Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Prem’s Plan to Expose Preeti’s Truth Backfires

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preeti meets Mandira in jail and says she went in jail permanently for killing Dharam. Mandira says playing with law is her daily chore, she will easily come out and will get back her son Prem at any cost. At home, Sarla and Prem cry reminiscing Dharam. Sarla says Dharam used to sit on this chair and read wearing glasses. Prem says he used to do mistakes and pappa used to correct him, now who will correct him. They both continue crying profusely. Tejaswini watches them sadly standing near door and walks in corridor. Preeti comes and laughs that she could not do anything. Tejaswini warns that she was doing mistake, so was escaping, now she did a crime and cannot escape. Prem comes and holds Preeti’s mouth and says he will punish her for killing pappa. Tejaswini tries to

save her sister and asks Prem to leave Preeti. Preeti thinks did is right, let god punish her and not Prem. Prem calls his aide and asks him to dig a grave outside Rajpipla and drags Preeti towards door. Tejaswini continues asking him to leave Preeti and calls whole family. Whole family gathers. They are shocked seeing Prem holding Preeti and ask him to leave her. Prem points gun at Preeti’s head and says he lost his father and will not spare anyone who will interfere. He asks Preeti to accept her crime. Arjun acts Prem to leave Preeti. Prem slaps Arjun and warns to move away. He counts 3. Preeti accepts she killed Dharam. Family reacts and yell at her.

Preeti holds knife at Sunaina’s neck and ask Arjun to accept he helped her. Arjun agrees and asks to leave maa. Preeti drops knife and holds Sunaina’s feet apologizing her. Tejaswini thinks whatever she feared, Preeti is doing same. Preeti says she accepted crime like Arjun fearing death. Arjun apologizes Preeti and says he came in Prem’s lies. Preeti says Prem wrongly alleged her of murdering Dharam, the fact he killed Dharam with his mother’s help, else how will Mandira accept crime so easily and Tejaswini get evidence so easily, it is all well planned. Prem warns her to shut up. She shouts why should she, she is telling truth and he is a murderer.

Tejaswini tries to control Prem, but he angrily walks towards Preeti. Arjun warns Prem to dare try to harm Preeti. Prem slips him and he falls down. Ajju and Vinay try unsuccessfully next. Sunina also tries to protect Prem, but he pushes her down. Anand tries to stop Prem, but Prem asks him to move aside. Anand yells to not show his dirty blood. Tejaswini thinks Prem is spoiling his relationships himself. Prem warns Anand to never repeat that, else he will forget he is elder. Anand angrily raises hand. Sarla interferes and breaking vase confronts Dharam’s photo this is the family he dreamt of, as soon as he is gone, his family is fighting like enemies. Whole family disperses. She cries in front of Dharam’s phot.

Precap: Anand says Prem he is not Dharam’s legal heir, so he cannot takeover his business and property. Dharam’s lawyer informs family that Dharam before his death transferred his whole property in Tejaswini’s name.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So once again everything comes out in Preeti’s favor. This is the reason why I have stopped watching, when the updates say something different then I’ll watch.

  2. Nice.. wow… precap, I love it!!!

  3. Friends,we don’t have to tolerate Preeti for longer time .DSR is alive & Preeti’ll be behind bars with Mandira….but that’ll take week time .Eagerly waiting for that episode as I want to see their love life ….their personal life affecting their professional life…I want to see how they deal with it…how their chemistry works now…

  4. Yaar again that disgusting preeti won the battle

  5. Yes Topaz,Preeti always plays her cards well and so well that it is high time that she should be given a special award for her cheap conniving techniques..I would have been the happiest person had Prem gone ahead and strangled her irrespective of the consequences.My god,Friends ,is there any way to get rid of her,always Prem and Teja come so near and this b*t*h outsmarts them..Very frustrating indeed! I am very happy to see Prem in a really aggressive mood and Arjun getting two tight slaps for his stupidity.As Naz said in her earlier comment that he is so stupid , he has completely forgotten that he is newly married but his bride is n’t interested in him.
    Coming to Teja and Prem ,they are acting well but they no more look like a romantic pair as the chemistry has almost vanished.I think the writers are intentionally not creating any romantic sequences for this couple, may be because of some srained off screen relations between them.Naz,I have n’t understood one thing ,whatever be the actors’personal relations,how can they be so unprofessional that they do injustice to their characters,Ofcourse it is in the best interests of the serial that the actors particularly the lead pair maintain good relations but even if something happens, their work for which they are paid should n’t get affected.Here I don’t understand whether the writers are told not to create any close scenes between the leads as they don’t like each other off screen or the storyline itself has become so morose that there is no room for any romance between newly marrieds also.What a disappointing

  6. Thank you ,Nimisha ,some encouraging news at last.I hope Pranav and Jyoti will improve their personal relations or like true professionals not mix work with their personal life.Hope to see the best from them .


    Tooo much to bear.. team and writers are spoiling show.. all tym devils win and good bears… ????????????
    I thought when i got busy something interesting must have happened but show is heading towards worse..????

  8. Lakshmi,I’m also concerned about the professionalsm between our leads, their personal relationship is robbing is of some much needed romance, we all are sad because of this. I read last comment from Arushi on last episode and the it’s alarming to know of what’s happening behind the scenes. Truly,I don’t want this pair to be changed because of emotional feelings which has developed between this couple, they look so damn good together, that I had hoped they would eventually fall in love with each other not knowing that Pranav is already married….. I’m damn mad about Preeti outsmarting the situation and I hope that b*t*hty wretch get what is coming to her sooner than later and I hope writers give her a a fitting sentence and not be lenient with her. Usually,I don’t complain about a character turning positive from a lifetime of atrocities to loved ones but with Preeti,no matter how good she metamorphosize, I hate her, her nastiness reaches me through the TV screen …not joking!! I hated the previous Nisha in WAS but I just loved meanness, she was AWESOME!!! I have to say that I admire that Sarla loves her son no matter what the others say, she knows her son and we also know him and to hell with the others who are quick to condemn him in that family.

  9. Thanks Nimisha, for the wonderful confirmation our our beloved DSR coming back….. yippee ???

  10. Thanks Nimisha, eagerly waiting for the redemption and eagerly looking forward to come back to the show real time. Naz, I am getting so concerned about Pranav Jyoti interaction day by day, I was watching their latest india forum interview closely, not only they are giving bytes separately, both of them are so careful not to mention each other in their interviews, that’s so kiddish ! On children’s day I pray to God to give both these kids some sense of maturity, and they sort out their discord and become friends again. They must understand most of the fans wants to see that only , a fun healthy and easy going relationship between them so that they are at peace and can contribute positively and dedicatedly in Prejaswini as they were doing earlier. I so hope they are aware of our views that we post here , if any of you are connected with them through insta twitter etc. please take our views to them and ask these kids to sort out their issues pronto. Happy children’s day to all of you, keep the child alive in yourself . Waiting for DSR comeback and Prejaswini patch up on-screen and off screen

    1. Yes Arushi, I still keep the child alive in me and one is only old as one wants to be so definitely I’m young at heart, very…and a hopeless romantic too… As you and Nimisha has pointed out, Jyoti and Pranav ought to stop behaving like kids and settle their differences between them because…..i would hate to see any one of them being replaced. As Lakshmi has pointed out, we WANT to see the Dewange between them in its natural form as from the beginning…

  11. It’s ok Naz,Lakshmi &Arushi we all are sailing in d same boat..I agree with your comments Lakshmi& Arushi.I have also noticed that
    Pranav& Jyoti are giving separate bytes.As a viewer i enjoyed their bytes …love to watch their interviews.But now scenario is totally change.They are behaving like kids.This is d begging of their carrier …their first series as a lead.I wish they solve their issues asap…we want Prejasvini ‘s bytes not Prem &Teju’s separate interviews.Naz,i also loved Nisha (Riddhi)though she was in negative role.

    1. Nimisha, for months I observed Riddhi’s dialogue delivery especially her facial expressions and lip movements and damn…she’s good!!! She was someone you’d love to hate but can’t help admiring. I can’t say the same for the actress doing Preeti’s role, she is as obnoxious as toxic fumes… I don’t mean to be so mean…pardon the pun but intended nevertheless, if I were to say otherwise, I’d be lying and these serials have taught me that you can only lie for the good of a positive outcome…so there ???…yesterday, I didn’t see the gist of Preeti’s counterattack until it was upon me and I was as mad as Prem, did really feel like slapping this hateful almost comical but maniacal Preeti to the floor using Prem’s action to show what can happen under duress…. Say what!!! Our lovable DSR will set things right for us. Nimisha, to tell the truth, I think Pranav is a better actor in all emotional scenes than Jyoti, he’s extremely convincing and he makes me cry too and when I think about what’s happening in the background, I’m concerned.

  12. Hello Shraddha,,nice to see you back on this forum.If you remember ,in the beginning ,only a few of us including you and me and Ooshi Akbak used to comment ,my friend Naz joined us a few days later .Those episodes were pure nostalgia when Prem and Teja would look smashing together particularly the college days.Since then ,many of Prejaswani’s admirers joined this forum making it more interesting and colourful.But sadly the story is in doldrums now with Preeti ruling the roost and Prem running helter skelter to save his skin.Adding to the woes is the lack of chemistry between the leads.Anyways we can take comfort in the news that Preeti will be exiting the serial in a week’s time .But the question is will we ever get to see the same old magic between Prem and Teja which is very important to justify the title of the show.

  13. Naz, this show will shut shop in weeks if either of the leads are changed, hope the makers have that much commercial acumen to undestand this. They better realise this show is heavily dependent on the leads, not only on Prem and Teju, equally on Pranav Jyoti too. They must make them sort out their issue and carry on, otherwise it’s a better idea to shut shop permanently rather than changing one lead. If you look at it, no intense passionate romantic show has been accepted by its audience if one of the leads are changed, there are quite a few examples readily available. And , yeah , of course Pranav is a high calibre actor, not only better than Jyoti he surpasses most actors currently performing as hindi serial leads, taking all GECs together. An extremely cerebral actor, I am sure he has got many more aces still hidden under his sleeves . Even if we judge critically, he is the only hero in hindi serials who cries at the drop of the hat yet considered to be macho and an angry young man, his character has many unique shades unlike any hero like he is gullible, a little stupid, stubborn and childishly sentimental, I am sure along with writers he himself must have contributed a lot in weaving Prem Singh Rathore and he is phenomenal in his role, with and without Tejaswini. But charm of the show is Prejaswini, so we all are praying for them and to them to bring that lucky charm back to ADDNK

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