Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode- 44

Recap: NK teasing.. Nairan moment.. teasing Khyati..
Episode: 44

Khyati walks into her room. She picks up her phone and fall on the bed, flat on her stomach.
She picked up her phone and called Vishal..
On Vishal’s side:
He was checking on a patient.. and that’s when she called..
he didn’t check who it was he just put it on silent.. she called again and it vibrated..
she called few more times and he ignored it all the time.
He was almost done checking the patient(old woman)…they were leaving..
Patient: beta, aapke phone par koyi call kar rahi thi.. woh shayadh apki patni hogi.. bula lejiyega! Woh pareshan hogi!
Vishal was shocked to hear that, but he smiled and picked up the phone to check who it was , as soon as they shut the door!
He checked the call log to find Khyati’s name.
He smiled at it.. and recollected what the patient said..
Vishal thought: Khyati? Aur patni? (He smiled again) How I wish!
He sighed..

Suddenly there was a ring on his phone and he came out of his dreamland..
He checked the phone.. and found Khyati’s name again!
He smiled again and picked up the call.
Very gently he said: Hi Khyati!
Khyati: what Hi Khyati? Where were you? Why do you have this phone yaar? I’m I mad to call you? What were you doing? Why didn’t you pick up the call?
Vishal: Arey Khyati…. relax baba!
With this she melted..
Vishal: I was checking one of the patient, so… I didn’t..
Khyati: it’s okay.. I’m sorry for screaming.. acha, tell me.. what plans do you guys have for Diwali?
Vishal: Diwali……. we didn’t plan anything yet..
Khyati: why don’t all of you come here?
Both my bhaiyas and Bhabhis are organising Diwali! They are calling very few of their friends and family.. so I thought.. why not call you! I meant the whole of boondi family…
Vishal: According to all that you said, I’m I you friend or your family?
(I hope you understand what he meant)
Khyati smiled so did Vishal..
Khyati: okay bye!
Vishal: arey answer and go na?
Khyati: byeee!
She said and cut it.
She giggled and blushed.. she dug her head into the pillow, because she was shy!
She then got up thinking that she has to inform the four of them about.. calling the boondi family. But then when she turned she was shocked! Her heart had come to her mouth! She sat back on the bed in fear and shock !

Sandhya’s room:
Sandhya was pacing around her room.. Diwali is nearing.. she hadn’t done anything to spoil the Chauhan’s life yet!
Sandhya: What on earth are you doing Sandhya? How can you let them enjoy life like that? Where are your superb plans? When will you execute them?
She suddenly stopped and smiled at her self.
Sandhya: Yes Sandhya yes! The best day of your life should be their wedding anniversary! A day before, you should break them apart! YES!
She smiled evilly.

Khyati’s room:
Khyati(stammering): aap sab yahan!
In front of her stood, Kunal with his hand folded, to his right stood Meghna with her hands on her hips. On Kunal’s left was Karan, with his elbow placed on Kunal’s shoulder. Naina stood beside Karan with her hands on her hips. All stood there , faking anger, but showing a naughty expression..
Khyati smiled at all 4 of them.
Karan took his hands of Kunal’s shoulders..
Karan stood like Khyati and imitated her..
Karan:”stop teasing me simply..there is nothing like that..”
He said in a girly voice shaking his hands and stomping his feet…
the rest three broke out into laughter!
Karan: bhai do you remember who said that?
Kunal: yeah yeah! This aunty ji sitting on the bed! Look at her!
Khyati smiled at them.. showing all her teeth! Like being caught!

The brothers looked at each other and signed..
Kunal and Karan sat on either side, of Khyati.
Kunal and Karan screamed: punishment time!
They turned towards Khyati and started tickling her. And she went on laughing and asking them to stop. She somehow managed to get up from there and then 3 of them started running around the room!
Khyati picked up a pillow and throw at Kunal, Kunal through it at Khyati but it hit Meghna, so Meghna picked it up and threw it back at Kunal, but Kunal missed it.. so he it hit Karan! And Karan assumed that Naina threw because she was laughing at him! She then threw it back, it hit Khyati… and the cycle continued!

After sometime all of them lay down on the bed! PHEW!

They then left as they remembered that they had some work to do!

They were done with the list.. (oh yes! Varun is invited and obviously Karan doesn’t like it!)

Nairan walked back to their room..
Naina: Karan! We need to arrange people for the programs and also the decorations..
Naina remembered as they walked towards the bed..
Karan: Arey, yaar Naina!
He went behind her.. he held her shoulder from the back and moved her forward and made her sit on the bed..
Karan: Naina.. yaar! I’m very tired.. I’m sure even u are! Can we sleep please? Chalo! Lay down now! And get some sleep! We can discuss all this tomorrow.ok?
Naina smiled and obeyed Karan..

Next morning:
Everyone woke up early and got ready..
The family was present in front of the in house temple.. They had a small pooja.
Nirmala did the pooja.. and she handed the thali to Meghna.
Meghna went to each person.. every one kept their palms over the fire and then kept their warm palms over their eyes.. and then joined their hands together and prayed to god again..
After this, Nirmala handed Naina a thali with prasad.. she went to each person and placed one prasad on each of their hands..

They all sat down on the sofa for sometime.. after wishing each other for a Happy Diwali!!

Dadaji: Diwali ki teyariyan kaisi chal rahi hein, baccho?
Nirmala was waiting to listen from the kids..
NK frowns..

Naina: Dadaji , by 2 in the afternoon the decorations will be put up..
Meghna:Sweets like laddoo will be made by us..
Kunal: the rest of the food will be arranged by 5..
Meghna: And all the close relatives and close friends who are invited will arrive by 5:30..
Karan: @ sharp 6:00pm we will have the grand pooja of the day.. followed by few music and dance performances.. and enjoyment like that for all of us..
Khyati :mmm.. are we gonna burst crackers?
All of them stared at her..
Khyati: at least few.. paapa,…….
she cried..
NK smiled his daughter’s kiddish behaviour..
NK: why not? You will definitely burst few crackers.. not too many.!
Khyati jumped up in happiness.. and ran towards her dad and hugged him from the side in excitement..
NK smiled and held her hand..
But there was a voice!
They all turned towards the voice and found Sakshi standing at the door.. she threw her bags down and ran towards NK.
Sakshi: He is my paapa!
Saying this she hugged him from the other side..
Khyati faked anger and stood on the other side.
Sakshi broke the hug and then went and touched Dadu’s foot and then touched NK’s foot then walked towards Nirmala and took her blessings too.. Then took Sandhya’s blessings..
Then she went around hi-fying the couples and then stood next to Khyati and hugged her..
NK: tum bohoth khush lag rahi ho..
Sakshi: First of all, Happy Diwali to all of you.. Secondly, there is a good news..
She said smiling..
All: what’s the good news?
Sakshi: I got that job! My dream job!
Khyati (hugging her): Congrats Di!!
Dadu: Congratulations beta!
NK: That’s a very good news! We should celebrate your victory today!
Sakshi was really happy..
Nirmala went to the in-house temple and got the prasad.. and fed her..
Sakshi: Thanks ma!
Nirmala hugged her..
Sandhya: Congratulations Sakshi..
Sakshi: Thanks Masi!
Nairan moment during the setting up of the decoratives (conditions apply)

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  8. Wow di !! Hope you don’t mind if I call you di !! and coming to ff I really enjoyed today’s episode.. the best part was the pillow fight..I can imagine that how they all fight bcoz I have also experienced the same with by friend but it was a bit different we are throwing cakes on each other… vishal and khyati conversations was so cute and sweet..
    I am desperately waiting for the next episode.. you and your cute se suspense l love them a lot… Loads of love to u ?❤ post asap…

  9. Amazing chapter
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