Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Dharam’s Will Shocks Family

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini tells Prem that what he did was wrong and gave Preeti a chance to use his plan against him and in her favor. Vijay says he will go to any extent to punish Preeti. On the other side, Arjun asks family how can Prem bhai try to allege Preeti wrongly and try to kill her repeatedly. Preeti starts brainwashing family against Prem and says why did Prem meet Mandira repeatedly in jail first and then after Dharam’s murder. Deep says they have to trust Prem a bit as Dharam and Sarla must have seen something in him that they trust him o much. Preeti thinks this old man has gone made, says papa is so kind hearted and can forgive anyone. Anand says they should keep peace at home at least till Dharam’s 13th day ceremony. Anand says Deep is right, they should maintain peace

at home till then and asks family to promise him that they will not trust Prem at any cost. Preeti thinks this dumb old man is helping her a lot.

Tejaswini tells Prem she will not let him do anything wrong. Prem angrily asks who is she, if he is his mother? She is just his wife and should be in her limits. Tejaswini asks will he hit her if she stops him. He angrily raises hand but then stops. Tejaswini shatters seeing this. Prem then feels guilty, calms down and hugs Tejawini fro behind. He apologizes her and punishes himself by hitting is hand on wall. He stats bleeding. Tejaswini gets concerned, stops him and nurses his wound. She says they are 2 lives and 1 soul and if she makes mistake, he should correct him and vice versa. They should be mirror of each other and their fight should be between these walls and never go out. She says he went more away from family because of his anger, so he should apologize and convince them. Prem agrees.

Next morning, Tejaswini performs pooja with family. Prem stops Anand and asks if he is angry on him stil, he and Deep are on pappa’s place now and when he used to do mistakes, pappa used to forgive hi, will they not forgive him. Deep says why not, he is like their son. Preeti this old man is dumb like his son and tries to brainwash Arjun. Prem tells Anand that he will handle family’s business from hereon. Anand says no. Prem says he should rest and let him. Anand says no and angrily shouts Prem did all this for Dharam’s seat and his dirty thinking is out. Sarla asks what is he saying. Anand asks her to stay away. Dharam’s lawyer enters and says Dharam had changed his will before his death and he transferred all his business, power and properties in Tejaswini’s name. Family is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Anand tells family if they vote Prem against Tejaswini, with 4 votes on their side, they will win. Prem enters clapping and says they are conspiring being in home. Arjun yells he is trying to break family. Prem confronts and says he should not teach him about family and asks Arjun will he hit him. Arjun hits Prem and Prem hits back. Their fight starts. Tejaswini shouts Prem.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Better not to say anything about Preeti as there is nothing else to say about her.Same rotten character and same stupid family to believe in her nonsense particularly Anand …..and Arjun,nothing new to add about this spineless character.What a drastic change in this once charismatic guy! The only character whom I admired in today’s episode was Arjun’s father Deep for his levelheaded attitude and Ofcourse Sarla.Nothing to say much about Prem and Teja,till Preeti leaves the show ,there won’t be much to say about them as she always manages to hoodwink them in the last minute.The contents of the will are interesting ,the family’s reaction is one of shock at this unexpected turn of
    events.Let us see what Dharamsingh has in mind by doing so.

  2. remember this is Zee Tv which is notorious for writing bad scripts. I loved this episode today knowing Zee Tv it will drag this for a long time. Look at KumKum Bhagya produced by Zee Tv and such badly written scripts. This one is a good show and hopefully the writers will do a good job of not having the same villain and victims for the next three years.


    1. Evil win and evil win… Motto of zee writers in each and every show…
    2. Spoiled good show..
    3. No more deewangi, only revenge and hate


      Point 1. Little forgot to mention expect bhootu till now..

  4. Its no more Aisi Deewangi but Aisi Dumbness Dekhi Nahi for me. How they ruined the romantic Prem and Teja scenes. Now everything between them seems so artificial. Where has that super chemistry vanished?

  5. Friends, I felt a certain satisfaction at the end of today’s episode when DSR’s attorney announced that be left everything to Teja. Just hope that Prem don’t take this the wrong way……fingers crossed ???…he should be happy, after all Teja is his wife and he knows that she’s an honest woman… I don’t think Sarla will have a problem with this at all….

  6. Yes Naz, d episode was satisfactory for me too.After hearing conversation between Prem &Teja I think now Prem & Teja’ll make plan to get rid of Preeti.I also think that Prem’ll be more happy with d possession of d property ….as Teja knows Preeti’s true colour…I am hopping that they’ll make plan & trap Preeti as she did with his family.

  7. Watched the Prejaswini part in yesterday’s episode, finally after a long time. Though it lacked the passion but it appeared to me true to the situation and their characters, the scene had certain maturity and genuineness that touched me. They both are so shattered devastated and perplexed at this moment with the unexpected rapid morbid turn of events in their lives over the past few weeks, it’s normal for them to behave and react in a certain way that they did. Let’s also understand that their relationship is also very new and they are still to invent each other much more, the wedding was too soon due to one-sided intense love of Prem for Teja, how their mutual relationship matures and reaches the beautiful space of love trust and lifelong partnership will be an interesting watch. Love has so many shades and layers and both Pranav and Jyoti have immense prowess to display those dynamics of their relationship on screen, hope the writers do justice to their love track and to their capabilities. Looking forward to the upcoming track with much hope and interest

  8. In sbs preeti kidnaps prejaswini and hangs them up and under there are acid bottles. And today pranav and jyoti gave a joint interview. In the end the reporter said there lives will be saved in sridevi and anil kapoor style. Now I think it will be the end of preeti. Seems like makers are going through our comments

  9. Thank you Ritika for your update .

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