Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Teja walks out of house

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dharam gets disheartened seeing Sharda hugging Tejaswini and telling she is happy that her daughter took revenge from Dharam’s family, walks back inside. Tejaswini says Sharda that she is thinking wrong, she did not do anything wrong and is going out of house to protect family from Preeti’s criminal conspiracies. Sharda asks that means she still considers her father wrong. Tejaswini says it is truth. Sharda angrily walks out. Mandira bua sees from her car and thinks Sharda can help her in her plan. Sharda thinks why this woman is staring at her. Dharam reminisces Tejaswini confessing her crime earlier and today’s incident and thinks Tejaswini betrayed him.

Arjun asks Preeti to packs her bags as they are going out of this house. Preeti says Tejaswini wil not

go out of this house and is acting. Arjun days that does not matter, they are going. Preeti asks him to go, she will come in sometime. She calls Mandira and explains her situation. Mandira says Tejaswini’s mother is with her. She kidnaps Sharda and takes her home and then shows their husband’s pics saying they were best friends and if Dharam had not killed Sharda’s husband, Sharda would have been suhaagan now. She provokes Sharda to take revenge from Dharam and do as she says. She asks to convince Tejaswini to stay back in Dharam’s house. She calls Tejaswini and informs that she kidnapped her mother. Sharda speaks and says her husband was wrong and Tejaswini is right, she should not leave Dharam’s house and should protect family from Preeti’s evil plans. Mandira takes back phone and warns that she should get Preeti’s phone that Tejaswini set things right, else forget hrr mother. Tejaswini gets worried for Sharda.

Next morning during pooja, Arjun tells Sunaina that he is leaving home and will come often. Sunaina says he should not leave home. Preeti thinks her beta/bahu will not go so easily. Tejaswini asks family if she can touch matarani’s feet before leaving home. Family fumes, but permits. Prem says he will not let her break relationships and go and asks Dharam to stop her. Dharam says they cannot hold and let her go if she wants to. Tejaswini thinks she hurt papa a lot, but she is doing for family’s good.

Preeti sitting between sofas calls Mandira and informs that Tejaswini still did not do anything. Arjun coems and asks what is she doing between sofas, whom she is talking to. Preeti nervously says maa. Arjun insists to speak to maa and tell not to worry about her daughter. Preeti says she herself will speak. Mandira disconnects call.

Prem walks to Tejaswini and confronts that he will not let her go so easily. Tejaswini says she has to go for family’s good. Next morning, during maata rani’s visarjan, Tejaswini says family that she is going out of this house with matarani and she knows they will not bless her, she is going out for family’s good. She walks out of house with Matarani’s idol. Prem angrily looks at her.

Precap: Arjun confronts Tejaswini that she left family in one go and he did not understand her plan at all, she brought him to Mandira’s house here, now he will end her life and points gun on her forehead.

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  1. Now Sharda comes to know d real face of her husband she took d right step by supporting Teju to save Prem & his family from Preeti & bua’s evil plans.There is lot more twist & turns r coming …..Prem & Teju accept their love….Preeti’ll hospitalize….Police came to arrest Prem ….

  2. I haven’t been commenting because I have been busy, but today I’m glad that Teja’s mom finally believed her husband was a corrupt officer and I’m also happy that Prem is not giving up on Teja no matter what, he will follow her, it shows the depth of his love for her. I still cannot watch Preeti’s scenes, i just don’t have the patience.The actress maybe a nice person offscreen but to me her portrayal as Preeti is just too irritating, she has done a great disservice to herself when some of us can’t stand looking at her onscreen. Lakshmi I need a favour, if you or anyone else happened to see the clip, ‘Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi’:Breakdown moment of Prem and Teja that is showing on you tube, can you please tell me if you know the name of the first song played. Thank you.

  3. Sorry it should have read as Breakdown moment of Prem and Tejswani.

    1. I heard it Topaz but I don’t know it.. Take it easy girl, slow down a bit sometimes.. Did miss your comments.

  4. Looking forward to Preja reunion in the next episode. Hope they don’t postpone it to Monday. We deserve to see Preja back together this week itself for putting up with Preeti so long. Its her expressions which are so irritating. Look at Nidhi or Jennifer’s portrayal of their role in WAS or Beyadh, and look what this actress is doing. Negative characters enacted with subtlety is more effective in connecting with the viewer otherwise it becomes an eyesore as in this case.
    Wish they wud replace her or simply end this Preeti character instead of torturing us.

  5. Not only Donald Trump is a moron, not my diagnosis but Arjun as well!! Is this young man’s head not working properly?? Can’t he see the naseauous look on Preeti’s face when she’s near him, for heaven’s sake, he’s right in front of her and he can’t see her disgust!! What a disappointment he is turning out to be. Anyway, I wasn’t too happy about the scene when Sharda realized her husband was crooked. It wasn’t as bombshell as I thought it would have been, she believed a stranger but not daughter, I guess she must have become numb by now hearing that accusation, so she didn’t need much convincing. I kinda feel like Teja is behaving impish since she drew battle lines with Preeti and I find it charming. I know she’s trying to teach Preeti a lesson and that’s why she’s leaving the house but if it was for real leaving Prem, it wouldn’t be so easy to walk away from him and her marital home… You go girrrrrllllll…. Kick some ass….

  6. Agree, Sharda’s acceptance of truth is so underwhelming and abrupt. But probably, at a psychological level is is getting weaker and ready to accept the truth, it just Mandira’s unflinching hammer of proof that’s the final nail in the coFfin. That’s why she didn’t waste time to make peace with Teju, I think her advicing her daughter to protect Prem and his family is commendable, no ordinary mom could have done that, so her character undergoing cleansing now, all the best to her. This is crucial juncture where Teju needs more support to fight all evils. Mandira’s character is quirky vicious yet wacky I like her as antagonist 100 times more than the jaded PR factor , she is so over the top, pisses me off, just kill her. Arjun, what have you done to yourself, so hopeless ! I am living and breathing on Prejaswini only, so is the show, God bless them with togetherness

    1. Arushi, I also think it was commendable that Sharda gave her daughter support in protecting her in-laws, though the damage was done when DSR overheard the conversation, it was supposed to be this way. Daily, your comments make me laugh, you have a sense of humor and that’s good….”confusing Arjun with Prem is so sinful, a crime “???so true,

  7. Why the precap write up is consistently wrong these days ? How can anyone confuse Arjun with Prem ??? That’s so sinful , almost a crime?Anyways, taking it upon myself to correct it, it’s Prem who is angry, understandably , and reaches Teju at Mandira’s place to threaten her with dire consequences

  8. Breakdown moment song which is played on you tube is tinka tinka dil mera…. from tubelight

  9. Thank You so much Nimisha, since i watched the clip that song was stuck in my head it is hauntingly beautiful and now i got the english translation so i know what the lyrics mean, it is indeed a beautiful song. Like Aditi I’m hoping that i don’t have to wait until Monday for the make up scene, I’ve been waiting all week so if anyone can tell me what Prem said in his apology to Teja that’ll be great. I’m praying that Zee Caribbean does not edit this scene so that we get to see the entire apology, they love to disappoint us, right Naz. As for Arjun, he is fast becoming as annoying as Preeti, where did his intelligence go, he’s behaving like a whipped puppy, I’m hoping that he’s playing games with Preeti instead of just being her puppet which is so disappointing.

  10. Topaz, I did see the breakdown moment between this darling couple and OMG… Pranav is so damn convincing in this scene, ohhhhhhhhhh…..i can’t wait to see it AND I’m also praying like you that zeetv don’t cut or edit that scene. It was because of this, I used to watch romantic scenes between Raja and Rani on Ozeetv….oh Lorrrrrddddddd, I hope we get to see the entire thing between Prem and Teja ???

  11. Naz, I too used to watch the romantic scenes between Raja and Rani online because of Zeetv’s foolish editors. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this time Zeetv won’t let us down and we get to see every second of this emotional apology from Prem to Teja, I just love Prem even when he doesn’t say a word you know what he’s thinking, that scene when he opened the front door of the house and saw Teja standing there, when she turned to look at him, both actors spoke with their eyes, in a word less scene their expressions said it all, just love both Jyoti and Pranav’s acting. Now if Preeti can be replaced by another actress or killed off completely I’ll be happy. I have seen other actresses in negative roles but they weren’t as annoying as Preeti, I didn’t have a problem watching their scenes but Preeti makes me want to pull my hair out.

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