Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hiten mama, mami, and Arjun reach hospital and get worried seing Preeti’s unconscious on bed. Doc says he has called specialist and they need not worry. Deep, Anand and Sarla request Dharam to bail out Prem as he may be innocent or maybe Tejawini must have provoked him, they cannot leave Prem alone. Dharam agrees but says Prem has to prove his innocence in front of his family.

Tejaswini reaches hospital and asks Hiten how is Preeti. Hiten asks who Preeti. Tejaswini says her sister. Hiten shouts Preeti is fighting for life because of Prem, he will not spare PRem. Tejaswini says Prem is innocent and asks Arjun if he does not know that his brother cannot harm any woman. Arjun says his brother cannot, but he is thinking from Tejaswini’s mind now a days. Hiten continues

his drama. Tejawini tries to explain him. Mandira bua calls Hiten and says she heard about Preeti and felt bad and says his niece is playing a big game and will try to allege her to save Prem, but Hiten should not trust his nice. Hiten yells at Tejaswini again and says he will not let Prem live in peace. Doctor informs that Preeti is fine now and they can meet her.

Sharda comes and says Preeti must be wrong. Hiten shouts he always helped her and obeyed her as an obedient brother, but not from here, he breaks all relationship with her and will move on separately. Tejaswini warns him not to misbehave with maa, it is his wish now to move on. She consoles Sharda and takes her along. Sharada prays god not to break brother-sister’s relationship.

Mandira praises her puppet for fixing Prem’s face in CCTV footage pic and trapping him in Preeti’s case via photoshop and also getting fake evidences. Another puppet informs that Preeti;s condition is worse. She thinks she did not want to hit Preeti so hardly, but now she has to go to hospital and finish her to trap Prem completely in Preeti’s murder.

Deep, Anand, and Tejaswini bail out Prem. Prem asks them if papa forgave him. Anand says no until he is proven innocent. Lawyer says since Prem is Dharam’s son, judge agreed to hear Prem’s case on holiday. Prem sadly walks with Tejaswini to a park and says his pappa is embarrassed because of him, his love is with him and family is away. Tejaswini consoles him and says soon his family will be with him. She says she has a plan.

Anand and Deep reach home. Sarla asks if Prem did not come. They say no, he went with Tejaswini. Dharam says they will celebrate diwali as usual. Priyal and Sarla ask how can they without their son. Dharam says people come with their problems to him for 1 day and will not stop diwali celebration for Prem.

Prem meets doc and says he fears Preeti will do something to trap him, so he needs his help. Doc says whatever he is today is because of Dharam, so he will help him. Prem explains his plan. Doc says if he feels Preeti’s life is at risk, he will not help Prem.

Precap: Dharam tells Prem that tomorrow is his court hearing and if he does not prove himself innocent, then he should breakup with his family, this house will celebrate diwli without its son. Tejaswini says he will celebrate diwali with his son.

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    Full on suspense show… Will preeti die???

  2. i think Preeti will die but the truth will be open in front of whole family.

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