Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Tejaswini Proves Prem Innocent

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preeti calls Mandira and happily informs her whole situation at Dharam’s house and Mamaji supporting her instead. Mandira laughs and says she threatened Mamaji to life and reminisces Mamaji walking on street with his wife and getting a news about Dharam’s death. They both think if Mandira and Preeti did it. Mandira comes there laughing and says police nose smells truth so soon, being a constable Mamaji identified truth so well, she and Preeti killed Dharam and asks him to keep his mouth shut, orders her goons to kidnap maami. They kidnap her in a car and leave. Mandira warns Mamaji if he tells truth in Dharam’s house, he will lose his wife.

Prem lifts pot and walks with Dharam’s dead body to perform last rights. Sarla cries vigorously while Priyal, Suman, and

Tejaswini console her. Tejaswini sees only a few hours left to prove Prem innocent. She walks. Sunaina and Priyal yell she is going to party now. She says she is going to prove her husband innocent. She goes out and seeing Dharam’s driver asks what happened before Dharam’s murder. He says he was ill, so another driver went with Dharam. He tells her something in detail. She then meets another driver who informs that Dharam met his lawyer before going to Mumbai. Tejaswini then meets lawyer who says Dharam had unique thinking and changed his will just before his murder. She is surprised to hear that.

Tejaswini then goes to roadside temple where Dhram and Mandira met and prays god. She sees CCTV camera and realizes it must have recorded murder. She checks footage on laptop and is shocked to see Dharam meeting Mandira, and Mandira;s goon silently fixing bomb in Dharam’s car from behind. She is shocked and downloads clips on her mobile. Just then Mandira’s goons throng her and try to catch her. She pushes them and runs on road. They get tired and think she runs faster than men. They are about to catch her when she pushes them and runs again.

Prem performs Dharam’s last rights and takes his ashes in pot. Inspector says his family has complained against him, so he has to be arrested. Prem says he will keep ash pot at home and then accompany him. Everyone return home. Family’s drama continues. Preeti happily thinks only 5 minutes are left, so Tejaswini will not bring proof. She acts and asks inspector to wait till Tejaswini returns. Anand scolds Prem is guilty and there is no proof. Sarla says she trusts her son and will till her last breath and says her son cannot be wrong. Inspector is about to handcuff Prem when Tejaswini runs in and stops him and giving her mobile says it has proof who killed Dharam and her husband is innocent. Sarla thinks until this girl is with her son, nothing will happen to him. They all watch footage where Dharam meets Mandira. Anand asks what rubbish, what is in it. Tejaswini asks him to wait. They then see goon fixing bomb in Dharam’s car. Tejaswini says she got this footage from roadside CCTV camera and it proves her husband is innocent. Drama continues.

Precap: Prem points gun at Preeti to accept truth. Anand warns Prem to leave her. Prem counts 3, Preeti accepts that she got Dharam killed. Family is shocked and Anand says he will not spare her. Preeti holds knife at Sunaina to escape.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The writers seem to have heard us,…..the precap looks very encouraging .Hope the exposé of Preeti’s dirty face is not a dream and hope to never ever see this most nauseating character again.So far she has successfully dodged the law due to the over generosity of her sister,hope Teja will not interfere this time.Friends ,is there any news that Preeti’s character will be coming to an end?Or will she escape and take asylum in Mandira’s house?Whatever it be ,we should be happy that we won’t be seeing her in Dharamsingh ‘s house .It will be interesting thing to see whether she will she expose Mandira also,I hope she does so ,so that both of them can jointly relax behind the bars.But where is Dharamsingh ,will he make an entry now?But if he is really alive and pre planned everything, what was his contribution in saving Prem? If Teja had not noticed that CCTV camera and run like an Olympic champion to dodge the goons,Prem would have got arrested.For the time being,let us be happy that Preeti’s game is over and I am happy that Mamaji is not like his daughter and has some values.Let us see what is going to happen next.

  2. Sorry for ty.po errors

  3. Dharam singh should not be dead. He was the soul of the serial. The drama loses its charm. He should be the instrumental role to expose preeti and mandira. Finally it is a boring one.

  4. I wouldn’t hold my breath about Preeti’s character going…like that bad habit of Svetlanna’s continued resurrection on Ishqabaz, Preeti will reappear, you can count on it. and i kinda like her, she makes me laugh with her disgust of poor Arjun.

  5. Yesterday only I express my views ..there might be kidnapping of mamiji behind mamaji’s silence.Love d way Teju save Prem .Sorry Lakshmi ,want to share some bad news Preeti’ll once again escape .There is no news of ending her character so soon infect there’ll be lots more confussion in d upcomming episodes .Prem’ll be arrested but dis time her mother files complain against him …..I know d story but don’t want to spoil interest…

  6. can someone lease tell me if it was indeed Dharam who killed tejas dad and why telly updates are hardly publishing any comments i have posted several comments but when you rebuke them saying they did not publish your comments it only gets worst so i just read and shut de ass up hey naz sapphire no comments from you guys stop watching by the way kumkum bhagya is still on lmao i am sorry Dharam had to die and i saw preeti in a movie yesterday BLUE MOUNTAIN is the name

    1. Jayashree dear, I’m here, all of the time but you’ve been missing for a while but good to see you here again. Please continue chatting with us… for Sapphire, she’s AWOL……i talk to her on Piya Albela and Mehek but she’s not here, in fact I really can’t remember if she ever came up here. …i could be wrong. As for KKB…. I haven’t watched that crap for months now and I certainly don’t intend to, just see preview on commercial breaks is enough to make me gag. I have loads of patience and I’m not joking when I tell you I mastered the art while on these serials but for my sanity sake, I won’t ever go back to watch that serial, it’s hazardous to my health, even if Abhi and Pragya ready to consummate their non existent s*x life, I’m not taking bait, that’s it for me there!!!

  7. Gave a miss to today’s episode as well. And Lakshmi, this spoiler was out long back that Preeti will go back on her words and tell everyone that she accepted her crime because Prem forced her on gunpoint , she accepted to killing DSR to save her life, and as disgusting as it may sound everyone will believe her instead of Prejaswini and she will be saved from the precap situation, so definitely no Prejaswini wining over her in near future and she continues to be the queen bee of the show with her sting intact. And I will continue skipping the episodes till she is gone…

  8. And friends , I feel if Prem has performed DSR’ s last rites so emotionally, he is definitely not a part of fake DSR death drama, he is too upfront and straightforward to do such play acting. So DSR must be staging this individually or at the most with Teju as an accomplice…

  9. I am also not watching the anymore…Only reading updates that too don’t get interest to read in a detail

  10. Nimisha and Aarushi, terrible disappointment indeed! After watching yesterday’s preview ,I was really elated as I thought that finally we would be seeing the end of this nasty character even it it is for a short period ,and Prem and Teja would have a brief respite from her evil deeds.But the writers seem to have some special affinity for this disgusting character to keep giving her so much screen space and extending her contract as well .As for the spoilers ,I stopped watching them after that bitter experience with ETRETR when we came to know almost ten days back that the serial would be ending on a sad and dismal note and the lead pair would be killed in an accident leaving behind their infant twins.Naz knows very well that I,being very much attached to those characters,could n’t even muster enough courage to watch the last episode .So after watching all the 503 episodes,I gave a miss to the final one.But in Preeti’s case,I guess I was a bit too eager to see the back of this rather very unpleasant character.Anyways Thanks for the info,the writers seem to have developed some ‘DEWANGI’for Preeti.They are too stubborn in persisting with this character that they have left no alternative other than venting out our anger and frustration through this forum and Ofcourse stop watching this serious injustice to a young couple.If this was the Dewangi the writers/makers meant,we certainly don’t want to fall sick or get mad by watching it.I will just read the updates but will keep commenting as I would like to be in touch with all of you.

  11. Line 8 …pl read as ‘ten days before itself’
    Sorry for ty.po error

  12. Aarushi ,it is quite clear that none of the family is privy to Dharamsingh ‘s plan as is evident from all those last rites.Even a very strong heart could n’t have performed the last rites of a loved one who is very much alive.Any ideas,how Dharamsingh could arrange for the dead body,Ofcourse anything can be managed with money but a dead body is a different thing.We all know that he ,being a very noble soul,could never have sacrificed someone else to sort out his family issues.Then from where did the body materialise ,from a hospital mortuary??????.

  13. Again I want to thank everyone here for the written updates cause the shaw is not available in my country and the Web site that I used to watch it till episode 92 so reading your info made my day .now I’m watching ETRETR season 1 on our TV MBC Bollywood chanel .I like Drashti Dhami in Geet, Madhubala, Naina Mehra so I’m excited about the series even though the sad ending *usually I change the end in my mind *

  14. Hello Jayashree,nice to see you back here,recently there have been quite a few complaints from this forum that Telly doesn’t publish comments, I think I am lucky not to have experienced it myself except for once or twice during ETRETR days.
    As for Teja’s father’s death ,he was certainly shot dead by Dharamsingh but for the valid reason that he was a corrupt and unscrupulous police officer who was considered a shame to the Police force.Ofcourse his wife Sharda was n’t aware of all this and so held him in high esteem till the truth was revealed.Still ,Dharamsingh wasn’t justified in taking law into his own hands but you know in these serials ,there is no rhyme or reason and we shouldn’t ask too many questions either.So that matter is already closed and forgotten.As you can see that the writers have come up with this novel idea of eliminating Dharamsingh,the back bone of this serial.Since the dead man’s face was not shown and already cremated ,we are assuming that this is all per planned by Dharamsingh himself to root out certain poisonous plants.Hope our assumptions are right and the patriarch of the family is alive.

    1. Hmm…..and Lakshmi, DSR didn’t earn the title Don by chance, he’s got an astute brain and thinks cleverly so that’s why he’s so revered in his community. Not showing the body’s face is enough for me to believe he’ll resurface and he may even pull strings from behind the scenes and his enemies may not realize that. So if we see strange happenings in the near future, it could well be DSR doing his thing!!! Incognito!!!

    2. Lakshmi, how could I forget you and I were also on KLKAH… So I’m adding that to our list…

  15. Sorry friends, for my late comment, was so swamped with work at home. Happy to read your comments and Lakshmi, I think ETRETR and this forum had and has the most amazing, analytical and intelligent viewers of which I’m happy to be a part of. At least the writers listened to us even if it was minute appeasement without giving too much away and like most if not all stories, there’s got to be some sort of evil and negativity in order to balance the scales and get feedback from viewers like US… I’m pleased that Preeti has been exposed and now she’ll go somewhere to lick her wounds and plan her comeback. I agree with Arushi that Prem isn’t a part of DSR’s plans, Prem’s grief was genuine and I felt like mourning with him also and I don’t think Teja knows anything too otherwise she would be very uncomfortable knowing that the family is performing DSR final rights when he’s still alive . Precap looks enticing and I could hardly wait for Monday’s episode… ????…now, I wonder about Arjun, the most pathetic husband in this world, living with a newly wedded wife and can’t find the time to romp in the bed a bit, how unrealistic
    he is… Can’t he see that his equally pathetic wife is running around minding people’s business instead of seducing him?? He has become a wimp now…but that’s good, one less villain in Prejaswini’s life. Like Lakshmi, I would also post comments, I can’t stay quiet for too long, it’s my nature, that’s why I’m always up here, I need to chat and exchange ideas with all of my friends here. I’m trying not to stress myself over the serials I watch because as you’ve said my dear friend Lakshmi, I certainly don’t want to fall sick or her mad over these serials… BTW, I feel pity for Arjun, his brand new wife doesn’t find him palatable and it’s actually hilarious to see her exasperation when he’s around her…he look for that!!! ???????….wonderful weekend to you dear friends… Toddles till Monday.

  16. Lakshmi, how I would justify DSR being alive and yet the dead body ….Its the body of that locum driver who surfaced that day in absence of his regular driver ! DSR’s body was thrown out of the car due to the impact of the stone rolling down the hill and hitting the car just before the bomb blast, it was shown in the episode, I mean the stone hitting the car. After that DSR must have been unconscious and rolled down the hill filled with dense jungle and must have been rescued by some villagers or local people there who are unaware of his identity. Once he regains consciousness and is nursed back to his health he will resurface in Rathore mansion and in the show, a temporary memory loss track can also be interwoven in this storyline. What do you think of me as a writer Lakshmi ?? Am I not tailor made for the hindi soapland ??☺

    1. You know Arushi, DSR was really loved by his community so it’s not to farfetched to think that he got help from his own loyal friends and villagers , somebody could more than offer their loved one for cremation, if they were too poor to perform last rites and DSR is always open to helping people. Maybe a doctor could have been in the cover up to a certain ethical degree, we don’t know but could imagine, right!! Writers alone don’t have an imagination. We are smart here you know??? ??..those little detailed things about the rock coming down the hill, his regular driver not being there and DSR not answering his phone is just distraction, it’s just included there for authenticity of scene…..the poor driver chauffeuring DSR wasn’t given much importance huh, just a passing mention. Ohh, I forgot to say that thank goodness the writers didn’t fail in their story detail when it’s shown that Teja’s stint as a runner since the beginning, was the driving force in her being able to secure and get the evidence to the family. We don’t ever see something like this these serials, most of the time, the writers forget what they write but here,it was certainly ?????to them…for this inclusion.

  17. Thank you so much Lakshmi for that bit of information regarding Tejas Dad I knew he had to be a corrupt police officer because from what I have seen I couldn’t find someone like Dharam killing an innocent person and Naz I am always reading comments as I said Tu had some kind of a problem with their comments I miss our dear Sapphire I am so accustom to reading yours Lakshmi and Sapphire comments it is like a breath of fresh air have a good weekend my friends without this forum I would never have gotten the opportunity to interact with such wonderful people thank you guys

  18. Aarushi ,your version is straight from the Bollywood books and they do become hits because we ,the viewers ,want our favourites back in action by hook or by crook.By chance ,if our writers haven’t thought over yet how to bring back the dead Don,they have two options readily available ,yours and Naz’s. Let us see what they have up their sleeves.Infact Aarushi , your idea is not far fetched at all,if I remember correctly ,the male lead of ETRETR Raja died in almost the same manner and came back in the same manner .What do you say ,Naz?And we had no complaints whatsoever ,we were simply delighted to see him back in the guise of Sardarji.Hope to see Dharamsingh Rathore soon donning his Don’s colors for a change and giving a fitting reply to his distractions.Till then we will be reading only the updates.

    1. Lol Lakshmi, we had no problem with Raja because we all sort of were in love with him, screenwise…well, I ???? him…

  19. Pl .read as ‘distractors’.Sorry for ty.po errors.

  20. what is really going on with Telly Update? i am sailing in the same boat too because i have commented on several occasion and none of my comments are here your loss TU

  21. In the upcoming track prem and tejaswini will plot against mandira where prem will pretend to regard her as her mother and bring her home and mandira too will fall in his trap and preeti will try to convince mandira about prems lies but she won’t listen to her and warn her to stay in her limits. So we should find the show reaching a good place. And please guys don’t give up on the show. Tina and arushi di please I really want show to lose its viewers and want to get more trps where crap shows like kumkum bhagya and kundali bhagya are doing so well. It’s my favorite show and one thing positive about the show is that they don’t drag any tracks for more than 2 weeks.

  22. Thats true Ritika, this show has never dragged, the pace is quite fast, in fact the story progresses a lot and quite swiftly every episode. Despite that they are dragging this PR factor for so long, showing her instrumental and central to every track, this is giving me serious heartache and have reached a stage where it has become so unbearable that I don’t have the heart to sit through the episode any more. I will be so much happier if Prejaswini [ even with zeeo romance or chemistry) is given more screen space and importance in the show, they are so fabulous yet so very sidelined and neglected. Its so unfair to both of them and completely unjustified, I can’t tolerate such unfair things, my blood starts boiling. Thats why I have stopped watching the show. To catch up with my lovely Prejaswini I can always see their older episodes in web, such charm they created, absolutely magical and heart warming. And now, with the new spoilers coming in, we all can see that damn PR is still there with all her gaudy makeup , blingy attire and OTT expressions, so nothing’s going to change soon, how long we can keep our Sanity intact with this ‘namuna’ around always hogging the limelight ?? I am exasperated and frustrated to the core to say the least

  23. Yes ritika it was fav show mine…But now even cant complete a single episode.but now it’s confirm that prem tejaswini having some problem offscreen.they stopped coming off screen together.they don’t even post a single pic together.its very very annoying and unprofessional.its their profession.they don’t have good relation in real life.

  24. Are Pranav Jyoti both so stupid that they themselves will destroy something which they created so beautifully? If that’s the issue then I am sure some serious relationship must have developed between them , which went sour due to revelation of Pranav’s marital status, this guy must have really gone mad to indulge in all these mess. I remember this off screen isolation happened between Gurmeet and Drishti along the final days of Geet, this was an electrifying couple, both on-screen and off screen , never seen any couple as fav as Maaneet in hindi soapdom, supposedly their chemistry created marital discord in Gurmeet’s life and that’s why Drishti and Gurmeet shunned media completely off screen, I think Pranav Jyoti are also going that way. Their relationship status must be really complicated at this moment, God help them, it’s so pathetic if Prejaswini chemistry has to encounter untimely death due to their foolish unnecessary discord, so immature both of them !

  25. i am taking break for some days from this serial till then take care all here

  26. Exactly Arushi…Perfect observation…It’s very immature step.

  27. Hello friends, finally it’s confirm that DSR is alive…&Preeti’ evil face’ll expose sooner…

  28. Yes Arushi agree Pranav and Jyoti are going Gurmeet Drashti way. Both of them avoiding each other. I felt its more from Pranav’s side. I wonder if they are focusing on PR to sort out issues between the leads.

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