Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Prem Realizes Tejaswini Is Right

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini leaves Dharam’s house silently when family is busy in pooja. Prem searches her and rushes out. Tejaswini waits for taxi on road. Prem stops his car and opening car door asks where she wants to go. Tejaswini thinks he is her destiny and future. He says he will drop her wherever she wants to. She sits in and shows direction. Preeti goes to Mandira Bua’s house and asks she told she will take revenge from Dharam and help her, but she is sitting calmly. Bua says she told Sharda that her husband was wrong, so Sharda has changed her mind and wants to help Tejaswini. Preeti changes her tone.

Tejaswini shows direction to Prem and takes him to Bua’s house and says she had to act at home and get out as Mandira bua has kidnapped her maa and is behind Preeti.

They both knock door. Preeti walks towards door, but hearing Prem and Tejaswini panics that they will not spare her now. Mandira scolds her to relax and hides Sharda and Preeti in a secret room. Goons try to stop Prem and Tejaswini. Prem beats them and walks into home asking where is Sharda maa. Mandira acts and asks why would she come in and taunts Tejaswini. Prem searches Sharda and says she is not here. Tejaswini says Bua herself called her and informed that she kidnapped her mother. Prem asks to show her mobile and finds mobile switched off. Mandira says Tejaswini is lying to take revenge. Prem says he will finish Tejaswini and her lies and asks Bua to bring gun. Bua thinks good, if Prem kills Tejaswini and goes to jail, she can easily finish old tiger Dharam.

Bua walks into her room and then into a secret room behind cupboard, picks gun and takes it to Preeti and tied Sharda. Preeti asks if Prem and Tejaswini went away, she cannot bear heat here and her makeup is fading away due to sweat. Mandira asks her to stop acting and says Prem himself wants to kill Tejaswini. Preeti gets happy and says her revenge will complete if Tejaswini dies. Tejaswini tells Prem that her life is his and he can do anything, but he should understand that Bua has hidden maa somewhere. Bua asks her to call police and inform that Prem has killed Tejaswini and to come here soon. Prem asks to stop lying again. Mandira gives gun and asks to finish evil Tejaswini. Prem points gun at Teajswini. Tejaswini looks into his eyes. Naina…song..plays in the background.

Sarla gives medicine to Dharam and says she told him to kick out Tejaswini, but he did not, now Preeti has also entered our house, she is worried about their family. Dharam says evil will not stay for long, even Krishna Bhagwan spared Sishupal’s 100 mistakes, but when he crossed limits, Krishna killed him. Until he is alive, nobody can harm his family.

Preeti calls police and informs that there is a murder happening at Mandira’s house. Prem warns Tejaswini to lower her eyes. He reminisces Tejaswini telling whenever wrong happens around her, her eyes lashes down bat. Bua continues provoking him to kill Tejaswini. He holds gun on Bua. Bua says she is not Tejaswini. He says she is also her papa’s enemy. She says she is his elder and knows he will not kill elders. He warns to tell where Sharda is before he counts 10, else he will offload 10 bullets in her head.

Precap: Dharam orders Prem that Tejaswini cannot come inside home. Priyal asks Prem why he is so much blindfolded in Tejaswini’s love. Dharam asks Prem if he wants to stay with family or Tejaswini.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yes Topaz… I also feel like pulling my hair too when I see Preeti and the little “pretty Preeti ” snicker is so blo*dy irritating!! Something about this actress, irks me and if I should check my BP at the sight of her, I’m sure it will skyrocket!!

  2. Lord, I can’t believe I have to wait again to see the make up scene between Prem and Teja. Let’s hope it will be tomorrow. In the meantime can someone please tell me what Prem said in his apology, it will help me wait, Thanks. Again I have no words to describe Preeti except for Lord please spare me soon. As for Prem and Teja, i just love their chemistry, of course I believe he offered to drop her wherever she wants to go because he’ll know where to find her, got to love Prem.

  3. Yes Naz, I agree with you, my blood pressure rises also, it’s the reason why I don’t watch the show in real time, I watch it after, so that I can fast forward Preeti scenes. Like you said it’s something about this actress. I’ve never felt this way about an actress in a negative role before, I thought it was only me that had a problem with her until I read other viewers comments, we all cannot be wrong, she’s really irksome to watch.

  4. This is my fav show, but you all are ruining it, just like every other show. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!!!!!!!!

  5. girls girls relax its not good when your bp is high come on now work with me here breathe in breathe out once more yeah got it i totally agree with you guys preeti is quite irritating to look at but i find her a kinda weird i cannot pin point it yet but trust me i will sooner or later she uses a lot of make up probably she use to work in a circus before she join the team of ADDNK she only needs the big red nose to complete her looks lmao it is getting funnier by the day directors come on you have your work cut out for ya camera action hahaha

  6. What was Preeti attempting to do today ? throw in some comedy along with her madness. Sickening. WTH does she want ? Is it plain revenge or is she still lusting for Prem or has love gone out of the window bcos he spurned her. She has no qualms sending Prem to jail and getting him beaten up. I think she is just jealous and just does not want Prem and Teja together so sending him to jail. I hate sounding mean but apart from her acting I really get put off by her wide mouth and that smug smile of hers !!!!!. Its just gross.Don’t understand why they have to show her face most of the time after a Preja romantic scene like some ritual. Just ruins the moment.

    1. So true, Preeti needs to make up her mind as to what she really wants, she’s acting in disarray, all over the damn place!! One minute she wants Prem, next minute she wants him to be in trouble with the law but also I think Aditi, she’s forgotten she wants Prem!! Yesterday, I laughed at her comical behavior, all mouth (actually, figuratively and literally) but no ovarian fortitude, running scared like a wimpy headless chicken when she heard Prem and Teja voice. Without mandira bua, she a nobody…

  7. OH MY GOD! Jayashree you are hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing at your comments, it was just what I needed, Thank You! Now on a heavier note, why am I seeing pictures of Prem in court? Don’t tell me he’s going to wind up in jail and he and Teja will be separated, just when I had hope of seeing some sort of romance between them, are these writers for real? why go along the same track as other serials and keep the leads from consumating their marriage for as long as possible. This is just pure speculation on my part. I’m hoping the writers do the impossible and surprise me with a short lifespan for Preeti and a short separation for Prem and Teja. I’m waiting to see how Teja’s going to prove her husband’s innocence, get back Dharam’s and the family’s support, thrash Preeti hopefully for good, and wisen up stupid Arjun.

  8. Listen friends, I know exactly what most of you are thinking concerning Preeti. I’ve had issues with other villains in serials before but none had the capacity to make me turn away from the TV screen like this actress. I don’t know if the negative role caused this, though I think not… On WAS, I hated Nisha to the max BUT she was compelling and mesmerizing to watch. For months, I’d watch her lips when she did her dialogues, that’s all I could see!! Riddhi was awesome in her facial expressions, then I had to tear my eyes away to notice her walks…seductively she’d saunter across the room and her sarees fitted her super duper….but even though she was the epitome of evil, she held my attention. As with this actress doing Preeti’s role, I actually feel nauseous when I see her, her facial expressions are weird, her seductive gestures towards Arjun is creepy and unattractive and OMG….makeup to kill!! What does she have to hide?? It looks garish, makeup artists should tone it down, heavy face paint looks clownish…less makeup is much appreciated , natural beauty needs to be complimented and encouraged so please, makeup artists, go easy on Preeti’s face paint. So friends, I know if we all were face to face, we’d say it like it is!! ??but we abstain here… I rest my case!! ?

  9. oh no …..Dharam also misunderstanding Tejaswini mehtha…..very bad

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