Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini falls from cliff and holding stone tries hard to climb back. Prem pulls her up and saves her. She asks why did he save her when he wants to kill her. He angrily pins her to a tree and shouts why she tries to become good in papa’s eyes and made him bad in papa’s eyes. She says she did not do anything and his lies ruined his image. He angrily hits tree shoutin Tejaswini Mehta. Tejaswini is shocked and runs from there. Prem realizes his mistake and runs behind her. He feels guilty for being so rude and rides on his jeep searching her.

Mamaji consoles Sharda and says Tejaswini has gone to bring her belongings, so she should calm down. He says Tejaswini is like her papa and will find out truth at any cost. She should let Tejaswini stay and study here. He says

they should not inform her truth for sometime, else her studies will be disturbed.

Anand returns home. Dharam fumes that Prem did a big mistake by calling Tejaswini’s mother here. Anand says Prem just want his attention, in childhood he used to cry to get his attention and now he is getting aggressive, he needs Dharam to care for only him and not others. Dharam says how to explain Prem that nobody is snatching his place.

Tejaswini walks in jungle and Prem follows on her jeep and asks her to sit. She argues and runs away. Prem reaches home and asks servant if he saw Tejaswini. Servant says she did not come yet. Tejaswini reaches. He says she should not be so adamant. She says she is going now, so he should be happy. He says what if he tells he did not call her mother here. She says she will not believe. She says she did not snatch his place from his family, she is fighting with whoever tries to stop her education, she is here to study and build her future.

Prem and Tejaswini then hear Arjun discussing with Ajju and Vinay how he called Tejaswini’s mother and made Tejaswini run from Rajpipla. Vinay says Prem bhai will be angry if he will know the truth. Arjun says they are doing it for Prem bhai and by the time he gets to know, Tejaswini would have gone out of Rajpipla. Prem angrily fumes and says he will punish Arjun. Tejaswini stops him and says Arjun did it for him, so he should forgive Arjun. Prem asks if she realized now that he did not call her mother. She says yes and says he should look at situaitno from his papa’s perspective and evaluation situation. She gives moral gyan. He agrees. She thinks she is going now when things sorted out. She packs her clothes and walks out of Dharam’s house. hai…plays in the background.

Precap: Tejaswini asks Prem if he is thinking of her. Prem imagines Tejaswini in servant and gets happy. Servant asks why is he laugh Prem baba. Prem realizes he is imagining. Sharda asks Tejaswini to promise that she will not meet Dharam’s family again. Tejaswini promises.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Comparatively a decent episode after that Saturday’s maha nightmare,I am also happy that both Prem and Tejaswani are trying to understand each other and all the misunderstandings including the phone call to Teja’s mother are cleared .Finally Tejaswani sees that Prem is not at all bad and it was his insecurity about his father’s love that has prompted him to do what he did.I liked the scene in the forest when Prem confesses about his insecurities to Teja and she is so moved that she starts crying.I also liked the way she advises Prem that Arjun is not at fault and he should address the problem without getting angry and for the first time Prem listens to her,I won’t say this is the beginning of love but atleast they have respect for each other now.On the whole a good episode.

  2. Finally after such a long wait their love track is starting
    happy to know:)


    So amazing secenes today.. finally prem is falling in love, but i hope its not fake, as zee writers are famous for 2 things-
    1. Faking love
    2. Spoiling story.
    Show is back on track

  4. Finally prem will have feelings 4 tejaswini may be..

  5. Lakshmi, I want to believe that this is the beginning of Prem and Teja building their relationship. Writers had to go this far I guess, to introduce some feelings between each other. I hope it continues and don’t swerve off -course… As for Saregamapa…gosh, these kids are awesome singers… I can’t help but love Jayas, he melts my heart. This kid will go far in life…he’s so sharp!!! I’m waiting to see the Kumar Sanu episode, I absolutely ??? the 90’s….my goodness, I can’t tell you just how much I love that era… I watch endless videos on YouTube of 90’s takes me back to another realm!!! Lakshmi, as far as I can remember when I was 4 or 5 year old, every one of Indian heritage, would wait on weekday evenings and Sunday lunchtime, for one hour programming of East Indian songs. It was all that we had to keep the love of Indian music alive in our hearts to keep us connected to where our grandparents came from. We would sit by the radios just to hear those songs and news from India… Pure nostalgia!!! … Today we have so much of everything from India, we all are proud of where our ancestors came from…and for keeping everything alive in our hearts… I don’t wear hijab, only on occasions, like going to the masjid of religious functions. I can’t keep it on with the type of weather we have here, I have to keep my hair shorter than usual because of the heat. … Anyway… I hope today’s episode is a sign of good things to happen in this serial, I can’t handle another failure… If you are enjoying the historical drama, continue watching… Sorry for late comment, I was busy as a bee yesterday and almost whole day today….

  6. BTW Lakshmi, I can sing but only to myself and in the bathroom… Sometimes I screech but that’s OK, no one hears me… ? ??

  7. Happy for prem falling for teja

  8. I think it must be plan of Prem for traping Teja in fake love

  9. Oh no ,Trupti, we don’t want another Etretr here,let us hope that Prem is truly falling for Teja and Teja reciprocates his feelings before that devastating truth about her father’s killing comes out.

  10. Yes ,Naz this five year old wonder boy has a bright future,As you said he is too sharp for his age,at the same time very innocent as a five year old should be.When I first saw him singing a very difficult song ‘channa mereya’in the auditions ,in his own style so effortlessly,I was astonished and Himesh reshmiyaa,one of the judges couldn’t help but come on to the stage and touch his feet.It is not just talent,(no doubts he is extraordinarily talented and god gifted),but there is something very special and pleasant about him,just by looking at him,we feel happy.But that doesn’t mean that people start attributing some healing powers to him and treating him like a God .Naz, You must have seen one family inviting this boy to spend some time with an ailing person in their house and touching his feet for blessings.They should know that by doing all these superstitious things,they’re wiping out his childhood and innocence.Do you know Naz this kid has his heart in the right side of his chest,It is a big a hievement that so far he has n’t got eliminated,Letus see if he wins this competition.Waiting for Kumar Sanu episode.

  11. lakshmi and Naz that was a nice episode dears, i hope that from right here show will be get interested.

  12. And,Yes the music of 70s,80s and 90s is pure nostalgia,it straightaway touches your soul ,In those days ,we would tune to Radio Ceylon on every Wednesday night at 8 pm to listen to Binaca Geetmala anchored by the famous Radio announcer Ameen Sayani.His voice and the songs would certainly take you to another world,I enjoyed all this till my school days.When I was 15I had to go to the hostel as there was no proper college in the remote town where my father was posted,I studied in Maris Stella College and the sisters were so strict that we were not even allowed to listen to the Radio also.The biggest joke was that all the balcony tickets would be reserved on that rare day when they would decide to take us to movies so that we won’t see any boys,wasn’t it laughing stock Naz?Naturally ,there would be a mob of boys waiting outside the theatre to have a glimpse of Maris Stella girls,needless to say we enjoyed the attention thoroughly.Naz,your mention of 90s music ‘has stirred those lovely memories ,Thank you ,Friend. for taking me down the memory lane,

  13. Sorry for any Ty.po errors

  14. Yes ,Ammu,after Saturday’s disappointment ,it was definitely a good episode, hope the upcoming episodes will be on the same lines.Let us also hope that this is the beginning of attraction between the cute couple.

  15. Whats happening on zee tv….
    ADDN-prem teja
    Mehek- shaurya mehek
    PA- pooja naren
    WAS-adi jhanvi
    None of the pair is together

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