Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem emotionally tells Tejaswini that their hatred has ended today and they will live with love from hereon. He calls her Teja, the don. She says she is Tejaswini. She says she left home, what will family think about her. He says when pappa will know his bahu is not wrong, he will run and hug her. Mandira bua’s goon hears their conversation and informs her.

Preeti sips tea. Mandira hearing news drops tea on Preeti in a shock. Preeti does her overacting and jokergiri. Mandira calls her chatanki and says her aide informed that Tejaswini and Prem have united. Arjun calls Preeti and asks where is she. She shouts she is in jail, will he bail her out. Mandira asks to talk with love. Preeti calls him darling and says she went to temple after meeting maa. She again

panics that Prem will inform about her to family and they will kick her out. Mandira asks her not to worry as Prem cannot prove anything.

Prem takes Tejsawini to a temple where he proposed her. He says they will have a new start from this mandir, lifts her and climbs stairs till temple. Tujhme rab dikhta hai yaara mai kya karoon. Prem says he did not come to temple since childhood, had come to ask her from god, then again to return her life, then now to ask her companionship forever. Janam janam saath chalna yunhi. They tie thread at temple and emotionally wipe each other’s tears and walk out. Thread opens and flies.

Preeti asks Mandira what his her plan. Mandira asks to wait and watch and thinks she knows how to use Chatanki as her pawn. She picks wooden rod and asks Preeti to look at her. Preeti turns. Bua hits on her head. Preeti collapses, overacting even then. Bua thinks Preeti was useless for her and her death will help achieve her goal at least.

Sharda lashes out Maami. Hiten maama enters and says Preeti is not wrong and his sister always finds fault in her and not her daughter. Sharda says her brother is innocent, he will repent soon for his mistake.

Mandira drops Preeti into pit and orders her aides to make sure there are no snakes or scorpions around, else they will bite Preeti and kill her. They assure nothing is there. Bua drops Prem’s kada/bracelet and boasts that she will prove Prem tried to kill Preeti and dumped her half alive body here. She thinks she is so intelligent and will take revenge from Dharam.

Prem with Tejaswini reaches home and calls family. Dharam shouts this girl cannot return after breaking their trust repeatedly. Prem says it is a misunderstanding. Whole family argues. Dharam says Prem is free to stay with family or with Tejaswini.

Precap: Arjun asks Prem where is Preeti. Inspector enters and says Preeti is found in jungle half alive in jungle and Prem tried to kill her. Tejaswini says she was with Prem and they did not go to jungle. Inspector shows Prem’s bracelet.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. When Preeti was hit on the head ,I was surprised that her character was over that too so meekly.Hope Preeti will learn learn her lessons now that whoever digs pits for others will fall into their own pit and playing with fire is too dangerous.So far Preeti has been thinking that she is too smart for anyone . Atleast now she should understand that there are people who are much more cold blooded than her and they don’t hesitate to sacrifice her like a pawn when not needed.Hope this bitter experience with Mandira will bring in a positive change in Preeti and transform her for good.
    So,the problems continue to pile up for Prem and Teja ,that too of a serious nature.At this juncture when they are alienated by the complete family including Dharamsingh ,Mandira strikes a deadly blow .I am disappointed that the writers are unwilling to allow even a brief respite to this newly married couple.Let us see who will help them out.Hope Preeti will redeem herself by telling the truth in the court and expose Mandira.

  2. Happy Diwali friends of this forum… Stay blessed, have fun??? ..

  3. Don’t wish to see Preeti turning positive all of a sudden and gaining everyone’s Sympathy. That will ensure she occupies more of screen space and may be developed as a parallel lead !!!!! Completely detest her character and her garish makeup and OTT acting , such an eyesore , she really turns me off. I will put my bet on DSR and Sarla, I am sure soon they will come to know the entire truth and accept Prejaswini back , especially DSR, I am sure he can’t leave Prem away for very long, here’s a very special father son relationship where there’s not only love but immense trust between them, moreover , DSR has been portrayed as really smart, with Mandira in the picture he will realize truth very soon. Till then let my lovely Prejaswini struggle a bit, together. Let’s see how they face this hardship and support each other in crisis, they have always been pitted against one another in all problems , this time they are together, that’s significant for progress of their relationship, I am sure that will be enjoyable too

  4. What does the tied thread by Prejaswini loosening and flying off signify. I find that worrying….does it mean separation .or just immediate bad luck like Prem going to jail… I hope it does’nt mean separation in long run…

    1. Exactly…..I also hope so

  5. Aditi, I too have the same query, I found that scene to be the most worrying of the episode especially when the camera kept going back to Durga Maa, are the writers trying to say that she doesn’t want them to be together or is it because she knows they will be separated like Prem going to jail but whatever the reason like you I’m hoping its not a long term separation.

  6. yes the same question came to my mind watching this episode. Is this a good omen or a bad one. Can anyone say what the string flying away mean?

  7. When Preeti told Arjun she is at temple after she met her Maa then why that stupid is asking Prem where is she?
    i hope Dharam accept Teja as her DIL….

  8. Generally the dhaga or thread is supposed to be untied and taken off once the wish or mannar for which the thread is tied is fulfilled. So as a diehard optimist I am wishing that the loosening and flying away of the dhaga is a signal by Ma Durga that Prejaswini’s wish of staying together forever is instantly granted. Meanwhile, the situation seems worrisome though. But my point how can the family mistrust or disbelief Prem , about teja we can understand but they not belivievng Prem is pretty morbid… Waiting for things to change for good of Prejaswini

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