Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Prem Realizes Tejaswini’s Innocence

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem points gun at Mandira bua. Bua says he cannot kill her, he is misunderstanding, he can kill her. Prem continues counting. Bua says he is doing wrong for this girl, but gets afraid seeing Prem’s determination and says she will bring her saas Sharda and walks into secret room. Preeti asks Bua if Prem killed Tejaswini. Bua says no, they will be killed now. Prem and Tejaswini walk in and free Sharda. Preeti panics and says Mandira is trapping her and kidnapped Sharda. Bua asks not to trust Preeti when she can poison her sister, she can go to any extent, she came to her and pleaded to get her married to Arjun. Preeti reveals that Bua wants Dharam’s signatures on blank papers and she is the one who got him tortured via police. Police enters. Prem throws gun on Mandira

and acts not to kill him. Mandira realizes he trapped her in her own game. Inspector thinks he has to arrested Mandira helplessly and walks out arresting both.

Tejaswini pleads Prem to spare Bua and Preeti as they are their relatives and their family name will be spoilt, Arjun loves Preeti and he cannot be punished. Prem thinks how can Tejaswini be so good, takes back his case and inspector leaves. Bua snatches gun from Prem and points at him. Preeti praises Mandira that she is more intelligent than her and asks to shoot these good people. Bua shoots, but no bullets in gun. Prem takes out bullets from his pocket and says he has been playing with bullets since childhood. He takes back gun and walks away with Sharda and Tejaswini.

Dharam tells family that Arjun can stay in this house, but Preeti has to go. Sunaina asks why he is punishing Arjun for Tejaswini’s mistake. Anand says both Tejaswini and her sister Preeti are not good. Dharam says he has to take this decision for family’s good.

Prem leaves in car with Sharda and Tejaswini. Preeti tells Bua that their plan backfired and Prem will inform her truth to family. Prem and Tejaswini drop Sharda to her home. Sharda feels guilty for misunderstanding Prem’s family and Tejaswini. She apologizes Tejaswini for misunderstanding her. Tejaswini consoles her and leaves with Prem. Prem reminisces torturing Tejaswini and speeds car in guilt. Tejaswini pleads to lower speed. He stops car and walks. Tejaswini walks behind and asks what happened to him. Prem breaks down that he punished her so much, but she was always good to him and loved him, he trusted Arjun and Preeti and not his love Tejaswini, his ego is not letting him apologize her and says sorry. Tejaswini shakes head. Prem says she betrayed him and then loved, but he could not love her a tall, he failed. Tejaswini walks to him reminiscing Prem taking oaths during marriage. Mile ho tum kumko bade naseebon se….song..plays in the background. She consoles him. He asks her to promise she will never leave him even if he makes a mistake. She hugs him. Dunya me kitni hain nafratein….song…plays in the background..

Precap: Dharam tells Prem that Tejaswini cannot stay in their house and he has to choose family or Tejaswini.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Topaz… You don’t have to wait another day, this is one of those moments we were all waiting for…….


  3. Yes Naz, finally, such an emotional scene, loved Prem’s expression, just love looking at Pranav and Jyoti’s scenes, their chemistry is just awesome. I would like to know what happened to Teja, why does she keep asking for forgiveness for Preeti and now Mandira just because they are relatives. It will cost her dearly as they will set up Prem and he will be arrested, how she’s going to handle that remains to be seen, but I would like to see Don Teja fighting for her man.

  4. Oh this is so good and yes happy that Prem known the truth.

  5. Loved today’s epi, last part was amazing …

  6. Yes. Naz, finally our wait is over and Prem and Teja are united .Hope this is the last of their misunderstandings.As long are they are together ,they can face any challenges from Priti and Mandira,Here I must say that Tea has done the mother of all the blunders by advising Prem to forgive Preeti and Mandira who are infact much more dangerous than the most venomous snake. We are already seeing the consequences of Teja’s first mistake of leaving Preeti scot free,fully aware that she was a dangerous criminal.When Preeti ,all alone , could create so much havoc ,I wonder what all she would do,hand in hand with another equally infamous character Mandira bua.Prem and Teja have lost such a golden opportunity of packing them up together once for all but it is obvious that Preeti’s role is not over yet,.
    Naz ,Arjun’s role is not at all convincing.Preeti is gone for so many hours doing all those clandestine deals with Mandira but he doesn’t get any doubts and patiently waits at home.She is simply treating him as trash.Thank god ,in tonight’s episode ,her equally irritable father is missing in action.But one thing sad is that Dharamsingh will be going against Teja and Prem and I think they are the ones that will move out of the house and Preeti and Arjun will stay in.I don’t mind as We will get to see some cute moments between our lovely couple,away from the evil presence of Preeti.Let us see what the writers have up their sleeves.

    1. It’s always best to keep the couples united in order for them to have strength to fight negative forces but when they have them pitted against each other, how will good ever conquer evil… All couples should have their fair share of misunderstanding like all marriages but it’s important for writers to keep them united. Thank goodness Prem and Teja has patched up and this will bring some nok jhok into the scenes, I hope they make us blush….like Raja and Rani ??… Lakshmi, you see what is happening to Arjun’s character now? He’s becoming a loser now…no backbone, as of Preeti worked some black magic on him,, he ain’t even missed her for those hours she’s gone with bua…and they are newlyweds ,this is how unrealistic some scenes become…lack of authenticity…I’m so happy Prem and Teja are together again.

  7. Cathy

    The message that these shows send maybe not intentionally or may it is…that forgiving bad people and bad deeds and letting them get away with attempted murder is sideways logic…Toxic people rarely change and they will not change if there is no consequence to ones actions, i know these shows love to stick to one type of bad guy instead of ending their stories and bringing in different people with different agendas not only does this keep the show hot and the audience coming back for more…let the preeti storyline come to it’s natural conclusion and lets move on to bigger and better stories.

  8. Why did Teja forgive Preeti again. This is the third time she is doing this. Teja paid a heavy price on both occasions earlier. But she is so obtuse. Its the DSR family which is paying the price for Teja’s largesse. Why did Prem agree so easily when he knows the extent of harm Preeti can cause his brother and family?

  9. Love this episode..Finally they are together now.Both Pranav & Jyoti’s excellent acting make dis scene even more beautiful ….credit also goes to d writters .Few days before Preeti was acted normally suddenly what happen to her she is doing dis crazy overacting …Now cant tolerate her …

  10. Don’t understand Teja’s intention of forgiving Preeti at all, especially with a lame excuse like Arjun loves Preeti , that was unbelievably foolish coming someone from Teja’s type. Why Prem accepted her plea is understandable though, he could have accepted any damn thing from his Tejaswini at that time , because his whole focus was towards the next scene ? couldn’t blame him since all our focus was also pinned towards that ??? couldn’t get enough of Prejaswini, happy that the scene will still continue and we will start the week with culmination of Prejaswini patch up. As usual Pranav nailed it with killing vulnerability, there’s so much strength when we completely bare our hearts to people who care, the submission haa to be complete then none can deny you what you wish to have. He enacted it beautifully, sensitively . Here is a hero , finally in hindi soaps who is an angry young man but neither brooding, nor harsh and not afraid to cry. I think Prem indeed is an iconic character in Hindi serials , thanks to the writers for sketching it so realistically. Yes, forgiving Preeti is a blunder and high calibre stupidity that Teju will understand very soon, the effect will be manifold because I think this time the damage will be done to either Prem or DSR, not Teju herself, she had no right to take such a stupid decision of forgiveness who has tried to kill herself, her mom and even harm Prem, as a second thought I feel Teja must be having some hidden motive of letting Preeti and Mandira go un attested, let’s wait and watch. For noe let’s relish Prejaswini

  11. Friends, don’t laugh at me, I cried when Prem was crying, he cried actual tears, my goodness, this young man is too good, I’ve not seen a male actor put down real tears like Pranav, in soapland!! Gosh, I hope he wins an award at the upcoming zee rishtey awards.. Another thing, just like you all think, I just don’t understand Teja, why the heck she’s forgiving her psycho sister again? She ain’t get enough trouble from her so far?? I just don’t get it ????..

  12. Naz, seriously Teju’s act of kindness got me thinking whether she is still on revenge spree .. .Unlike Prem , hers is an extremely complex character, we never really know what’s going on inside her mind, she is so reclusive and often detached. Presently only one thing is confirmed about Teju, she had fallen for Prem , finally she is in love, we can’t be sure about anything else

    1. Yes, these days I’m seeing the wheels turning in her head, I don’t know what plans this girl is churning in their, one thing I hope is that she’s trying to figure how to deal and defeat Preeti. I need to reiterate that I think Mamaji and his wife are low thinking people, I dislike them both. It’s amazing huh, when you look at actors and the roles they play, how much their characters come to be defined by their roles and it’s either we love them or hate them. If their roles were to be switched… I wonder,?? I remember Kamya Punjabi saying that people would tell her hurtful things in normal places when they saw her because of her role as Sindoora in BMTD…. Arushi, I think Teja has learnt her lesson with Prem and I believe she’ll be a good wife to him now…no hidden motives, she must always never hide things from him and don’t lie to protect her Mamaji and family. I think also that she knows Preeti doesn’t love Arjun, it’s either she wants to make it difficult for Preeti to live in Arjun’s company and expose her deceit or maybe she wants to give Preeti a chance to fall in love with Arjun in order to redeem herself. …

  13. Hi Lakshmi… I know you are busy, soon you’ll get the break you so need…chat soon and take care…

  14. I’m not seeing Aisi Deewangi on today’s listing which is for Monday 16th October 2017, anyone know the reason why or is it just an error in the programme line up. Or is it a Zee Caribbean thing like last night, I wanted to see The Zee Rishtey 25th Birthday Awards Show only for it not to be shown on Zee Caribbean. I was terribly disappointed to say the least.

  15. Today there is some mahasangam episode so ADDNK won’t be telecasted.

  16. The episode rocked. Finally tejaswini and prem are back together. Hope he supports her in every situation. Can’t wait for their love confession. Prejaswini rock??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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