Aise kaise jaane doon! -introduction

This is my first ff..hope you like this’s just an intro to it..

Shardha had finished her pooja.She had plate in her hand with a lit karpoor,kumkum and prasad arranged on it.. She turned around to find almost the whole family standing behind her, praying to god.. She smiled at them and move towards her elder brother and forwarded the plate.He smiled back at her, his palm on the flame and in 2 seconds kept his palm on his eyes.she took the kumkum and applied it on his forehead.He took the prasad and broke into 2 ,had one piece and kept the other in Shardha’s mouth. She smiled and took his blessings. Then went to her younger brother, Gopal , who did the same and took Shardha’s blessings. She then turned to find Asha, elder brother’s wife and Kalpana, younger brother’s wife standing together…they did did the same as their husbands, wished her morning,smiled and went away to the kitchen,meanwhile their husbands left for their own work..Vishal, asha and vishnu’s (elder brother’s) son came and took her blessings. At the same time, Vaibhav, gopal and kalpana’s son ,copied vishal..

Shardha smiled at both of them and blessed them wholeheartedly…
Shardha(to herself): Gudiya and cheeku! Where are they?
Her eyes were searching for her to angels!She went upstairs to their room with the plate still in her hand.. she opened the door to find both her daughters sleeping on their bed covering themselves from head to toe with the blanket..
Shardha: Gudiya….Cheeku.. it’s late..come on get up!
She pulled the blanket to find pillows under them..
She felt a chin placed on her shoulder.she placed her hand on the face and rested her head on the face and said:Gudiya… you never change..
Introducing Gudiya..Meghna solanki..
Meghna giggled: you too ma..

She moved forward and stood in front of her and took her blessings and kept the prasad in her mother’s mouth..And Shardha blessed her and kissed her forehead
A voice:All the love for Meghu di only?
Shardha turned around
Introducing Cheeku..Meghna’s younger sister,Naina. Naina was standing behind her mother,hands on her hip, faking anger!
Shardha smiled and went towards her and forwarded the plate..Naina slowly brought a smile to her face and took her blessings and kept the prasad in her mother’s mouth too and her mother kissed her forehead and blessed her in return.. Shardha keeps the plate back, turns and hugs her daughters..

At Chauhan mansion..
Nirmala and Dadaji were in front of their pooja room and Nirmala took the plate towards her father in law,dadaji and took his blessings and ran towards Nand kishore, her husband and her sister , Sandhya, who were in a hurry to leave for work.. they had eaten their breakfast.NK took the prasad , prayed to god , applied kumkum on his wife’s forehead and left..Sandhya took the prasad, prayed to god, smiled at her sister and left behind NK…
Khyathi ,Nirmala’s youngest child, prayed to god ,then left towards the dining table..
Nirmala then upstairs and opened the first room..
Introducing Kunal Singh Chauhan.. her eldest son..
He took his mom’s blessings and kept the prasad in her mouth and she blessed him ,smiled and left the room..

In the next room..

Introducing..Karan Singh Chauhan.. her second and favourite son…
He took her blessings from far And and sat back with his guitar.. she knew why he did so..she left without speaking a word…

Chauhan Mansion were filled with secrets which were like riddles and puzzles that were to be solved one by one so as to bring the Chauhans back in place..

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  1. #nairanlover:-)

    It is really a good start.Post asap.

    1. Resh

      Thank you☺️ Surely I’ll post it soon..

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    Seems like a really interesting story?? Update soon?

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      Ha ha… Hope so?…thanks

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      ? Thank you..Pooja

  4. Good starting resh..hope you will post next chapter soon?

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      Thank you.. yes I will update soon

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    really good starting resh….the mother daughters scene was amazing…keep it up and post soon..

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      Hey thanks seyal..I’ll make sure there would be more cute scenes..the next will be up soon..

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  8. Minerva

    Beautiful beginning. The introduction is surely wonderful and immensely interesting. The bonding and understanding prevalent in the solanki and chauhan family was presented really well. It looks like a truly promising start to a great story..

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much for such wonderful words..I hope the upcoming episodes would impress you and all the other readers..I’ll surely try my best☺️

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