Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tejawini Decides To Leave Dharam’s House

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

vSarla asks Tejaswini if she betrayed them again and acted as worried for Prem. Tejaswini says everything was lie as she wants to see tears in this family’s life. Preeti thinks what is Teja didi telling now. Tejaswini continues that she and her sister Preeti want to take revenge from this family for insulting her mamaji and murdering her father. Preeti asks which plan, she is not part of it. Dharam thinks Tejaswini is lying for some reason. Anand says Tejaswini spoke truth now. Arjun says Tejaswini is lying and dragging Preeti in her lies. Anand asks him to shut up and asks Dharam to send both Tejaswini and Preeti out. Arjun says Preeti is his wife and will not go. Anand asks him also to go out. Arjun says this is also his house and he will not go. Sunaina asks where

will Arjun go. Anand says he is sending Arjun to another rhaveli. Tejaswini asks Dahram’s permission to leave house, and Dharam sits silently. Prem holds her hand. She says papa gave permission, so she will go. She looks at Preeti and thinks she told her silence is not her weakness.

Preeti speaks to Mandira bua and tells her whole story. Mandira says she does not care if Preeti stays in Dharam’s house or not, she wants to take revenge from Dharam. Arjun enters and asks Preeti to pack bags as Tejaswini lied and she is going out of this house and even they are asked to, it is better if they go out, they can spend quality time together.

Mami informs Sharda that Tejaswini has confessed that she asked Preeti to elope and marry Arjun. Sharda is shocked. Maami warns if anything happens to Preeti because of Tejaswini, she will not spare them. Sharda reminisces incident where Tejaswini says her papa was wrong and thinks she misjudged her daughter.

Tejaswini packs her bags crying. Prem enters and asks she betrayed his family and was acting all the while, it is not a kid’s game that she plays with his life and walk away, he will not let her go. He walks away angrily after venting out his anger. Preeti enters and asks Tejaswini what drama did she do downstairs, why did she lie, what is she conspiring. Tejaswini all these are Preeti’s nature and not her, she warned that her silence is not her weakness, she will not let anyone harm her family. She says she heard speaking to Mandira bua and planning to destroy Dharam’s family, but until she is here, Preeti cannot. She asks if Preeti will call Mandira and asks what she should do next. Preeti challenges, she will not go and even not let Tejaswini go and walks away.

Tejaswini gets Sharda’s call who tells she is standing outside Dharam’s house and asks to come and meet her. Tejaswini goes out and hugs Sharda emotionally and says she forgave her, Sharda says why did she hide her plan, she took revenge from Dharam and is going out of his house. Dharam hears that and is shocked and thinks Tejaswini’s repenting tears were fake and she was taking revenge of her papa’s death.

Precap: Tejaswini says Prem he loves her papa, then will realize how much she loves her papa and can go to any extent to take revenge. Prem asks her to get out of his house. Tejaswini walks out with matarani’s idol crying.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. writer is weird Dhram did not heard Tejshwini and Preeti or Preeti and Mandira bua talking instead he heard Tejshwini and her mother talks.

  2. I did watch the show with the Lil champs where the actress was having fun and she’s a rather nice girl but her portrayal of Preeti’s character is so good being an obnoxious villain that I couldn’t see past her niceness. Lakshmi, I don’t know who should win this competition because all the kids are superb performers…. Sigh!!!! One thing I’m happy about is that the old Teja is back.. ?? and Preeti is in for some lessons ,about time too and what makes this thing she feels for Prem so odious is as you rightly said, she’s Teja’s sister for goodness sake!!! Who the hell does that?

  3. Aisi misunderstandings dekhi nhi kahi

  4. Naz ,today, after so many episodes. ,there was a bright smile on Sharda’s face,……why?Because her daughter hasn’t forgotten her promise to take revenge and so far she has only been acting..That means Sharda doesn’t care about her daughter leaving her husband and marital home.What she is interested in is her husband and his false prestige.And her brother……he is interested only in his daughter’s welfare..IWhat a self centered family! Mamaji is better that way,,,atleast he wants his daughter’s happiness.So Teja has many mad clients to deal with ,Preeti,Mamaji ,Sharda ,Arjun and a very dangerous one Mandira..I was delighted to see Preeti taking a back step when Teja during her confrontation with Preeti says that she is ready to leave her house to make Preeti leave the house and does n’t mind even lying a hundred times to expose her truth.Ofcourse Preeti still challenges that she will neither leave the house nor allow Teja to leave ,but it is obvious that she is taken aback and that is expected when Teja is in her devastating ‘Teja the don ‘ form. .And Teja with her quickly changing colors will remain an enigma to a thoroughly confused Prem atleast till their misunderstanding is cleared.

    1. Lakshmi, in today’s episode when Sharda beamed her kilowatt smile at Teja and hugged her, I thought things would be OK from now on but the reason for her smile had me a bit puzzled, for some unknown reason, I couldn’t process her reasoning. Now that I’ve read you comment, I understand . Yessssssssssss… This is really a self centered family and Teja has enemies piling up, but as you’ve said, Teja will be an enigma to her husband till she accomplishes her goal but I so want to see them in romantic moments??so how long she remains this way, I’m hoping that they don’t go further apart. Didn’t the spoilers say that they will patch up soon??? ????…when when when….you know… Pranav really does cry in his scenes na?? …. It was satisfying to see Teja laying it out for Preeti today and I want to see much more fire from Teja towards her sl*tty,conniving and psycho sister. Lakshmi, I really am finding it difficult to tolerate Arjun these days, he was never like this and even though I didn’t like him in any way, I still think that his character is missing something, he’s become too robotic these days and seriously…i enjoyed seeing Anand tell him off today, it satisfied me. This serial has so many obnoxious characters especially Preeti, mandira and mamaji , Prem and Teja are like lotus flowers amongst them all…

  5. Only a few episodes back mama ( I consciously dropped the ji like Prem is doing these days :)) visited his conscience , first time in his life time, he was almost on the path of salvation and redemption for hiding and misguiding Sharda and Teja about his bro in law , I thought his character is now going to show a 180 deg turnaround towards positivity, usually that happens when conscience is revoked,but here it seems it went the other way round, he is completely doomed now, lost his sense completely and reached new low , I feel his more obnoxious than Preeti because he is maligning Teja without any reason or purpose, doing same with DSR who personally has always paid enough respect to mama. Further, the actor in mama’s role is also showing the weight of the characterisation now, he is inadequate of portraying such complexity, hence along with Preeti Arjun now mama’s scenes are appearing to be unrealistic boring and drab, unless he is pitted against Prem who is a firecracker against him and infuse his personal charm iin all his scenes. Simply loving Pranav, we feel like tuning in to this show because of him, not only because he is looking like a million bucks but also because he puts in such passion and charm in his scenes, that happens even if he is standing silently in the frame without any dialogue. About looks, loving Teja’s look too, that’s how a smart young newly Wed should look and carry indian attire, she has got class and style. Performance wise too she is coming up wonderfully, it’s noticeable. Keep it up Prejaswini

    1. Precise and wonderful comment Arushi. This is why it’s so important to post our comments, everyone has so much value to add and I wish writers could take time out to read our feedbacks, always so inspiring and accurate. Each one of us has their own unique way of seeing different angles and we certainly are a bunch of intelligent viewers.. I also do notice the power of Prem’s silence, it’s says so much without a single word, whether it’s his love, anger or playfullness…he rocks with his presence and charisma and daily I love this character even more than before.. I also love Teja’s attire, she looks so beautiful in her sarees and her passion is coming across so intensely too… I ???when Prem holds her up close… Ohhhhhhh…..???even in anger, they look so hotttttt together…. BTW, I’m a hopeless romantic so bear with me…

  6. Yeah Naz, the writers must value our feedbacks, we are such keen followers of the show and wish it to be garnering more acclaim and continue for a long time, our genuine opinion should matter to them, hope it does

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