Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Prem Is Mandira’s Son!

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem tells family that he knows Tejaswini would have gone to hospital to get papers, he should go there now. Dharam and Anand stop him. Preeti and Arjun walk in. Prem confronts her and says he did not see such a characterless and cheap girl like her, even dayan does not attack her house, but Preeti does. Arjun warns him to behave with Preeti as she is Rathod family’s bahu. Preeti acts and says she is innocent. Prem says she is the one who is trying to harm their family, who poisoned her sister and married Arjun by brainwashing him. He pulls gun on her and warns how dare she is to talk about breaking his family in front of him. Tejaswini reaches. Arjun shouts this is not this family, he is not this family’s son. Dharam tries stop, but Arjun continues and showing hospital

record says badi maa and bade papa’s son was born dead, then who is he. Dharam shatters and says everything finished. Sarla thinks this cannot happen. Arjun says according to hospital records, his birthday was Radthod’s family’s son’s death date, so he is not Rathod family’s elder son. Prem drops gun and record in a shock and reminisces Dharam pampering him since childhood. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham…song…plays in the background. Sarla also shatters. Tejaswini feels sad that she could not save her family.

Preeti acts and scolds Arjun not to reveal this secret, she knew Tejaswini was hiding something which may harm their family, so she went to hospital and found this truth. Prem asks Tejaswini she knew the truth and did not inform him and made him a stranger. He asks Dharam why he is he silent, why don’t he say Prem is his son. Dharam sits silently. Prem says his silence proved that Prem is not his son. Dharam scolds him not to say that. Prem says whole world will say this. Dharam says Prem is his son and will always be. Prem says Dharam snatched his identity. Dharam asks to be silent. Sarla says not now and asks Dharam why did he hid such a big truth from family. Anand asks whose son is Prem is. Dharam says whatever happened today was not good, he hid the truth for 27 years and now wants to speak in front of family. Preeti calls Mandira and thinks now she will enjoy seeing family shattering. Mandira hears Dharam speaking that when he and Sarla were eagerly waiting for their first baby, he did not have good relationship with Mandira and her husband Bhairav who was working for him and was doing drug smuggling, so he got Bhairav arrested. Doctor informed a dead son was born to him and gave dead son’s body. He then heard Mandira also writhing in labor pain and shouting her son will destroy Dharam. Family asks who is Mandira’s son then. Dhram says Prem is Mandira’s son. Mandira gets emotional hearing Prem is her son.

Dharam continues they must be thinking he did a sin by snatching a son from mother, but Mandira would teach her son what she knows, so he adopted Prem and did not want him to go on a wrong path. Seeing Prem, he thinks he created a storm in Prem’s life now.

Arjun asks Preeti if they did a mistake. Preeti says she did not know this issue would elongate so much. Sarla confronts Dharam he hid such a big fact and when Mandira will know the truth, she will come and snatch Prem from her. Dharam says Prem is their son and nobody can snatch him from them. Sunaina says truth is their sanskar’s run in Prem’s soul, but Mandira and Bhairav’s blood runs in his body. Deep scolds her not to repeat that in life. Anand says Prem was elder son of this family and will always be. Prem walks back.

Precap: Prem tells Dharam that he will become as he wanted and handle family business. Dharam’s employee informs goons stole their 5 crores worth diamonds. Arjun alleges that Prem;s mother stole diamonds and Prem helped her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. if i do comment will Telly Update publish it i have commented on Woh Apna Sa and they did not whatever,anyways i have better things to do with my time no wonder there are hardly any comments because these fools are not publishing them do you have new fools working there now?and the old ones left?

    1. I think it’s a glitch, i posted a comment and it didn’t show up for a day…it was there eventually.

  2. i totally agree with you karen i had also posted my comments and they did not publish it many a times they are doing that that is why i am hardly commenting

  3. Today’s episode was very emtional . Can’t see too much of pain on Prem , DSR & her mother’s face.waiting to see Prem’s reaction in next episode.

  4. Tsk tsk tsk… I said.. I hoped Prem isn’t Mandira bua’s son…turns out that he is!!! Writers, that wasn’t hard for me ….

  5. I just wish they wud change thay actress playing Preeti . I just can’t enjoy this serial with her being there frame after frame hogging all the attention.

    1. I wish that too Aditi…I know I’m complaining too much here but the shape of her lips ,her smile and overall expressions send my BP up..I don’t know how else to describe it here, not the forum. This actress is sinfully obnoxious to my eyesight…..I’m on WAS and even though I hated Nisha, I couldn’t help but admire her acting, her role. She was damn s*xy and alluring and I can’t help but hate the replacement after the years leap because this new actress is too pretty and nice in all her other roles for me to hate her….but this actress in the role of Preeti is distasteful and who vex with what I’ve said, hard luck, I’m not changing my perception or taking back my criticisms or words….. there, I’ve said it and I feel good….

      1. Yes Naz exactly my sentiments..she makes my BP shoot up too…I find her so disgusting to watch.

  6. Still commenting for the sake of Prejaswini. All that was left to destroy in already damaged–beyond-repair show, has been destroyed in yesterday’s episode, the integral part of ADDNK is Dharam Prem’s father son bond and now it is established that the foundation of this bond was neither true nor genuine. Their relationship is indeed tarnished , with all that genuine love and respect between them it still won’t be the same anymore, can’t be. Depressing track, hugely disappointed. Now all is left to be shown is PR is actually DSRs biological child ? Don’t want to waste anymore Time on this show with the obnoxious vamp ruling the roost , Dumb Arjun chewing on my brain and Mandira getting to my nerves, and sidelined opressed so -called – leads of the show giving me serious heartache, God, this show has become so hazardous to my health , it may just kill me some day, or drive me insane. Please someone put some sense in the ssriously possessed minds of the makers of ADDNK, so that we all can survive peacefully ? I pray to God my post shows up here, BTW, my posts have never been left out or edited, thanks to the moderator for the same !

    1. Arushi, even I said I was taking a break but I couldn’t help but comment on the fact that Prem really turned out to be Mandira’s son. On 27th I made mention of it but was hoping it would not be so but it actually did and now the whole dynamics have changed here, things would never be the same again for Prem and this sordid revelation. The precap looks somewhat promising but till the end of this serial, he’ll have to prove his loyalty, that he was raised with good values by his adopted parents and that he is a not like his biological parents… what a heavy load to carry… having to prove your sincerity. Arushi dear, take it easy, don’t endanger you health for these obnoxious characters, they ain’t worth it, think of beautiful things when you see their faces, it might help or take your eyes of the screen till you don’t hear their voices….lol…try it

  7. Naz thanks for the sound advise, that uplifted my spirit several notches, and good to see you back here

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