’s happiness.And the viewers don’t wish the truth to come out now as it would dampen the hopes of any romance between the leads.Unfortunately,misunderstandings have already started between Prem and Teja.

    1. Hey, the comments section is up…. I agree with your comment Lakshmi. That scene in the award function, is in poor taste or rather unbecoming of a mature woman like Sharda…

    2. truth is not going to be revealed but the last para written in black color is the precap
      and the highlighted precap is of previos epi

  4. Sneharnav

    Yes you are correct. I have also seen a comment in which they say that teja’s father would be a bad cop, but I don’t think so. In first few episodes teja has been seen running in a park when see reaches her father’s idol. An idol would only be there if he had done something great. After all not all police officer’s have an idol made of themselves. Prem needs to think before act.

    1. may be what are you saying is right!

  5. precap is terrifying although epi was ok

  6. Hi All, Prem is again changing.

    1. Sneharnav

      that’s all about the show. “Aisi deewangi dekhi nahin kahin”. Till their is no pain there is no deewangi.

    2. Sneharnav I must say
      Impressive thought

  7. Holi crap??

  8. Guys it’s my request please don’t give up on the show the makers have planned a dance competition drama in the future episodes and this will make prem and tejaswini fall in love with each other

    1. don’t worry for now i am not giving up for future let’s see

    2. Sneharnav

      Yes, but I don’t know they will fall in love or not. I love this serial but Tejaswini is a studious girl, and though she is doing that for her sister still a dance would not be for a girl like tejaseini. But I hope they dance together

    3. Sneharnav

      Yes, but I don’t know they will fall in love or not. I love this serial but Tejaswini is a studious girl, and though she is doing that for her sister still a dance would not be for a girl like tejaswini. But I hope they dance together

  9. Sneharnav

    Sorry comment went twice

  10. I think tejas will sucks prem large

    1. Sneharnav

      What are you trying to say????

  11. So friends ,something haphazard is going on with this forum.Sometimes the update comes very late (the written update for last night’s episode has not yet come up,and It is already 12 noon on25th) and sometimes ,the comments section doesn’t come up.Hello Telly Updates ,this is not professional attitude,,don’t you think that written update for any episode should be given not later than 2to 3 hours after the telecasting is over?And I am shocked and disappointed at the quality of one specific comment here, that too after moderation.How can you overlook the inappropriate language used in this comment?

    1. yes dear i agree with u, and forum where is 24th episode?

  12. Where is 24th July 2017 written update?

  13. Sneharnav

    Hi. I am not able to watch aisi deewangi on TV. So I always check the written update to keep up, but they have not uploaded th written update. Request to please update.

  14. 24th July’s episode summary
    Prem has kept teja she try to free so she pushes him his forehead hit with table and start bleeding and he tells her to stay away from him and his family he goes at house police officer comes congratulate dharam for marriage anniversary and told him that someone has complained against him and goes prem listen them and got angry in this anger he also misbehaves with arjun’s dad on the other hand anand and his wife go hostel to meet teja when they came back they tell that they were gone to teja and prem says to all family members that if any of them had relation with teja the person will lose prem and goes prem comes to hostel meet teja and says that now she has to stay as a normal person in rajpipla she call him spoil son of rich parents (which I don’t like) he goes at home his father made him understand that every body has his own point of view he says that whatever he did he will called as AMEER BAAP KA BIGRA BETA(it shows that her words hurt him) he comes to guest room and says till now I keep these things so that u came but now her pic falls from her book and he burn it next morning prem mother ask him didn’t he take medicine he says he took she says him not to lie his mother goes he thoughts that I can’t take this medicine my bad dreams are again started I have to find out that who can kill my father in clg. teja came to know that she has to give 15000 rupees as clg. dues in just one week these dues were not demanded by her earlier because someone from rathore house said them not to take increased hostel fee from her and she reminices that now dhram support is not with her and she had to live as normal girl
    I didn’t watch the prevap

  15. Yes I would very much like to know what happened yesterday (July 24th). I can almost believe is was some kind of conspiracy. Most of the series on Zee TV have not yet been updated with yesterdays episodes. And I was unable to access any of the sites where I would watch the episodes online.

    But with regard today (July 24th). I think that Prem’s discussion with his mother at the breakfast table gave a big clue about why Dharam killed Teju’s dad. I am guessing someone made an attempt on his life disguised as a police officer and Dharam assuming it to Teju’s dad killed him. I think Prem was also a witness to this. Just a thought.

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