Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tejaswini Determines to Prove Prem Innocent

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem tries to walk into Preeti’s room disguised as doctor. He gets tensed seeing Mamaji coming. Doctor says he is neurosurgeon who came to treat Preeti. Prem walks in followed by Tejaswini. They both frighten Preeti to get up, else they will inject her and she will not wake up really. Prem fills needle. Hiten asks doc why neurosurgeon is taking so much time. Real neurosurgeon enters and introduces himself to doc. Hiten and Arjun ask who went into Preeti’s room then. Arjun runs and knocks door. Prem is about to inject when he hears Arjun shouting and escapes via window with Tejaswini. Arjun breaks open door and sees injection on floor. Hiten scolds doc what kind of hospital security they have. Doc says he had not seen neurosurgeon before, so he got fooled. Arjun says

it is definitely Prem who wants to harm Preeti. Once everyone leaves, Mandira as nurse walks in. Arjun does no identify her. Mandira thinks if Preeti really died.

Prem and Tejaswini run out of hospital happily and they discuss they their goal is achieved. Prem slips. Tejaswini laughs and says his clothes and face is smeared with dirt. Their romance starts. Prem says his family is suffering because of him and they have to live away from family. Tejaswini says they will stay with family and try to change their perception. Prem asks if she is the same who tried to break his family. She says she is his wife. Their romance continues. A romantic song plays in the background.

They both reach home. Vinay asks Arjun what happened to his clothes. Arjun says this is nothing, soon dirty from his name will be cleaned. He tries to speak to Sarla and asks why she is looking at laddoos instead of her son. She smiles looking at him, the gets angry seeing Tejaswini. Prem and Tejaswini then try to speak to Sunaina and Priyal, they both walk away. Dharam sees Prem and says tomorrow is his court hearing and if he does not prove himself innocent, then he has to forget his family, they will have to perform diwali pooja without their elder son. Tejaswini says he will perform pooja with his elder son and sys whenever wrong happens, her eyelashes won’t bat, wrong is in front of her and right is with her, pointing Prem. She continues that diwali is festival of ending evil and she is sure Prem will prove his innocence and finish evil. She continues.

Mandira asks Preeti to wake up and thinks she is dead. Preeti opens eyes and smiles. Bua says her chatanki is a big actor, she fooled everyone Preeti says her back is aching sleeping on one side, she had to make drama to trap Prem and Tejaswini, they both had come and tried their best, but they cannot defeat her. Bua and Preeti’s conspiracies continue.

Precap: Tejaswini says Preeti she is so cheap. Preeti says whatever she is, they are fools, they will pay for troubling her.

Update Credit to: MA

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    Full on confusion, no more deewangi just revenge..

  2. You are right Shraddha,’Deewangi’is no where to be seen,With Prem and Teja running around hospitals and police stations,we can n’t expect them to be in a romantic mood particulately with Dharamsingh ‘s ultimatum that if Prem fails to prove his innocence in the court ,that will be the end of his relations with his family.I am really disappointed with the writers for being so unkind to this couple,as if the existing problems are not enough,they have alienated them from Dharamsingh .And contrary to my expectations ,Preeti is still as wretched as she was .Come on guys ,have a heart ,you can not pit this young couple against so much adversary at the same time and with no family support whatsoever.Preeti’s chapter is not over yet and Mandira is brought in. I must say that in this melee of revenges,a beautiful love story is almost lost.There is absolutely no chemistry between the leads and it is not their fault.If the storyline expects them to be running after either Preeti or Mandira for ever,where is the time and place for Deewangi.If the writers don’t wish to transform Preet’s character into a positive one ,they should atleast end it,,viewers are really bored of watching her smirks and cheap ,garish make up..It is high time to give a break to the antagonists and create some romantic sequences to bring back the much awaited dewangi between these newly weds.

  3. Line 9 ….pl read as ‘adversity’,…sorry for ty.po error

  4. There is no end to this madness. If upcoming spoiler is true Preeti out of jealousy is planting a bomb during the diwali fest at Rathods and Teja getting hurt or killed not sure which one. So forget about any romance.

  5. Yes Lakshmi completely agree with you. All the serials just the same. No one learn us good things. Only murderer, kidnapping, second wife or girlfriend and marriage. Is this the way how they teaching us to live in a marriage life. Is this the life’s in Asia, India.

  6. Friends don’t get so disappointed, let’s appreciate the good things and tolerate the bad ones for the time being. I am sure the writers do listen to our suggestions and modulate story line accordingly. Otherwise I got info was they where put Preeti as a 3rd angle in Prem Teja’s relationship and that way they could have gone the clichéd way of 2 sisters fighting for 1 guy, remember they started Preeti’s track that way , who wishes to snatch Prem from Teju, not for jealousy but for love. Atleast now they have now altered the track, they have brought Prejaswini together with a stronger bond of trust and mutual love and they have molded Preeti’s character as a genuine vamp with no love or infatuationleft for Prem , I am happy with this, for the time being. Without challenges , tribulations and hardships no marital relation can mature, that’s true in real life too, it’s true in India and elsewhere in the world as well. And this is a family story, it has been claimed and portrayed that way since beginning, si to be true to their promise they and we have to withstand and enjoy the complexity of family drama, we can’t expect it to be only Prem and Teja’s story, it was never that way nor it will be. unique thing about ADDNK different from other saas bahu run of the mill shows where the bahu has to struggle incessantly to garner in-laws adoration and gets it only when her love for their son is completely established, so in matrimonial home she basically becomes an add on to the son of the house, but here Teja had independent and genuine love of her in-laws, she earned and received it as an individual much before it was even decided that any alliance between Prem and Teja can be worked out. So here, she is fighting to regain that individual love from DSR and others in the household, simultaneously she will re established Prem’s position and lost glodyin the household, only a very strong intelligent determined yet soulful person can do it, I love all these strains in her character, and I appreciate the writers for sketching her role this way. And let’s not worry about Prem or Teja’s death, that’s not possible, this is their story after all. Only hindrance is Preeti’s character not because she is a vamp but because she is such a drag and eyesore. Anyways, I am sure we will see a lot of mature Prejaswini romance in the coming days, they will surely still those moments against all odds 🙂 all the best to the lovely couple!

  7. I thought when Mandira bua hurt Preeti she’ll change .Writters’ll show some positivity to her character but they prefer to continue with negative track.Yes Aditi according to upcoming spoiler Preeti & Teja kept karva chauth vrat for Prem .Prem & teja celebrats with family but Preeti out of jealousy plant a bomb for Teju but she’ll remain unhurt. Good thing is due to this incident they comes closer & their romance ‘ll start ….love to watch that

  8. I’m not sure what is the issue with the person writing the updates but he/she had a bad habit of leaving important info out the update. The scene at the end of the last episode between Prem and Teju was so sweet however because he/she left it out of the update and I did’nt get to see the episode with the subtitles I have no idea what was happening. Can someone fill me in please.

  9. Alleybrew ,you are right ,it was a very cute scene between Prem and Teja and recently such occasions have become so rare that they should n’t be left out of the updates as we the viewers eagerly await those sweet Moments between the two. This is what that transpires between Prem and Teja when enter their room after being treated indifferently by the elders of the family who are seen busy in Preparations for Diwali celebrations.A tired and worried Prem lies down with his eyes closed.Teja sits close to her husband and tries to comfort him by saying not to not to worry too much as everything is going to be fine.Prem asks her will she always be so understanding and loving as she is now ,he gets emotional and pleads with her not to ever get angry with him.He tells her if she is with her ,he can take up any challenge posed by this word.Teja smiles sweetly and says softly that she is his wife and will share not only his joys but his sorrows as well.When he looks worried about the impending court hearing ,Teja says she is absolutely confident of their win and he will certainly prove his innocence in the court the next day morning .This conversation is followed by some cute moments between the two and with the lovely song ‘Tu Joh to hai mein hoon'(because of you I exist) playing in the background ,he tenderly kisses
    a shyly smiling Teja.With ths the episode ends.
    Friend,I remember ths much only ,hope this will be helpful.

    1. thank you, thank you, thank you. You are right, we have been been starved for so sweet and tender moments between Prem and Teja, I would even settle for a cute fight. All the plots and revenue had started to work my last nerve. So happy to see they are finally expressing their love and I am hoping it’s not short lived. We know how these writers are.

  10. Sorry for many ty.po errors

  11. thank you, thank you, thank you. You are right, we have been been starved for so sweet and tender moments between Prem and Teja, I would even settle for a cute fight. All the plots and revenue had started to work my last nerve. So happy to see they are finally expressing their love and I am hoping it’s not short lived. We know how these writers are.

  12. The only scene which resonated with me in last episode was the last one in the bedroom. Allybrew, we here in the Caribbean are victims as well of the network cutting into important moments and it’s frustrating, I can identify with your complaint. Watching Prem and Teja in their moment of despair, this is the only place a man will show his true weakness and it’s in the bedroom. This where Prem offloaded and it’s was so beautiful seeing his wife comfort him and give him assurance that all will be well. This scene looked so real and poignant, it brought some memories to me.. I’m extremely happy that writers saw it fit to unite this couple and this is the only way we can see them fighting for their common cause, when they are pitted against each other, nothing is achieved and it’s like spinning top in mud. So I think kudos to the writers for this small victory. Lakshmi summed it up for you very beautifully, that was it and it was the best scene in Friday’s episode.

  13. It’s either Preeti’s brain very dense or she is just plain wacko. She heard mandira bua saying how not important she is but she’s praising the old witch. How I wish that Teja has a hidden cam phone where she’s recording this confession in next episode. Arushi, you couldn’t have said it any more accurate or better when you analyzed Preeti. She’s really an eyesore… ?? you’ve said, this serial is different from the other saasbahu serials ,thank goodness!!! These days I can’t bear to watch mamaji, he stirs up my BP…..and Arjun is coming across as a foolish besotted first time lover, as if no other woman ever gave him any attention. Hey… I do remember his mother complaining about that same thing early in the serial…that no one ever pays attention to her son and that all the girls fall for Prem… ???…now we know why. Apart from being unlucky in love, he was a spiteful guy earlier, never mind he protected Prem but it was always because Prem was involved in youthful wicked deeds… I do like Prem other brothers though…

  14. Agree about the written update, seems purposefully Prejaswini details are left out and more coverage given to PR factor, that’s so un justified. And what is this rumour about this karwachauth track ? How that occasion can happen after Diwali , that will be grossly erroneous ! And why will PR keep any vrat for our Prem, when currently she is seriously scheming to harm him, even kill him ? Really confused. Anyways, for me it’s long live Prejaswini, happily ever after.

  15. all i am hoping for in this serial is that they do not end up dying without consumating their marriage man that will be so fish up as always Lakshmi good contribution and Naz keep up the good work also where is our friend Sapphire i know you are frustrated dear but do comment when you get the time i really want someone to knock some sense into Pretti’s head and did any one of you ever notice that the make up that Preeti is wearing can do for at least thirty ladies

  16. Funny doc said he did not see the neurosurgeon before, and Mandira entering as nurse. sometime they show so much smartness and on other hand same person does a stupid mistake like not taking evidences preeti munching a apple and also injection on the floor.

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