Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode- 43

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Recap: Navratri special.. Varun meets a lady and plans something! Meghnal romance.. Nairan cute talks.. and Vishyati budding love! _____________________ Episode 43:

A month passed very fast and smoothly.. definitely with very few ups n downs.. Dadaji, NK and Sandhya were busy with handling there business work.. Kunal and Meghna were happy as usual, handling their cute sa relationship and business with few small general fights.. Nirmala was there to take care of the whole family, and like usual NK never cared about her existence. Naina and Karan too were taking care of each other.. but they never noticed the big problems that were gonna jump up all because of they themselves! Varun and Naina had many coincidental meeting, which didn’t look that coincidental to our dear jealous Karan!
And Mr. Varun was working on his plan ! (sadly ? sorry guys!)
Vishyati started chatting.. no one knows who initiated to message first,though! All we know is… something new is definitely cooking there!?
Sakshi left for giving an interview for her dream job. While Khyati is still doing her studies.

(Diwali time!?)
On a weekend.. all were seated at the hall..
Dadaji: Bacho.. Diwali ah rahi hai! Toh uski teyariyan..
Kunal:Dadaji.. don’t worry yaar! Uske liye… Mein…nahi Meghna hai na?
He said keeping his hand over Dadaji’s shoulders.
Dadaji held Kunal’s ears:badmash! (Faking anger)
Meghna giggled.
While the rest of them laughed.
Dadaji: this time the whole program will be organised just by the four of u alone.. it’s totally up to you guys.. how you guys want to celebrate it!
NK: Babuji, maaf kijiyega, par kya apne sochna bandh kar diya hein?
Were is it 4.. at the end of the day Kunal will be the only one organising stuff..two of your bahus won’t help..instead they will spoil the whole thing. And your grandson.. Karan.. usse apne baap business sambhali nahi jathi.. how did you think he will help !
It’s better to forget Diwali celebrations…

With this Karan was getting angry… he was about to get up and raise his voice.. (since Naina had finished her work and had just joined recently, she stood there just behind Karan.. )so she kept her hand on his shoulder indicating him not to say anything.. his anger melted a little when he saw her hands on his shoulders and her pleading eyes!
Dadaji: Diwali celebration in Chauhan Mansion will be organised by the two new couples and that is final!
Kunal: papa… I can assure you.. this Diwali will be your BEST Diwali!
NK just got up and left. Nirmala and Sandhya looked at each other.. Sandhya signed her that he would be ok soon..
Nirmala left a sigh of relief..
Kunal and Meghna informs Karan and Naina to meet in their(Meghnal’s) room after some time..
Khyati ran to her room and picked up her phone.. to message Vishal..
Vishal had got a small clinic of his own.
He was checking one of the patient when he got notified about a message.
He knew it was Khyati’s. So he controlled himself from picking it up. He finished consulting and took his phone as soon as the patient left the room..
Khyati’s message: What is your plan for Diwali?
Vishal replied: Not thought about it yet…
Suddenly an idea struck in Khyati’s mind..
She replied okay.. and ran out of her room..
Nairan entered the room.
Karan sat down next to the window and took his guitar. And started playing it.
Naina: Karan..
she understood that Karan was angry.
Karan stopped when he heard her call him..
Karan: Why did you stop me when I was about to reply to dad? How can you even stay here? You will never get respect, Naina!
Tears started falling off his eyes! Naina was facing his back..

Naina: Relax,Karan. Papa was just irritated. He might have had some sort of tension. That’s why he behaved like that..

Karan: From when to when will this tension of his continue,Naina?
I really don’t what’s wrong with him. This anger of his on me was there since a very long time! As far as it was on me, Now.. it’s on you and Bhabhi too! How can I bear this?
He almost shouted out

Naina smiled sadly as she heard him tell what he feels..
She moved forward to face him. She then turned towards him and found tears rolling down his face as he looked out of the window and spoke to her.
She ran to him and sat down. He looked at her. Straight into her eyes. She looked worried. She cupped his face.
Naina: Arey, Karan.. are you crying for such silly things? How can you cry for all these things?
Karan leant forward and hugged her tight. And cried silently. She kept one hand on his head, caressing his hair and the other hand was on his back, tapping and rubbing to calm him down. Both felt the 4400 volts ka jhatka! And both felt better in each other arms.
Karan: How can you ignore all that he says? He tells about me everytime.. that’s bearable….How can I hear something against you….. and Bhabhi?

Naina:You just need to ignore them. It’s never too late to prove papa wrong! So we will prove him wrong, Karan.. so relax.. okay…

They stayed like that for sometime.. then suddenly he realised what he was doing.
He released her from the hug. Tears were still flowing down but at a slower pace.

Naina cupped his face once again. And wiped off his tears saying..
Naina: Now, give me smile! A BIG EEE!!
He smiled at her,gently.
Naina: good boy, ab chalo we need prove papa wrong,na. For that we have to go to di and jeeju’s room.. Chalo get up..
She said getting up and then she slowly pulled Karan up.
They walked towards the room. And soon all four of them sat down on the bed.
Suddenly they heard a knock at the door..
They all looked towards the door.
It was none other than Khyati.
Khyati: can I join in your discussions? Please?
All four of them looked at each other and smiled.
Kunal: Chal aja!
Khyati: yaay!…She murmured to her self..
Kunal and Meghna moved the pillows and sat next to each other. And next Kunal, towards his left sat Khyati. Then to her left was Karan. Naina sat to his left ,next to Meghna with a pillow on her lap.

Meghna: okay.. so.. guest list all of us will sit together and make. Naina, you and Karan will be in charge of the decoration and few programs for music and all that,ok?
Nairan: ok!
Meghna: Kunal, you and I will send the invites and also arrange for the food, okay?
Kunal: sure, anything for you , my beautiful wife!
Saying this he leant forward to hug her. While she rolled her eyes at him and pushed him back! And there was a roar of laughter in the room.

After some discussions, came the making of the guest list.. they were almost done.. when Khyati had an input..
Khyati: Meghna Bhabhi and Naina Bhabhi, aren’t you gonna call Boondi family?
Meghna and Naina looked at each other..
they were waiting for this question from her.
Meghna: I don’t think they all will be able to come..
She said faking sadness.
Khyati: Why?
Naina: I guess ma and the rest have their own plans.. soo..
Khyati: Arey.. did you call and ask?
Naina: nope!
Khyati: Then call and ask no..
Karan kept his hand on Khyati’s shoulder.
Karan: Bhai, why is Khyati so excited about calling the Boondi family?
Khyati looked caught. She gulped down though there was nothing in her mouth.
Kunal kept his hands on her shoulders too..
Kunal: kuch toh hai bhai!
Karan: par woh hein Kya?
Kunal: Meghna you know?
Meghna acted like she didn’t know!
Kunal: Naina you?
Naina: no jeeju! Khyati you know!
Khyati: Bhabhi you also?
She blushed and got up..
Khyati: stop teasing me simply..there is nothing like that..
Kunal: oh really?
Khyati: yeah..
and Karan and Kunal turned onwards her and look at her naughtily..
She blushed and walked out..
Precap: Khyati called Vishal.. the 2 couples catch her red handed.. arrangement of Diwali celebration! (Yaay! My characters celebrate Diwali after a decade! )

Sorry if there are any mistakes!?❤️️

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  1. #nairanlover:-)

    Hey Reshma.I loved it especially the nairan hug?.Varun is succeding in his plan?.Vishyati were like awwww?.Love is in the air up to when Vary is not their?And please don’t think about the dislikes. Its just to make you sad so that you stop writing on this page.Don’t get annoyed whoever the person is He or she is surely a swabhiman especially nairan hater.I am requesting the person again if you find any defects then rather than giving dislikes please say the problem you have.Diwali celebration hurrah??.Hope we get more nairan scenes?.Will be waiting for the next and yes I read your previous reply I was busy so I wasn’t able to comment messagetheir you back.Post ASAP. Next to!e I will not take your sorry if you are late??.PLoads of love.c

    1. #nairanlover:-)

      God knows what happened to my keyboard.So it was if you will be late next time I will not take your sorry.Loads of love.

      1. Resh

        Well, you have a wonderful keyboard! ?✌?️
        I took some time to figure out what you wrote! But it’s okay! ?

    2. Resh

      Hi Amena! Yay the Nairan hug!??☺️☺️!
      Apparently yes.. Varun is succeeding in his plan.. actually the lady’s plan..
      it was fine I knew why I got those dislikes! It looks like some kind of hatred only!
      Yeah Diwali in the after a month of actual Diwali ?
      Okay! Won’t say sorry I think! ???❤️️
      Love you loads yaar!
      A bada sa hug from my side!

  2. Hi resh? actually I am a silent reader so I didn’t comment yet… But I am truly saying that your ff is just amazing… And when I read this I feel like my heart ❤is on the clouds☁.. I hope you understand what I am trying to say..and coming to the ff the nairan moments are very cute.the way Naina relaxed Karan is so sweet and as usual meghnal moments are also nice … sorry for the long comment. Post asap.. ??

    1. Resh

      Hello, Akanksha!
      Great to see you commenting!
      Thank you soooo much dear!
      And yes I can understand, Because when I write I also visualise it soo.. even my heart was in the same condition! ?☺️❤️️
      Hey, you don’t have to say sorry for the long comment! I always enjoy reading them! ?
      Surely will try and post soon!
      Loads of love to you!
      Thank you once again! ?❤️

  3. Nairan scenes were so cute! ?
    Loved this chapter! ?
    Waiting for your next chapter impatiently.

    1. Resh

      Hi Naina!
      Thank you so much! ☺️❤️️
      Really happy to know that!
      Will definitely try and post soon! ☺️?

  4. Jiya09

    Reshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! This was soooooooooooooo good!!! The best part was the teasing !! I was just smiling seeing the way they were teasing Khyati!!! And how can I forget the Nairan scene? That was amazingly good and cute and sweet… Loved the way Naina consoled Karan.. And the hug was so good.. And Kunal always in the mood for masti!! And our respected NK , he have to speak bad about our Karan and the sisters!! Today no Varun ( only his name ) Yay!!! And love is really in the air! Yeah after a long time diwali celebration , but I’m waiting for it. And Vishyati is going to caught redhanded.. Waiting for it. And yeah like Amena said don’t notice the dislike yaar.. I know it feels bad when they doesn’t say the reason behind it but I would say there are more likes so just forget that part!! Anyways I will be waiting for ur next episode.. Pleaseeee post soon.. Loads and loads and loads ( infinite loads ) of love to u !!❤❤❤❤

    1. Resh

      Thank you sooooooooooooo much yaaar!?❤️️
      Me too even I loved that!
      Yes, no Varun! ?? yeah red handed! ☺️
      Thank you so much for telling me that it shouldn’t matter but it’s always very irritating when they don’t tell the reason!
      Will definitely try and post really soon..
      Same from my side… infinite loads of love to you tooo! ??❤️️
      You comment always brings a big smile on my face!

  5. Aafiya

    Wow! Awesome… Nairan scenes was nice… ?????Don’t take the dislike into consideration and be be happy for the likes…. Am I right? If I am not soon.. Take care.. Always smile…

    1. Resh

      Hi Aafiya!
      Thank you so much!☺️?
      Surely won’t take the dislikes into consideration! Yeah, you are right!
      You too take care..
      definitely I’ll have the smile on!?
      You too should smile!
      And I’ll definitely try and post soon!

  6. Your ff was good???
    Sorry for late commenting i have read it in the morning but could not comment so sorry for that ??
    But its too late to be honest ??
    i was waiting and waiting for ur ff when will u post next episode
    Post soon ??

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much, Palak! ☺️ You aren’t late, you needn’t be sorry. Thank you so much for being honest!
      I’m sooooo sorry! I had enough of problems, here! My college had started and we had started getting our marks.. few were good and few bad.. and in between my phone was taken away.. so didn’t find time to write down anything!
      Really sorry!
      I’ll try and post the next one really soon!

  7. Hi Reshma Di, Sorry for being late in commenting. The Nairan scene was sooo cute. I LOVED it. I’m missing them badly so things like this are really nice. The teasing of Khyati was so funny as well and I love how Khyati was so eager to invite the Boondi family. I can’t wait for the next episode, Vishyati being caught redhanded. 🙂 🙂 Please don’t be sorry for being late, if you had things to do, it’s not your fault. Also, please don’t mind the dislike, there are so many people who enjoy your ff a lot. Thank you for updating and please, if you can, update soon.
    Lots of love,

    1. Resh

      Hi Sofia! You don’t have to be sorry because you aren’t late yet!
      Thank you so much! ☺️ I too miss them a lot , yaar! The next one will come up very soon! Thanks for understanding and also for making me understand!
      Yes.. I’ll update soon, dear!
      Loads of love to you too! ?❤️️

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